Have you seen the Halloween Halloween and the Halloween weapon, AVATAR secrets of the last time we introduced them?Today, when Halloween is approaching, we are going to introduce you to the Halloween Refers and the Halloween costume. Even the fingertips are not to be spared!


Don't know what to do with that jar of deep red nail polish that you bought for a long time?Now it's time for it to use the field!( Sam B. )


Prepare your white nail polish and black nail polish, two circles, a love and five straight lines, and the skull and skull nail polish is finished!( Mary S. )

Just saw the white Skull. Now look at the color of the white Aflare!To be honest, the white A float is cute and unterror, and ...


The two most important colors of Halloween are pumpkin and black, you want to change the tangerine and black on the fingertip. You can also follow her. Use orange to nail the nail polish, then use black paint to depict a line on the fingertip like a flame, and then use black nail polish to paint them!( Bonnie L. )

From pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiderwebs to the nighttime castles, the nighttime scenes are all in the box!( Tereska H. )

Painter Painter

witches, sweeper on the night of the night ... Each fingertip has a witch in the midair of the moon!( Mary S. )

Do you think the night witches above are already strong?This is the most admirable role of this cartoon character in the cartoon character of the Disney cartoon character.If you want to have such a nail, it is recommended that you prepare a long armour without a pattern, and then find a friend who is very good at drawing to help out! ( Lauren Denise S. )

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