Think of astrology as a delicate knowledge of life. We study the stars and believe that things are doomed. Let's get to know this mystery science together.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aries, Lions, shooters, these three passionate fire signs , what about the April horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

April will be a great month for you, but you may want to spend a little more time in the first week. For most Aries, April 4 in Libra's lunar eclipse will be a troublesome full moon that will cause your marital palace to become anxious and have an impact on intimacy.

At work, an important person appears anxious, a woman who appears to be a female, who may suddenly want to denigrate you or take advantage of this precarious situation to challenge you and put you in an unjust situation so that he can get better himself. The idea is to put his smooth construction on top of your pain.

The problem woman looks like a boss, a partner, a picky person, or your competitor, and the object is not yet clear. If this guy doesn't appear at work, it's your family member or spouse. And because Uranus comes to Aries, your temper will make you want a revolution, but now you'd better keep silent and things will get better.

This event will make you very violent, but don't be nervous and calm down, because Jupiter, the symbol of good luck, is going to be rescued. Jupiter notices this situation and will stand on your side to protect you. In addition, Libra's Guardian star, Venus, where the eclipse occurs, will not stand idly by, and he'll have a good chat with Pluto, and it looks as if a woman will come to save you, and the truth will be clear and wash your grievances.

With Jupiter, which has been retrograde since last December, will start on April 8, your emotional life, especially if you are single, will have exciting news. Jupiter is a planet of good luck and will stay in a couple's house that can light up your true love code until August. (Extended reading:25 will make you believe that there is a love story in the World )

Venus and Jupiter will work together around April 22 to make you feel like Cupid's arrow is flying towards you! This period is the best time for you to enjoy the romance. In addition, you should also pay special attention to the April 25, April 26 this weekend, because in Gemini Venus will and in the constellation Aries hand in hand to bring you a surprise!

Maybe someone will help you pull the strings, and a new object suddenly met, and let you change everything! If you already have another half, this weekend will be able to make your feelings hotter.

Your career has grown very well, but with the April 16 retrograde Pluto, you may encounter obstacles. April 16 to September 25 during this period, because of such retrograde, you had better not open a new career development, focus on the immediate business, want to open the territory, until September 25 after it!

April 18, Polish your plan! When the new moon appears in your tenth house (career Palace), you will be rewarded on July 1 or so as long as you work your feet. Your work performance will be seen, and there is a noticeable leap forward.

The new moon of April 18 is very important, it will bring a surprise to the Aries, so that you can pursue the dream you could not complete before. If you want to change, this new moon will give you a good chance, the turning point will come and let you stride forward.

If your feelings or work has not moved, or has lost value to you, please let go to meet the more favorable situation for you. If your birthday is close to April 18, you will be twice as lucky in the new moon, so be ready to run!

Aries the day of attention:

* April 2: As Jupiter synchronizes with the sun. Love, romance and creativity, will shine in this.

* April 4: A lunar eclipse occurs in Libra, which may make your feelings and work a little bit of a splash. It's clear that some of the changes are going to happen and happening very quickly. Be patient with your important people and clients because at the moment everyone is very irritable. But the good news is that Jupiter will help stabilize things.

* April 8: Jupiter ends in retrograde, and begins to shun the line. will bring good luck to your fifth house (the Children's palace), so things about love, romance, children, and pregnancy will go well and your creativity will improve.

* April 11 ~5 7th: Venus enters Gemini for a short trip, which can be fun and relaxing.

* April 12: Mars and Neptune will work together to help you come up with a good idea to profit from.

* April 16 ~9 25th: Pluto retrograde, so focus on the immediate thing, rather than start a new.

* April 18: The crescent moon in Aries will open a new page of your life, and if your birthday happens to be around this day, the effect doubles! Take advantage of these new opportunities and make good use of them in the 10 days that appear in the crescent moon.

* April 21: Mars and Pluto are synchronized. This day you will have a career peak and your salary may be higher.

* April 22: When Venus cooperates with Jupiter, it will bring you creativity and money.

* April 25 ~4 26th: This is a great weekend, there will be a lot of fun things and coincidences happen.

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

Pack your bags and get ready to go! Around April 4, the month of Eclipse appears in Libra, implying that you will need to leave soon. Venus is in charge of this eclipse, affecting your career, so it seems like you will travel because of your work needs.

At first, things don't go according to plan, you want to get in touch with the customer, expect the customer to give you a order, but the problem will arise and your client may be dissatisfied with your planning process. You may not notice his dissatisfaction, so you may be shocked when you receive such a message. Soothe your nervousness, calm down, listen to the customer's real needs, and then review it again.

Although the plan may fall through, another planet will rescue you. The lucky Jupiter will have a warm conversation with the elusive Uranus, hinting that a face-to-face conversation will help you solve the problem. Representing the long-term relationship of Saturn, and the mercury that represents communication, is very good for each other, and you will be able to draft a new contract for a long time.

