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Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, three rational and lively wind signs, what about the April horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aquarius (January 20 ~2 month 18th )

You may travel a lot this month. And the most important journey for you is about to start on April 4, and you may need to visit your next of kin, like your other half's family, your uncle and aunt, your cousin, and so on, or you are going to see the house, because you may want to move or sell a house.

During the lunar eclipse, your travel objectives appear to be private, not because of job requirements. Mars and Venus will light up your quality of life, and if you have a family-related problem that has been bothering you for a long time, they will give you answers. The April 4 lunar eclipse will bring you good luck with legitimate, qualifying matters, such as the success of publishing or radio programs, or academic achievement and affirmation. It seems that no matter what kind of thing, you will be pleasantly surprised.

At present, as Pluto will be retrograde from April 16 to September 24, and Pluto is the Guardian star in charge of the tenth House (the career Palace), your career progress will slow down. During this time, you may find it difficult to get in touch with important people who can help you in your career. (Extended reading: want to succeed in your career, make gender your asset rather than your debt )

The good news is that there will be a full moon on May 3 to help your cause, and if the full moon does not bring you enough growth, you can look away, because November 11, there will be a very perfect new moon appear, light your career. It feels a little long, but you can start preparing for it now!

On April 21, because Mars and Pluto will work very hard to help your family, you may receive very exciting news. Also, you may have more travel at the end of the month, after the new moon on April 18. These trips may be shorter, but they are also private purposes.

If you are single, you can go to a leisure resort and attract people who are also single. Because Venus is dancing in your fifth house (the Children's Palace) to help you find true love. The weekend from April 12 to May 7 will be a good time for you to enjoy romance!

Romantically, on the April 22, Venus will come to Gemini and receive a kiss from Jupiter, which is in the constellation Leo! You may get an endless romance from a dinner or a movie, and even though it's Wednesday, you'll still be pleasantly surprised by the strong love you feel. If you are looking for a good time to meet with an ambiguous netizen, decide it is the day!

You can start a love trip from April 25 to April 26, as your Guardian planet Jupiter is in Gemini and occupies your fifth house (the Children's Palace), and if you travel during this time, it is likely to be romantic. The moon will be in Leo and you will want to choose a more luxurious place to stay.

If you already have a partner, April 22, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in the dining room, good food and romantic flowers, and you will have a beautiful, heavenly memory.

Jupiter continues to move in your seventh house (husband and wife) and is now well suited for marriage by the middle of August. Jupiter-representing the lucky Planet, makes Aquarius very successful in marriage and partnership. You can choose to be engaged on April 22 or share your deep love with your partner.

The day that Aquarius should notice:

* April 2: The Sun will meet Jupiter and you will get a lot of help from your spouse or your partner at work.

* April 4: Monthly Eclipse, you will receive information from siblings, or need to sign a contract. Always ready to travel suddenly. The eclipse will disrupt our timetable, but it may also bring you considerable money. Mars in Taurus, urging you to strive to improve the quality of life at home, your family life can achieve significant progress this month!

* April 18: New moon will give you a chance to sign a contract. After the new moon appears, there will be a lot of talk about you circling around you. You are also likely to travel to a nearby city with a sibling.

* April 21: You will make significant progress in your family-related goals.

* April 22: Venus and Jupiter will create romance and laughter for you! After work, go to dinner with your friends.

* April 26 ~4 27th: Venus is flirting with Uranus on behalf of the surprise, and you will love this weekend. Because Uranus is also your Guardian star, so you will be more like these two days!

Gemini (May 21 ~6 month 20th)

A romantic relationship will take place on April 4, when the total lunar eclipse is over.

But this elusive lunar eclipse will bring unexpected news, and because of the surprise of Uranus, and the power of Pluto to form a bad angle, the news may cause you to be scared, and a little overwhelmed.

You will have some solutions, and these methods will become more and more clear at the end of the week, so try to survive. You may be puzzled because you have never seen these troublesome personality traits in a friend or spouse, but these traits are now emerging.

Jupiter strengthens your communication skills in the fraternity house. You talk to people who ask questions, and you can express your thoughts clearly and objectively.

Your relationship may have some corrections, so take your time and don't decide too quickly before you have all the facts. The facts may be obscured, making it difficult for you to discover, but as the eclipse changes, all information will come slowly.

In addition, you may be a little worried about one of your children's happiness, or you will be greeted by a sudden pregnancy message, forcing you to think about what to do. You will have to master the consequences of this eclipse because there is no such thing as destiny in astrology. Gemini is always intelligent and objective, and will lead you to overcome these situations. Give yourself some time to understand the mood, because the eclipse aroused dust, may be a little cover the road ahead, waiting for the dust to fall, the road will be clear.

This month is a great time to fly, and the new Moon, which appears on April 18, will bring fresh faces to your life, and you will become good friends with some of them. Your new friends will be very different from the friends you have now, they will be more adventurous and career ambitions, so their presence will give you the impetus to create new projects.

Your new friends seem to have a strong network of people, so they may introduce you to an influential figure and make your dreams easier to achieve. If you have capital needs, act on April 21! On that day, banks and investors will be interested in your plan. The more creative and imaginative your plan is, the more opportunities you will have to practice! Because the sea Wang Singzheng representing art came to your career palace.

But Pluto, in Capricorn, comes to the House of other people's money-the eighth House (the Palace of Disease), to give you a little warning. That is, your plan should be down-to-earth and economically viable. (same field Gayon: Petty girl's financial first step, understand the financial is necessary )

If you are already working on a new goal, you will need to keep a secret of what you are doing because the plan looks like there are some minor details to fix. You don't need to be too eager to show the plan to someone important, take it slow and wait until May to do it again!

