Sylvia directed the film "read" On the eve of the release, first to listen to play the male Koyu LUN share, after reading you will prefer to male, but also more understand Koyu LUN.

Lost love but want to love, with great warmth to face a huge loneliness, forgotten by the world but Zhang hand hug the world to let people feel distressed, this is "read" film yu male This role, give me the first impression.

Sylvia Director said: "Read" The play, I just want to quiet with the audience to do a dialogue, ask a few questions, together to find some answers. "When the film started filming, the first decision was to find Koyu, who looked like a thorn, and sometimes loved more than anyone else," he said.

Played Yang's "Street juvenile killings", the interpretation of the "lust and precepts" in the Liang, play live "roll!" Ashin "In the vegetable breast, we are not unfamiliar with Koyu Lun, and even always want to know more about the lens outside of him, in the role of play, we want to listen to his life story.

Even during the holiday, women fans should read the invitation to interview Yu Lun, interview time is very hurry, the circular and full file, we first secretly anxious will not chat enough, until see Yu Lun into sit down, suddenly a peace of mind. We say this 15 minutes to have a good chat for a day, Yu Lun immediately pull the chair closer, with a smile close to us, suddenly, as if to see "read" in the Green Island grew up, so understand love. (Recommended reading: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

"I'm not going to have to say good-bye to the character or say good-bye to him after I finish this play." I'll keep him following me. "Koyu Lun said:" The most soft part of my heart, all concentrated in the male body. The softest, the most simple, the most strong. During the interview, we also felt that Yu Lun's eyes are soft and the mind is so strong.

Let's start with mindfulness and talk about the movie's relevance to you and the issues that must be addressed.

"Nian Nian" for me, the discussion is "The face of regret" this matter. I play the role of male infertility must face the loss of a mother, sister regret, the face of the lack of love of their own.

The interesting thing about the performance is that today you get the script and meet the character, that is, the beginning of some kind of life lesson, even today, this lesson is still continuing, continue to learn to be honest, frankly face themselves.

Yu male seems to have been a special "loss of love" role, childhood memories often trapped him, how do you prepare to show the male behind the huge loneliness? Why else would you want to join the running element?

"I think running can help a man grow up in a background and he can find a strength," he said. 」

Since then I've been running and running while doing my homework. In fact, most of me is running around the river for two hours a day, I wish I was a person time to do a person's business, and then do not think of anything. How to live my life, pelting I have to cook their own, rarely go out to eat, slowly let the role penetrate to the heart.

Have such a year of time is very happy, very abundant, I just slowly do. Through a long period of time preparing for the role, running or imagining yourself sitting by the river, on the seashore of Green Island. (same field Gayon: Every runner has a firm reason behind it .)

"I spend a lot of time with myself, but I don't feel enough." Reading seems to open a window, I used to be unwilling to face their own things I began to face. In fact, until now more than a year, I have been doing this work, hoping to make myself more honest. 」

Edgar Director said read this film, hoping to throw a few questions, let everyone through the film together to find the answer. What questions would you like to ask about the role of male fertility?

Yu Lun heard this problem, fell into contemplative. "That's a great question, but it's hard." After a while, he slowly began to say: "Have you ever told your parents what you really want to say in your heart?" It's better to say something earlier. 」

"In fact, I think this problem first, it is enough to think for a long time, what do you really want to say to Mom and dad?" Sometimes it may be from your eyes to see the shortcomings of parents, sometimes small things, sometimes just simple: "I love you." This is the hardest, so I hope that we can think well, although we may feel that parents are very annoying, or may also be very good relationship, but there must be some words do not say exports. "(Same Gayon: family photo Album: 24 years old, I started to know dad )

Which part of the picture was the most impressive during the filming?

"In the face of the dream, with the heart clean that scene." There are a few lines in that scene, and I would like my father to say the same thing to me. 」

At that time I asked the heart Jie: "What do you want your child to grow up into?" He said, "Just like you." "I think every child will want to hear mom and dad say," You are so good now, this is one of the biggest affirmation and encouragement, isn't it? (Recommended reading: Dear Mom and Dad, maybe the happiness in our eyes is different from what you think )

Yu Lun in the mind of the male is what appearance? Can you give him three adjectives?

Soft. "I think a person, if he was a lack of love, if he long health, his heart must have a lot of love, he can give others love, take care of a lot of people, he is part of nature." "

Strong. "I think a person, if he was a lack of maternal love and sister state, he must be very strong, the mother's missing never put down, it is a very strong, persistent force." 」

Warm. "I think everyone can be an angel, don't wait for other angels, you can be someone else's angel, a lot of things are your own warmth, next to the people will follow the warmth." " such a personality, so that the male small heart, in the face of regret, the face of injury, but can grow stronger."

Yu Lun in the final special emphasis on the warmth of power, "not only face-to-face people and people get along, the network needs to spread such power." The world of the Internet, there is a phenomenon, we are always attacking different targets. We have a brain attack and then forget. We have a lot of negative energy to vent, but forget how important it is to be warm. "The characteristics of the male body into a part of the life of Yu Lun, soft, strong, warm, but also to the role of Yu Lun to give you the gift."

15 minutes soon, we talk about the psychological process of male, but also close to the life story of Yu Lun. Face the love, face the parent-child relationship, face the difficulty of life. Ku Yizheng Director after reading "read" had moved to say: "Watching the movie I want to endure not cry, finally unbearable, but I was willing to be Koyu Lun defeated." "In correspondence with the" hope my father said to me, "The play and life is so similar, through the" read "This film, father and son have another heart dialogue, profound and long.

Read the English title is murmur of the hearts, people and people, but also time and time again the whispers of the heart. How lucky, with 15 minutes of the Whisper rendezvous, changed to the Yu Lun read the story. Share to you, unfinished story will continue to say, never mind.