[Four girls have a brave entrepreneurial diaries] a long time? (If you haven't seen it yet, look at our Entrepreneurship

You like womany.net for a long time, and think that a beautiful woman website in Taiwan is cool?

Does this group of people really have a passion, a strong sense of thought, a powerful force of enforcement?

The website is online for 10 months, a year of business, and business is getting better and better. We still have the same original intent and dream, and want to continue working hard! And not just to continue, we have more new milestones, and the new big ones want to be done!

Women are many!Woman is many! Wow!Many!

We believe that every woman is adorable.

We want every woman to discover that she has the ability to love herself, love, and love the world!

We all want the ideal of "making the world better," with "Don't insist on a little bit of evil"

is more "committed" to the determination and madness!

We value team culture!The passion and the power of execution are the basic attributes of every partner!

We also value individual potential!I hope you can build a different career plan and vision for your own life, and work hard to make you the person you want to be the future of!

Mini-story library with all kinds of books here

(Some of them are extremely tearful, female doctors teach you sex skills, best eat in Taiwan, each type of symplectic sex ...)

Here are partners who are serious together, with morning bird groups and bat

quite flexible working hours. We don't see how long you are in the office, just to see where your heart is!

Everyone here has room for comfort, each of which is free to create a comfortable circle of work.

Of course you're messin ' up, and you can do it. (We're not going to make a table for three things)

There is a big table here, and you can have fun at a big table to discuss or chat with people

and have a good afternoon tea time!(and, of course, occasional meetings ~)

There are always very full snacks

(and change in snack categories, not to worry about the snack that you see now, not your heart)

Of course there are more refrigerators full of wine at any time and anywhere.

n't drink, and there will be milk and other healthy drinks in the refrigerator.

In addition to the bright and comfortable environment, lovely partners, joining this team, you have a chance to be able to see superstars (like FHM magazine 2011, the first sexy women's peace of ), the opportunity to be able to get to know each other. (Laughter) You've got a chance to get to know each other.

male, male

Whether you're a man or a woman, a woman is a woman, or a daughter, but you have a daughter, but you have a daughter

Dear, we love you, you need to follow

We need to identify, believe in the value of womany, you!

We hope that womany.net not only makes big money, but also a place to "do big things".

We want to make the world a better place!

We don't want to regret what I've been doing for the rest of my life before we die.

Let the design of Taiwan design into the international community, let the international design of the Taiwan's zero-zero point of convergence!

Make more people, more women know, that every woman has the power to love herself, to be considerto, and to embrace the world.

We don't have high salaries, but we have a future, our future partners can join our discount sharing plan

We don't have the benefits, but we have a heart and a warm, we want jobs to be not jobs, but enjoy, because work is a part of life and life!It's not like you, it can be different!

Welcome to womenany.net!

Now, we need to:

[Sales & Marketing Assistant/Manager] (This position has been assigned to the partner!

You are ideal for an E-Commerce, brand management, commodity sales strategy, and you need to be proactive, and have ideas to show your interest in everything!There is a lot of work experience in the big part. There is no relevant work experience, but I really want to try it. We also welcome you to talk, and the point is, what do you want to do?


  • management: understanding brand features, personality, case writing
  • Offer Strategy: Analytics Competitive Environment, Commodity Development Research
  • Marketing Planning: Monthly Sales Theme Program, Press Release, Media


A student, a graduate student who is ideally suited for the future, and when you're still at a loss you want to try and see what you want to see, you want to know what a business is like!We will provide you with a study allowance, and we will also consider it as a care for our own people!We have already had many mentors'mentors' advice, so we also want to give back our various experiences to our young people and to you!


  • week to company 2 ~ 3 days, you can spend half a day or all day (all good talk)
  • Marketing program assistance: can participate in the theme commodity planning discussion
  • Edit: Monthly Theme Planning, Daily Post Edit

Future partners who want to join womenany.net, we'll respond to the following four steps as soon as possible, we'll respond to you!

Please join the Four girls' brave entrepreneurial diaries , women, you can be different fans (all want to join us, of course ~ ~)

Log on to womany.net , create your Style Wall style wall

//lh6.googleusercontent.com/hBkSN8ECNGjlPeI0gJ70rHGIxWpNvEWacIML_yvQOlKc2jR759kqN8IQ3jrb1d4cD2uRMnHXvAiLBnKfkcShKWgMTkRIuhkluwDBb7w5RN1QOyNOzbQ Please///lh6.googleusercontent.com/hBkSN8ECNGjlPeI0gJ70rHGIxWpNvEWacIML_yvQOlKc2jR759kqN8IQ3jrb1d4cD2uRMnHXvAiLBnKfkcShKWgMTkRIuhkluwDBb7w5RN1QOyNOzbQ/Your resume + Beautiful StyleWall style wall to sweethr@womany.net

We know that this is straightforward, but we hope it can be written directly in the letter:

  • minimum wage you can accept !Of course, this does not mean that we will only give you the minimum wage that you are looking forward to. We are definitely a company with "human rights" and value the value of everyone!It's just that if you want to earn three million a year now, we may not be able to satisfy you now, but we can still be able to meet the minimum wage, and we will be able to measure the minimum wage. We can talk about it

After you get it, we'll talk to you or talk to about a time.
sincerely look forward to talking to you, and meet you with a good partner who can work together in the future!

Our company is opposite to one of the lakes and one weekly. There is a lot of hair, good city, and a beautiful atmosphere!

What we want to do is a lot of things that we want to do, and we want the world to be a better place for us!Give yourself a chance to join a great entrepreneurial team.Also give womenany.net a chance to help you realize your dreams at the same time!