Think of astrology as a delicate knowledge of life. We study the stars and believe that things are doomed. Let's get to know this mystery science together.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Pisces, cancer, Scorpio these three gentle water signs, the April of the horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Pisces piseces (February 19 ~3 month 20th)

In the April, you need to pay special attention to "money management", although you always think "that's none of my business" or maybe you prefer to focus on the creative project at hand. When the 4/4-day, powerful total lunar eclipse arrives, you have no other choice, money is your main focus this month. You will pay attention to the financial problems, mainly by the eighth House (the Palace of Disease) in charge of others ' money. This may refer to credit cards, bank student loans, insurance claims, real estate mortgages, taxes, inheritance, court reconciliation, divorce property distribution, and so on.

The initial lunar eclipse may scare you, as the total lunar eclipse will be hedged against unpredictable Uranus, which is not always the case. Although the total lunar eclipse is about to bring a very positive message about money (Uranus is unpredictable, so this message may be good), but it is more likely to bring negative news, the extent of the horror of the message, you will feel that you have just inserted two fingers into the electrical socket. Although you are surrounded by these annoying things, you will still be helped by many positive planets.

For example, Jupiter, a planet that symbolizes luck and blessings, will form a great angle in the first week of April and the sun, suggesting that if you are a freelance, entrepreneur or salesman and need better cash flow, you will be able to create a richer income through new business. You may also be lucky to find a weekend sideline or even work overtime to get your income.

Jupiter has been in bad shape for a while because it has been retrograde since December 8 last year, and the good news is that it is about to resume on April 8. This means that the planet, which represents happiness and income, will begin to work harder to help you, and you will be deeply moved by the changes he has brought to you. Jupiter is your former Guardian star, so when it starts to go, it's definitely a good omen for you--the day is coming!

You may need an operation this month, so you may have to perform a temporary operation, but don't feel like you are alone, and Jupiter will accompany you.

When Venus and Uranus meet on April 26, you may have a sudden influx of cash this day. The windfall that is handed to you on or around April 26 may come from parents or other family members, or from property purchases.

During this month, you will need or desire many trips, which are due to Mars will continue to run around the Taurus straight from May 11. Multiple trips may be due to visiting your family members, visiting friends, or traveling. The best road Day will be April 21, when Mars is in harmony with Pluto.

Travel can be a romantic element, with new objects in the vicinity of your town (especially on a short weekend holiday), or a renewed love fire between you and your partner. If you are in love, plan to leave the place, to travel two people. Venus is in Taurus, making travel more enjoyable, so even a one-day overnight vacation is a good place to start! The first 10 days of April will be a good time.

Family Matters get you more attention, you may be planning to change your home décor. From 4/11 to 5/7 Venus in the family palace, this will be your choice of color, tile, wood decoration and other series of building materials good time. Before June, you will be busy renovating your house, painting your room, repairing your surroundings or relocating. In the April, with a friendly Venus help, you can start planning the housework. Another good day to make house design decisions would be 4/22, with Venus and Jupiter showing their auspicious phase.

4/25-4/26 weekend, thanks to Venus and Uranus wonderful meet, is very suitable for home to do a lively party!

4/29 when the sun is gathering with your Guardian Neptune, it will be a good day for you to focus on artistic creation. Your mind will come up with brilliant ideas, do what you are best at, and put forth new ideas of art and ideas! (same field Gayon: Six celebrities tell you that distraction stimulates creativity )

Pisces the key day of special attention

*4/2 is a good day, the spring breeze will bring about health, fitness, the effectiveness of the work of great news. Your creative thinking will come to a peak and brainstorm. (Recommended reading: A 9,000-dollar design thinking course )

*4/4 of the monthly total eclipse will lead to unexpected costs, and you are at your wits ' end. But there are signs that you will have more money coming in the months after this month, so there's no need to be nervous. But remember to do the contingency measures.

* at the 4/4 lunar eclipse there is another possibility that you will most likely be dealing with medical personnel or dentists.

