leave some monologue for life, this time of week , I long for you to leave a time for yourself, to depart from the reality of the turmoil, women fans only for you to read poetry.

Touch the dust.
With a little unhappiness in my arms
The rainy glass city dries slowly.
From the heart to look out
A lot of Dan's veins

The wall around the campus
The Drooping Phoenix tree has no flowers.
Cautiously to keep the gap, and occasionally
Also rely on the expression of
Ever needed

Sometimes I call you.
You dialed my number, too.
This could be a rare
and beautiful senses.
It seems that we should be happy for this

Talk about where to travel
Worrying about the difficulties that have yet to occur
The cleanest love of all
I'm standing outside your dreams
Slow to ascertain the warm and cold inside the door

--Yang Jia, the misty night Keelung Road III

The city's rain dry, but still raining in the heart, standing outside your door, but can not know the temperature inside, this is the distance of love.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 never want to miss you

Is that you are not in the room
Nothing but lying in your closet, I was nothing but
Like a piece of clothing, you don't wear it anymore.
Nothing but dust full of time
is to miss
Your skin.
We used to start each other's backs
Each other's ... There's a stain on the clothes.
I will keep on drying for countless months
Will recall, when asleep
My body is the drapes of the Milky Way, covering your shoulders.
Decorated with the totem of the stars, lightly
You turn my body upside down
Embroidered with light threads, embroidered on the day
The morning light, and then embroidered on a night
My sadness of the day is gradually finished

--Pogora, Happy textile

In the name of the poem 〉〉 you miss, is the habit of love or he?

The love of the blind
What is it like?
There is no color and light and shadow
Deaf people, will there be a good sound?
That's what I don't get.
Black hole
As you do not understand me.
Because of a (love) word
We are blind to explore
Each other's
A black hole like the mind

--John, Black Hole

"The opposite walked over a person, you bump up, that is love; the opposite drove over a car , you hit up, it was a car accident." But, cars and cars always hit, people and people always let. --"Massage"

In the name of poetry 〉〉 sometimes close your eyes to see the shape of love

You tore my tomorrow off.
Torn to pieces.
I can't stop it.
So I went to find a roll of scotch tape.
Squat on the ground
Try to make it 12 o'clock this evening.
To stick tomorrow at least as if it were a whole piece.

--Yeqing, "Tomorrow", "rain directly into the eyes"

Dear, I may not let the rain stop, but I will always accompany you to the rain stop >> http://bit.ly/1oapWZ

Source:Sarah Kate Spielman

Isolate and precipitate, let the wine have time
Make your own taste good.
Like friendship can be nurtured by breaking up.
So I'm not in a hurry to drink the light
So that we can keep each other steady
Put it in the altar and simmer in silence
may be forgotten in the dust
May be parting with the sadness and sour
But after all the years of storage
When the fire of Miss is slowly warm
With a bit of sugar and old ginger.
Inadvertently, it insects released.
The more we become, the more fragrant we are.

--Excerpt to Luo Ye, the wine

Dear friend, you are like an altar of good wine, I am not in a hurry to drink the light.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 irreplaceable producer friend