Let's listen to the Li Cenji sharing thoughts of a mother, who plays the role of a mother. To the life has been able to open up to face, let the wound become your positive energy.

"When I think of this mother, I think of the sea." The sea on the usual green island, the sun hit down, very beautiful, let you feel is very hopeful and energetic. But sometimes it gets very deep, even a bit like black and blue. "Li Cenji, in the" Nian "plays a longing for freedom of the mother, but the consequences of this desire, but it is her life to read the mind.

Often her husband's family violence, every day, tell the story of the Mermaid bedtime stories to the children, is her fragile mind the only export. "Finally, one day, the mermaid bravely escaped from the Mermaid Palace." The story reads, it becomes true. Heart Jie decided to escape from the Mermaid Palace, when a free mermaid. Take the daughter, leave the son, sit on the rocking boat, flee the family violence husband, a lifetime to leave Green Island.

Edgar Director once said that the mother's role, the most complex, the most controversial. We can't judge her by right or wrong, because she just wants to be free. Many people are curious, why the mother can choose between son and daughter, the director said, many people in the choice, in fact, also do not think clearly, but elected, it was selected, and then, in the days of the future, although the mind, but also practice to let go. (Extended reading: life is to make choices, the opportunity cost of choice is regret )

We have a lot of doubts about the role of MOM. This afternoon, we finally have the opportunity to meet with the heart clean, cut a neat white blouse, stuffed into the ear after a short hair, "pure" is the heart Jie gives us the first impression. She interacts with her makeup artist, and at the moment the heart is clean, and looks as Edgar as the director described, and has the innocence of a child.

We began to talk with the heart Jie, look forward to and "read" a step closer.

Edgar Director said "read" This film, hoping to throw a few questions, let everyone through the film together to find the answer. What questions do you want to throw out for the role of mother?

I very much hope that through the "read aloud", encourage the two generations to express themselves more, do not know whether the Chinese personality is too depressing emotion, it is difficult to say those words to the favorite people, that love, often caused many regrets, I think not to wait until too late to do this thing, if the sooner do this thing, the sooner you can untie this knot, You'll have more time to find a better way to get along with the people you love.

Life is impermanent, life is not perfect, don't be too afraid of setbacks, if you can, the frustration as a good study. You will find that people usually grow the fastest when they are confronted with setbacks. You will slowly accept setbacks, we can not protect ourselves to complete no wound, but we could let the wound grow a flower. That's your positive energy.

What method (or ritual) does the heart-cleanse actually use to help her wounds grow in flowers?

I will not suppress myself, the face of what kind of things, I am calm face, no matter is someone else's or mine. No matter how much time it takes, I just have to face it thoroughly and see it clearly. I will vent my feelings and find ways to treat this emotion. (Share with you: the psychological way to break up: to accept the end, to embrace the beginning )

I think the growth of intelligence is very important, but not until things happen to grow smart, so I myself through the way of learning the Buddha, through the wisdom of life, let me have more understanding of human nature, when things happen, you will understand more, because that understanding, you can reduce the damage to the minimum.

The mother who plays the heart clean likes the sea very much, it is a kind of desire for freedom. How does this mother, who longs for freedom, balance the freedom with the child?

Although the play of the mother, the last choice to pursue freedom, fly away, but in real life, I often or child-oriented. Especially when children are young, they need the company of their parents. I often put aside what I want to do, to accompany him to grow up first. Because I was a child, parents are always with us, I know the importance of where. Of course I still have my favorite job, I will try to share with him what I am doing, let the child know that I am not not with him, but I will have my space.

when I feel the need to catch my breath, I go on a trip. When your body tells you to catch your breath, it means that you have accumulated a lot of things that need to be sorted out.

So I will go through the long trip to the lake, tidy up their own, want to stay, do not throw a lost, to purify themselves, will be more sober to go forward. In addition, meditation is also the way to purify yourself, I now travel two times a year.

The heart Jie once in own face book mentions: "I once also very tangled in with the parents certain childhood experience, has been looking for the exportation continuously." "Through these roads, this time I played this role again, what would you say to him if he had the opportunity to speak to his childhood heart?"

Heart Jie smiled and said, before going to India has done this thing.

I went back to my childhood and made an exchange with myself. I saw that childhood in the dark inside, I grew up to tell him: "You do not be afraid, I am now very brave, I am strong" then, the little girl out into the dark.

Later, I further found that I was the most courageous when I was young, because the past I bravely out of the dark, to achieve my present light.

When you finally get back to the movie, do you think there is anything frustrating about the shooting?

The most broken part of the shooting was the dance in the sea, and I needed to hold my breath. In the course of the swimming pool training, although the coach told me, "Hold your breath to the worst when you faint, I will save you." That is my greatest fear, just for the sake of acting, I must practice, I once the longest hold up to two minutes, up lips are purple.

The process was so painful that I didn't enjoy the feeling of holding my breath. Fortunately, the Green Island shooting, the sea is very clean, into nature I will be more relaxed, more involved in the performance of the section. In the end there is a sense of achievement, because they have broken through such a big obstacle, completed such a difficult task. It's worth coming back to the movies, and the bottom of the sea is a great important part of the role and film for Mom.

In addition to the sea, at the end of the film, there is a play back to the Green Island, the scene redeemed the son and mother, is I like a play.

That scene made a lot of people export. People have many regrets, want to go back to our time, to say something, for some things to find answers, but we can not go back. So from this show, a lot of people get released, not just acting people, but also a kind of redemption for every audience.

In fact, at the end of the movie, the son, who was left behind by his mother, did not get her mother's answer. He and his heart of the mother dialogue, and gave himself an answer, that answer, may not be the standard standard of mother, but for the male, but is to lay down the heart of the important moment of reading. So many years, Mom has the answer? Whether there is or not, can not change the fact that the mother chose to leave her son, when the past can not look back, the answer, it seems not so important.

Edgar the director said: "Mom made such a decision, like the feeling of tearing apart a home." She's going to take the choice of her life. 」

Is that the way people live? When things happen, we have to make choices in the absence of choice, and that one may bring endless thoughts and eternal thoughts. But once we have made a choice, we have to bear the consequences, put the consequences on our shoulders and step forward. We do harm to others, only to other people's understanding and release, and the harm we bring to ourselves, on their own relief and relieved. (same field Gayon: single-parent Families, those who say not to export the desire and sadness )

In just 15 minutes of meeting with the heart, we found her to be the one to take on the role. Through the heart of the word, we also finally understand that her purity, is facing the setbacks of life, to zero themselves, 焠 refining the good results. We are fortunate in a short period of time, and the heart of the exchange of hearts to read, may we all grow in the reading, in the read to let the wound grow a flower, and then can put the read on the left chest, take it to go forward.