You'll need a little romance, and you'll have some time to relax. Representing the beautiful Venus will come to Gemini on April 11 and stay until May 7. Venus will help you to enhance your charm and attractiveness. This is also a good time to buy a new dress, and get some clothes to represent yourself and make yourself look like a millionaire.

Redesign your hairstyle and makeup, Venus in Gemini, will help you make a satisfying change. April 22 is the perfect time to shop or ask for a big makeover, because Venus will receive the light from the Happy Planet Saturn. And it was a good night for a romantic date.

April 25 to April 26 is your best love weekend, because Venus in Gemini, with Uranus, will bring you a romantic surprise.

May 11, Mars enters Gemini for the first time in two years, and you will make rapid progress. It's a good time to tell the world about your secret plan that you've been doing for a while, and you'll be very powerful and get a lot of professional attention. And in love, you will also be very attractive, who can resist your charm?

Gemini should notice the day:

* April 2: Jupiter and the sun will work together to enhance your ability to communicate effectively with your authoritative superior.

* April 4: This whole month will give you a sense of nervousness about your relationship, or you'll have to take care of your child, your pregnancy, or your creative plan.

* April 8: Jupiter will return to the line, allowing you to travel smoothly. And because of the improved communication skills, the plan you've been working on since December 2014 will be more convincing (because Saturn has been retrograde since then).

* April 11 ~5 month 7th: Venus in Gemini. Spend some money to make your appearance look more moving!

* April 16 ~9 24th: Pluto will be retrograde, focus on your existing case, do not want to develop new customers. Except April 2 January-April 22nd Mars and Pluto will be synchronized, and bring some good news on the money side.

* April 18: The New moon will be two consecutive weeks to bring vitality to your social life, open your arms and greet your friends.

* April 22: Venus in Gemini will be in perfect sync with Jupiter, making it a great time to travel, give written reports, and make speeches.

* April 25 ~4 26th: Venus and Uranus cooperate to bring surprises. You may travel or receive a newsletter that excites you.

Libra (September 23 ~10 month 22nd)

April is the most important month of your year, as the April 4 occurs in Libra's monthly eclipse. Eclipses push everything to a climax, such as relationships, marriage, and careers.

But Uranus is quite wild in the April, and Uranus is a rebellious and very individualistic planet, so your partner will behave abnormally and make you on the verge of collapse. Also, this month's events will be irrational, your partner may be in crisis, and you have to let go of what you have to do and help him wholeheartedly.

You may need to make a new plan for your relationship, and this new change will not go backwards. Every time an eclipse occurs, your only way is to move forward. You will be very aware of your will, because the eclipse in Libra will vividly illuminate your immediate path.

If you've been fretting about your relationship for a while and don't know what to do, you'll feel relieved when the month comes. Usually, the appearance of lunar eclipse will push us to do what we did not dare to do before. The eclipse will take over your hand and pave the way for you to solve it. A friend around you will play the role of leading you, be your strongest emotional support, and give you intelligent advice.

Your Guardian star, Venus, will be able to grasp the final development of the situation, an imminent problem of life, will be included in this discussion. Fortunately, Venus and Pluto will be synchronized, suggesting that something related to family life will be quickly resolved and agreed upon.

Think about the past two hours-October 8, 2014, April 15, 2014. The events that occur at these two points of time will evolve at this time, and you will resolve the difficulties, bring the discussion of these issues to another level, and prepare to open a new chapter.

This month will be easier for you after the eclipse. April 18, the New Moon in Aries will give you a chance to bring a cool, productive partner. And this person may be the one you thought about during the eclipse, and probably a whole new person. The new Moon falls in your seventh House – the House of Romance and business cooperation – so you will be able to sign contracts and establish partnerships with some people.

April 21, if your family, property, or any person related to your family or property, is your main problem during the lunar eclipse of April 4, you will find a breakthrough. Mars and Uranus will be synchronized at this time, no doubt, this day is definitely a special day.

April 22, lucky and interesting things will happen, this is your best day of the month! Venus and the joyful Jupiter will be synchronized, and your friends will give you great care and support, so that you are deeply moved. In romantic love, this day will also be a perfect day! (And you share: blooming peach blossom!) Farewell to single Happiness Tarot

In addition, from April 25 to April 26 this weekend, Venus will coincide with Uranus, you will meet in the corner of the sweetest surprise!

The days of Libra's attention:

* April 4: A total lunar eclipse occurs, remember to keep a strong mind, you may find that the close relationship around you in the way you do not enjoy the change.

* April 8: Jupiter recovers, allowing you to enrich your social life (Jupiter has been retrograde since December 2014). Friends will play a big part in your life.

* April 11 ~5 7th: Venus in Libra is a good time to change your appearance! Your attractiveness will be greatly enhanced.

* April 16 ~9 25th: Pluto retrograde, during which time you may change your mind to move or renovate, or change the plans you need to help one of your parents.

* April 18:10 days before and after the new moon, it may bring a glimmer of hope for your partnership.

* April 21: Mars and Hades Wang Xing Sync, take action quickly to achieve your goals and expectations of the family.

* April 22: Venus-The Guardian star of Libra-will be in a very pleasant mood and receive inspiration from Uranus. This is a surprise day and you may receive good news from a partner!

* April 25 ~4 26th: Venus and Uranus in sync, is a good weekend to travel. Remember to let your partner have carte blanche to plan the trip.

* April 29: If you come up with a creative idea on the day, it will make you a good member of the team and show your smart intelligence.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."