Let's listen to the Lianglo, who plays the daughter's share read it, play in the same as the outside of the play as unmarried pregnant beauty, so that we see the most stubborn stubborn love.

Leong back, followed the "read" back.

Leong in the youth, and the wealthy businessman Richard Li, and then unmarried son, she was only 21 years old, just finished the movie "Ghost Legendary 3", also by the film "Isabella" won the 27th annual Portuguese Wave International Film Festival (Fantasporto) The best actress, is the cause of brilliant start, She jiliuyongtui into a different way, and many people were speculating about how little money Leong could get , but no one asked what she really wanted and what she had left. (Recommended reading: Make yourself a better three wishes: to give up perfection, but to meet the integrity )

nearly six years after exiting the film, Lianglo Shi starred in "Nian Nian" , as the mother of 3 children, 26 years old is still light, but experienced a very different life. In the film, she played with the boxer in love with the artist, two people feeling tense, she unexpectedly found herself pregnant, the same unmarried pregnant plot not only in Leong body, also in the beauty of the show, the drama in the beauty look stubborn, fundus has seen vicissitudes of life, it is such as the drama, Let Leong and the beauty inseparable.

Sylvia once in the interview to explain "read" "read" includes "weakness", "Miss" and "obsession", the whole story in the "read" Word on the spin. In the interview process, we saw Leong and the beauty of various "read" links, Leong once said she was a childhood, like the elderly male, also has been longing for the family, she is very clear her original choice. This is the love of the persistent "Nian", let us see Leong playing with the beauty of the same time, also play their own.

Leong Farewell to showbiz after all these years, her words were more than the propaganda of the film " Isabella" when less, no longer that the eyes flashing, chatting to play in the beer bottle of the play, Unbridled scream: "Great, I would like to fall more than a few times!" "Appearance. Now Lianglo more a kind of deep shen elegant charm, laugh, although as sweet as the past, in the beginning of the interview after the answer to each question, but will be brewing time, first think for a while, then word slowly figure out.

in the infant experience of the father of the illegitimate daughter, 12 years old for the burden of family and the maiden, 16-year-old King Entertainment "Cecilia Cheung successor" , the 18-Year-old won the crown, after By a brokerage firm that associates with an older 21-year-old musician . Frozen , 21-year-old because of the eldest son out of showbiz, 22-Year-old again gave birth to twins, 23-Year-old announced the breakup became a single mother, Leong's story is full of life turning, let we can feel the meadow behind her . Energy, so that the Leong of the moment, by the reality of her unique static and slow. (You will also like:20 years old learn to slow down, you can have more )

It all makes we have always thought of the Sylvia Director said: "Luo Shi is the beauty." "In the end what kind of story, let Leong and Yu Mei, are so persistent in" read "On, and let people love dearly?

Losch in the previous tidbits, said that the beauty is similar to herself, and that many parts of her story are echoed by her own experience. How did you get along with the character during the filming?

"I am very similar to the beauty, so in fact, and this role is very easy to get along with, I and the beauty is like a friend, there will be no big conflict." 」

Because it's like the beauty of the Yukon, is it hard to see what's going on in the process of filming this character?

"The hard part is in the mood. Because to dig up the previous experience, for example, I was a single-parent family grew up, through the past experience to express in the beauty of the feelings, I think it is very hard state. 」

Edgar director saw me go too deep, she would pull me, but she didn't tell me what to do. She would tell me to breathe deeply, exhale slowly, breathe deeply, exhale slowly, and slowly relax myself. Of course, the director will play, but Edgar gave me a lot of space, she gave us time to explore slowly (explore) herself, if too much, she just reminded, still let us continue to explore the role.

Let's talk about movies. What does it have to do with you to read this movie?

"To me, there is a very important connection between people. My mother (heart Jie) This role is very eager to break into the outside world, but my father is a very traditional man, just stay here to live. I think that live to this age, many technology products, I think communication is even a friend or family, communication is very important. For example, when something happens, do not communicate, slowly accumulate, there will be a lot of anger, not to solve the knot. 」

Read a lot of feelings, such as love, family, friendship, the last generation of people with the present people, around the communication. You are born the first to face is home, you encounter difficulties are also family, all the knot is starting from home.

In the film, the role of the Yukon is faced with a lot of transitions, from single-parent families to young pregnancies, how would you describe the role of the fertility beauty?

"Not good at language to express their own girls, through painting to express feelings of girls." She is a girl who needs love very much. 」

So how does she get love and love more?

She was suddenly relieved. when she saw the birth of a pregnant woman, she was at that moment changing her attitude toward being a person, because she knew that she was going to be in the next stage of life and become a different character. "

Edgar director hope that through this film to throw some questions to let everyone think, ask Losch, to the role of fertility, you want to give everyone what questions to think about?

"There's a lot of things to think about," he said. For example, the attitude of the person. 」

Leong, although not many in the interview, but she also in the interview at the end of the special share of girls "love themselves" definition. For Lianglo Shi, find their favorite work, family, hobbies, friends, towards their own goals firmly go, and find the balance of life, so that they can not forget happy and healthy, is really love themselves.

From the last Leong told us, we saw the girl for the Brave, like Leong, just like the beauty, You Need love, you feel lack of love, you try to walk towards love. Like that for love stubborn "read", although others seem distressed, but in retrospect, the most profound past. Love, though gone, is beautiful for no regrets.

even if others do not understand, always rely on their own past, never a road is wrong, even if the last turn a big bend, this road you see the scenery only belong to you, no one can take it away. Not all stories have Happy ending, but not all Happy ending stories have no meaning. (See together: life is not dead!) Turn a corner to see a new view