Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Women are obsessed with moving away from the virtual network to the physical space.

As a former loyal reader, there are now small editors, after 10 months of time, women fans and I firmly tied together, not only work, the spirit is also. In a nutshell, a woman's obsession shaped my mind during the transition period of my life.

"Who are you, and where are you going?" "It's something I've been thinking about for the past few years. We worked hard to come to reality, with big and small questions, sometimes seems to bang forward, but there are many times, we can only stop in situ confused.

Once I, very concerned about their legs fine, white skin, the body is not smooth hairless, always for their appearance is uncomfortable.
Once I, the most afraid of others said I do not work hard, always read to midnight every day, and then casually walk home alone night.
Once I, obviously have a lot of opinions about the world, but always worry about the image of the face book is too extreme, and dare not to publish too much with the social transport related remarks.
Once I, after breaking up to see the "ideal girlfriend" article, and then constantly to question their own not enough to be loved.

From the understanding of women fans, and Finally, a little changed. Finally, learn to be too stubborn with the oneself reconciled. Finally, I was able to set myself up comfortably.

In these 10 months of internship work, not always laugh, sometimes also because of pressure secretly shed tears. But luckily, in a woman's obsession, I met a group of people with passion and ideals, not find their own time, see they will feel that the setback is not a big deal, a lot of things like traveling, when you are determined to start, in fact, the hardest part of the end.

Women fans have gone through four years, this group of people do not have a lot of money, there is no King and the consortium behind the support, only very naked, very direct but very strong belief. Look at them, sometimes also think: for this world, maybe just think too little, but also do not enough, those sad and not reconciled, because we still have a dream, but also want to rely on their own strength to strive for more beautiful.

Look back at the Internship diary I wrote 10 months ago: "Sometimes gender awareness is not a profound existence in life, more like the anniversary of the three not five o'clock the" woman to dote on their own "slogan, is a kind of legitimate regular publicity, but do not know what the connotation of the level of expression. But in the woman fan, I finally learned the sex consciousness this matter. 」

Luckily, I was learning about it 10 months later.

Women are many, and you are the only. What a woman fan brings to me is that you don't have a single look.

Here, we can care about how to make up more beautiful, what is the latest fashion trend, which movie is very attractive, and where is the fresh tourist attractions. In their own fragile time, to see the author's article, try to talk with themselves, for love lost, female fans let me know the gesture of love, is how to take good care of themselves. find a job and apply for a study in the confusion, the woman fan article also gave me a lot of new strength, let me know where to go more suitable for their own.

In addition to itself, We are also deeply in love with this imperfect world, we are concerned about political and gender issues, have done the election of the mayor of Taipei, also in solidarity with #FreeTheNipple, The Partner Union , the Women's Knowledge Foundation , the Reed Foundation and so on are exposed here, let us know what else we can focus on in the sex thing.

It changes very quickly here and keeps on walking. We write down the pain ( write down your pain ) on the page with women who have been sexually abused. These two months, Content Lab also has a new try. We work with the history website-the story of the March topic wrote about the evolution of beauty, telling you that beauty is defined by itself ( women, you can define your own beauty ). The April project went through the 20, 30, 40 stages of life, reading out of the words themselves (20,30,40 women's Dialogues ).

There was a time when I was overwhelmed by criticism of women fans. Those who do not know will say: "Women fans are just a female website, write about love and soul, or teach girls how to dress up and make-up, boys will like it." "Hearing the present, there is always a kind of misunderstanding and negative sadness, said that I really have a view of such a sweeping argument: why the" female "look so rigid? The level of connotation is only concerned with love and mind, appearance level only want to please boys? And why is the "feminine" trait to be degraded? We all have to rely on words and their own dialogue, like love and the spirit of the article is not bad, it is like a man's "masculine", just more noble?

Woman fan, for me is definitely not the case. There will be no one with authoritative tone, to tell you must be more beautiful will be popular, must have what kind of quality is worth being loved, must have what achievement is Life Victory Group.

Like to pretend cute very good, I feel that the most comfortable and very good. Want to be a career woman is very good, willing to walk into the family is also very good. I want to be a man today. Gender is very good, because as long as you feel at ease, can be assured to like their own appearance is good. Here, you just be yourself, and then if you want, we'll walk you through the better version of yourself.

So that everyone no longer with the outside eye deliberately pretending, there is not from other people's willingness to recognize, but by the free will of the self to shape, very reassuring do not cater to anyone, level of expression of their own, since unable to please everyone, let oneself feel pleased. This is a woman's obsession from the past, now to the future, will never change things.

In that afternoon, from the company back to the school bus, looking at the response of the reader, tears do not know why they fell down, found himself more than I imagined can do more, dear woman fans, really thank you for letting me find myself, and let me get to the world dialogue with the export.

In the past, we were convinced that words have weight and can make a difference, and now we want to bring that weight into reality. As a media, women are fascinated by the imagination from the network to the entity. The little Prince said: "What is really important is invisible to the eye." "But this time, in this physical space, we will try to use what we can see to make every one you see the truth that we believe in, and all will be fulfilled here."

last say again: "Yes!" women are obsessed with moving ! Invite you to work with us, this family, belong to you, belong to me, belong to each of us who still work this road.

Come and see you, belong to US Wonderland