The Barisians are deeply emotional about the Seine, and many say there is no Seine, and Paris is no longer Paris.The town hall of Paris has an interesting exhibition on the Seine River embankment and the Seine of the Old Age.

Last week is a reminder to go to Paris Beach to enjoy the French sun in the city, and this week is highly recommended for this free event, and this is a celebration of the "Paris Beach" for 10 weeks.

In addition to the utility of the water in the United States and the river, don't forget, Paris is starting to develop from the Stici Island on the Seine (about the origin of Paris).Until the 18th century, the Seine was still the lifeline of the Paris economy, and the river was flourishing, and the embankments on both sides of the river became important places for the lives of the Parisians. In addition to bathing and washing clothes here, the sun came to the sun when the weather was good.Now we can see that the seine embankment in Paris, which is a decade of age, is masonry, and was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1991.

Seas on Seine/© Roger-Violet

This is an Andodo postcard, the Seine River in the ' 50s, and the Seine has been used as the barbachet of the sun!

says so many, and I suggest you go to this exhibition and see for yourself the past memories of the Senna River. Let's first look at the images in the exhibition and then read the old images and then go for a walk on the Seine side of the road.As for how to enjoy the Seine River, the new book of Ando introduces five ways to enjoy the Seine, and it is a pleasure to turn over.

This is a party/© Mus é e Carnavelet/R Roger-Violet

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Early in Paris, mus é e Carnavalet. © Roger-Violet

Source: Paris Andol