*4/18 New Moon, for you to talk about the plan to make more money, this is the most suitable day of 2015. Mars moves to Taurus, giving you a great focus on writing, editing, and translating programs. If you are a TV actor or host, your skills will be valued.

* In addition, Jupiter in the 4/8 line, let business speed up. The planet, which symbolizes good fortune, has faded from last December, but it is not. Jupiter's coming will bring you immense strength to hold.

* Venus will surround Gemini from 4/11 to 5/7, allowing you to buy beautiful decorations that can be decorated with houses or vacation lodges. Write down the 4/22 day, Venus and Jupiter meet, this day is ideal for browsing and shopping.

* Two days is ideal for you. Creative thinking: 4/12 (perfect for Mars and Neptune) and 4/29 (the sun and Neptune are in great harmony)

*4/21 this day, because Mars and Pluto's role, will be to meet old friends or participate in social activities Mixer day.

*4/25-4/26 a sum of money may fall from the sky through your mailbox.

Cancer Cancer (June 21 ~7 month 22nd)

4/4th Your life will change dramatically, perhaps sooner than you might expect, all due to the eclipse, which brings chaos. This month the total eclipse rage is seized, but don't worry that other planets will soon be there to help you, so don't panic. The more difficult news will be silent and cause drastic changes in your home that affect other aspects of your life, even your work. This month, someone may be dissatisfied with you, perhaps your partner or your career partner, or someone who you don't want to be in control of in your life, and who is dismissive of your encouragement. I use the pronoun "he" because the energy feeling is positive.

Fortunately, Jupiter is transferred to your Fortune palace, which means you are likely to make a big profit. If you have not received a large sum of income, then at the beginning of April, when Jupiter's career and reputation for you is about to rise in the industry, even though the 4/4 months of total eclipse disturb you will be a bit of a disturbance. Sometimes it's good to be forced to make a change, crab, this month it seems.

The New moon, 4/18, will give you a brand-new career potential. This will be the most profitable new moon for your career this year, and April will be a great month for you to make career decisions. After the new moon, you are in the right position to make the right choice, so remember to search for any job opportunities around you and not give up more possibilities.

Life you have margin to relax and deal with the crisis. Mars has come to Taurus, saying that you will have a lot of social invitations this month and friends want you to attend their party. When Mars meets Pluto at number 4/21, you may attend a gathering of successful people, and remember to bring more business cards, and there are many new friends here that you would like to have a lasting relationship with.

After 4/21, in 4/12, you will have another absolutely romantic and poetic weekend, when Mars and Neptune live in harmony, stirring up a wonderful atmosphere for you to meet new people. If 4/12 you already have a date, consider going to a museum, a concert, a ballet dance or a poetry recital. There are some days that are especially good for the art of stirring, this weekend.

4/29, when the sun and Neptune touch a piece, especially suitable to travel. If you can get near the water, you will feel reborn. If you have a way to take a few days off, be sure to ask for leave, dear crab. (same field Gayon: design a trip for oneself "Heart" )

The important day of cancer's special attention

* Write down 4/2nd, when the Sun and Jupiter Sweet hands, this day there will be about money and the promotion of the good news came.

*4/4, month total eclipse with home related news to be unprepared, may be about your housework, your property or your native family, things may be a mess.

*4/8, Jupiter turns into a straight line, making it easier for you to make money in the next few weeks.

*4/16 starts, until 9/24, Pluto begins to retrograde. During this time, you may change the way you work with your partner or change your future plans with your partner. Take a few months off, until a few months later everything is back on track.

*The new moon of 4/18 Aries will give you a good chance to fame in the workplace and have a two-week burning effect.

*4/21,4/22 friends will be your driving force, thanks to Mars and Pluto's wonderful angle.

* Venus and Jupiter make 4/22 particularly suitable for interviews or reports, as well as a day to make big moves in the workplace.

*4/25,4/26 this weekend will bring interesting good news about the workplace.