Best of all, from April 1 to May 11, the energetic Mars will come to your tenth house (the career palace), which has a good impact on your Honor, awards, achievements and reputation. This is a critical moment for you this year and you can make a great leap forward in your work because you haven't been able to get help from Mars for two years. (Tarot: How can love and career be two?) )

May 17, Mars has just left your career palace, there will be another new moon bench, you will have the opportunity to realize the dream. If you seriously want to get a promotion or a new job, do it in April, and remember to put your autobiography and resume in order, before you start acting. You can ask co-workers and important people to give you some tips or referrals. You will get a better seat than you expected. Don't let anything distract you, you must keep moving forward and look forward.

If you are still single, Jupiter will come to Leo on August 11 and you will have great appeal. Walk around the crowd, don't shut yourself in at home, because you are very hopeful to find love right now. In addition, from April 11 to May 7, the Venus of Love Will come to Gemini, and you will find that you are invited to more and more pairing and partying! Friends will keep tricking you out of the house, and something interesting will happen on the April 22, which is worth remembering in your life record.

April 25 to April 26 this weekend will be very special, it is definitely worth you and the other half of a small trip. What a beautiful month, lions! Try to make it through April 4, and then this month will be a breeze, anyway, April for you is really worth looking forward to.

The day the Leo should notice:

* April 2: This is the best day of your April, when your Guardian star, the Sun, will have a beautiful phase with Jupiter in Leo. Luck will be with you.

* April 4: A total lunar eclipse will bring you some shocking things. Pay attention to court judgments, legal issues, foreign and distant events, or media and news reports.

* April 18: The New moon will bring you a lot of exciting opportunities, so if the above is stressful, you can make a comeback for yourself. While traveling abroad is a great choice, you will meet many professionals in the legal and medical fields who will surround you. You will also be given academic and diplomatic assistance.

* April 21: Mars and Pluto will help you in your work and position.

* April 22: An interesting social life is waiting for you. Go to visit friends, or go on a trip with him.

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are the most dramatic phenomena in astrology, which leads to the transformation of the whole universe. April 4, there will be one months of eclipse, so that your interpersonal palace is adversely affected. The eclipse brings the end, so you may find that a friend is moving away or, more dramatically, your relationship with your friend is broken.

The reason for this is probably her negative comments about you, or your money-lending relationship, even as she criticizes the person you're dating and how you care about your child. This is going to be a difficult situation, so before you respond, remember to have all the facts. If this problem is related to money, it will be easy to solve, because Pluto will receive the light from Venus, implying that everything can be remedied.

Another possibility of this eclipse is that you will find that one of your friends is dealing with a difficult life problem and is in great need of your help. Any eclipse can be exhausting, so don't schedule too many things in the first week of April, and you'll need some flexible time to help her (the friend looks like a woman because the eclipse represents a woman).

If you want to go further than the person you are currently dating, a full week after the new moon, April 18, will give you a good chance. If you're single and you don't have a date, this new moon can be a good omen, get a reasonable time to leave the office and walk into the crowd.

This is the best time of year for you to find love, because Jupiter and the sun symbolize good luck, and you rarely have such a great opportunity to find true love. You may also travel this month, and this trip may lead to a fatalistic encounter, perhaps on the plane on which you return. (Share with you: design a trip to your heart!) )

April 21 and April 22 are the best two days of the week for romance, because Mars, the planet that governs your children's Palace (True Love), will receive the light from a planet that is changing-Pluto (you are likely to receive good news about money this very day). April 22 is special because Venus and your Guardian planet Jupiter will work together to create an interesting, gorgeous and happy day.

From April 25 to April 26 this weekend is ideal for a romantic trip that needs to be spent overnight, preferably in a country with fresh air, where you can move and have private space. In these two days, Venus in Gemini will help you deliver soothing vibes to the couples house, so it will bring a good advantage to the already-associated strikers.

Career, you will have outstanding performance, so at the end of August or September, you will have a very important promotion, or you will be competitive companies to dig horns. Your creativity is very strong this month, and whether you're working in a creative industry or not, you should show your good ideas to influential people and show them how good your ideas are and how feasible they are.

Sagittarius should note the day:

* April 2: This is the best day, the Sun and your Guardian star-Jupiter together to create a good day.

* April 4: A total lunar eclipse may bring tension to your relationship and a small part may affect your relationship. Money may be the cause of the problem.

* April 8: Jupiter, your Guardian star, has been retrograde since last December, and now it will return to the line. So you will have great and rapid progress. The schedule is ready!

* April 18: New moon will affect your children's palace, bring you a new relationship, a pregnancy, or a plan for your child. You may also start a new chapter in your creative plan.

* April 16 ~9 25th: Pluto retrograde, you may be able to make some changes in economic strategy.

* April 21: There will be good news on the job, the case, and a profit for you.

* April 22: Venus and your Guardian planet Jupiter will dance happily together. Go on a trip now, and remember to bring the other half.

* April 25 ~4 Month 26th: This weekend will be full of love and joy. Plan a trip, and then go! Very exciting.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."