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 ~11 Month 21st)

April, the month total eclipse will make colleagues or customers of the little things clear, you may be very frustrated to find the table under the Anchao raging, secretly happened too much you do not know. Of course, colleagues or clients know that you don't know anything, but the eclipse has the ability to make the truth manifest. What you plan to do is your decision, but at least you know what's going on and "understand" is more powerful than anything else.

However, don't spend too much time stuck in a full eclipse, and Scorpio has the best sign of the year, and it will continue through August. Nothing can ascendant your reputation and stop you from doing it. During this month's total eclipse, Jupiter will take care of the sun and Uranus in your health palace to ensure your successful outcome. Venus will meet your Guardian star Pluto, so you can solve any problem. Both communication and negotiation skills will be greatly enhanced. (Recommended reading: Let the agent tell you, win the trust of Communication Law )

On the other hand, if you are aware of changes in the workplace or some programs are not too controlled, this is not your first week to worry about, you should pay more attention to health problems. The monthly total eclipse will make the worry accumulate into a key point, and it is clear that you need professional help in the workplace to get through.

If there are any potential problems, the total eclipse of the moon can not be hidden. If you need to see a physician, don't hesitate, because the sooner you do this, the sooner you will get better. This eclipse contains all the "good" changes, including physical and psychological disorders, as well as the bad habits you should get rid of. You may have had some bad habits before, and during this eclipse you will be acutely aware of the seriousness of the matter, and only after discovering all the good things can happen. Success is always based on a strong motivation.

The new moon of 4/18 and the 10 days that follow will give you a chance to turn the page on your body and your health. You may join a gym or start a new body-shaping course, such as aerobic dancing, yoga, and Pilates. You may join a new course in sports because the crescent is in a competitive, sporty Aries, and you may also exercise yourself to run marathons or other competitions. Mars is in the people's Palace, so you are most likely to complete this workout with your friends, 4/21 is your best day to invite your friends this month, and your friends will agree to join the program on this day.

At the same time, your workplace life will be hectic, with many plans pouring in and seemingly having the same dead line. Note the date on your calendar, 4/20 to 4/24 will be a mess, and a lot of pressure is forcing you to finish the project as soon as possible. You may decide to make a team, and if so, you will need to recruit temporary staff quickly.

In the workplace, 4/22 you will have a passionate day, when the symbol of expansion, happiness, financial income of Venus came to the Palace of Fortune. The plan will be related to women's rights, or the women's chief of operations will personally ensure that you are about to receive a reward. On such a day, you will have more money in your pocket than when you come. Welfare is also a part of the money, such as health insurance, remember you were lucky when you were 4/22.

A lot of big things have happened this month, romance has abdicated to work and health, but the May imbalance will be directed, and you will have more time for fun and love.

The key day of the special attention of Scorpio

*4/2, Jupiter and the sun work together, this will be your career Victory Day.

*4/4-month total eclipse in the Libra, giving you the opportunity to meet with the medical staff, half the chance may be for yourself, half the chance may be due to others. Stay calm and be sure to see the doctor if you feel unwell. In the total eclipse of the moon, things always have a noticeable progress.

* Jupiter, which has been retrograde since the beginning of December, will shift to 4/8. From then on, you will embark on a fast path of success, and people are talking about you in words of utter praise and words.

* your Guardian, Pluto will retrograde from 4/16 to 9/25, allowing you to start reviewing and re-examining your strategy. Keep your eyes focused on what has been achieved and the progress you have made.

*The 4/18 Crescent will bring new issues, potentially recruiting effort, or overwhelming confusion. New Moon is good for your body planning and health.

*4/21 will be your best day! When Mars meets Pluto, it's perfect for you to sign a new contract with your partner.

*4/22, thank Venus and Jupiter for their cooperation, your reputation will be far sown, money rolling in.

*4/25-4/26 is quite suitable for the idea of new work proposals, or to enhance physical fitness and physical fitness.

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