Women 40 of Lin Chi-ling, always smiling face, enthusiastic in the public good, passionate about life. Women fans are fortunate enough to talk to Chi Ling and share his philosophy of elegance.

Spring afternoon, the sun is warm, Zhi Ling in p&g six minutes in the scene of the reporter's life, a lot of media surrounded her, she showed signs smile, answer everyone's questions. We silently watched the Chi Ling, a few moments, and even looked at. Faced with a lot of sharp problems, the smile on her face has not stopped, elegant and fan, leisurely, such an image, is our hearts of Lin Chi-ling.

After a series of machine-gun questions, we finally had a short, quiet private time to Zhiling and talk about her elegant life philosophy.

"Family and friends safe and healthy, life is actually not too much trouble, health and good friends to live together, happy laughter, full of nutrients, away from the trouble." When I have the ability to do more good, always, I believe, everything will be better. Now we have--10-Year-old hearts, 20-year-old positive optimism, 30-year-old youth Moving, 40-year-old intelligent harmony. Every stage of life, in fact, is very good. In her 40 birthday, Chi Ling wrote this touching birthday wish in his handwriting.

So, we would like to know, through 20, 30, 40, Zhi-Ling's mood has changed, and what has been the same?

The halo will come and go: keep the truest self

"I used to be a very introverted girl, slowly, I am more and more know how to share, there are more beliefs, more power to share to everyone, unlike before, a lot of things are in the heart, hidden in the heart." Chi-Ling in a very young time, they entered the model circle, more than 30 years old to break into more focused entertainment. (Extended reading: female model Lin Chi-ling: Lead Your life with more love )

She said that such a process, their own unexpected, young self, is a good girl reading, always feel like they will continue in such a simple reading, family environment growth, did not expect society to give her such a stage. "This stage, in the past 20 years, has broadened my view of life, ideas, imagination, power." Before I can not do things, are gradually more powerful to complete. Chi Ling said softly.

Everybody to Yu Zhiling red pelting, certain still some impression. Overnight, "first model" Lin Chi-Ling appeared, to get a lot of attention, she is always gentle and sweet intonation, gestures between the elegance, so that many people are dumped for her, until today. For such a halo, Chi Ling's view is very intelligent:

"Over the years, my constant part is my own most original personality." Because I know that all this, one day very likely to leave me, if I today because of their brilliance and change the values, change my attitude towards others, in the end, I will be the most injured. To maintain the original most authentic core, the most real self, the most simple a state of mind. 」

On that day, I really did not feel the star shelf of Zhi Ling, although the media visit complete timeout, she can always smile one answer, from her expression can not find a trace of intolerance, but often see innocence, let me think Zhi Ling heart, lived a very lovely, very cute little girl. (same field Gayon: 10 things we learned from girls to women )

The "slow" philosophy of calm and graceful life

Enter the woman 40, Zhi Ling said, she pays special attention to health, therefore, she stressed the importance of sports, sports, can let us from the inside out luster, keep young:

"Time is fair, age is going to keep adding one after another, but women can keep up with the times, has been slowly growing with such time." Maybe we lost some youth, but become more mature, intelligent, and more round, calm. I think this is very good for themselves, to see the better themselves now, important has been to compare what they have lost. Avoid complaining all the time, to see what you have, such a mentality, can make us more and more grow. 」

She said, the appearance of youth, may not be able to stay, but as long as the health, inner glow, all women can always be beautiful forever. Taking good care of yourself and health is the most important topic for women.

now the Chi Ling, sparkling in front of my eyes, if the word "elegant", can have a spokesperson, I think that is not the Lin Zhi Lin. as I listened to Chi Ling quietly, I found that she exudes a calm and reassuring force of stability. In this, Chi Ling said that this is her "slow philosophy":

"Every time I meet the greater life level, the more difficult it is, the more I will slow down." A lot of people listen to me and feel so slow, but I find that this is my way of life, and I want people to be comfortable listening to me when I speak. Many people in some situations are anxious to throw out their emotions, anger, or thoughts immediately. But I think a lot of times, we have to chew our thoughts, emotions, language, and then say it, it will be good. 」

Zhi Ling said, now she, very know how to calm herself, calmly face all the links. Originally, everybody to Zhi Ling's "elegant" impression, is from her to calm and calmly daily practice.

To love yourself better than to lose yourself in love

Now most people like to ask the question of Zhi Ling is: "When to get married?" "As if the whole world were looking forward to her entering the auditorium." And Zhi Ling himself for marriage is not married this problem, but see very light:

"Many girls may find love through marriage and feel that this is the embryonic form of loving themselves." But I think that when we can become a good self, there will be a good person to love you. Not to gain love, but to deliberately change what you are. Be good to yourself, love will come when. 」

"Feelings this kind of thing, not a reliance, as if said to get will become better." Many girls, in love or marriage slowly without their own, I think this is a bit of a pity. When you are good yourself, you will be happier and more fulfilling. 」

Only a few minutes ago faced a string of inquiries from reporters, Chi Ling said that in the media constantly asked such a question, she was very calm, because she does not think she needs to actively seize what, love such things, hard to grasp may not grasp, also not necessarily can catch right. For her, she must first love herself, then to talk about love. (Extended reading: marriage, not a woman's life must be selected )

20, 30, 40 women: inside attractive, outside only bright eyes

Through 20, 30, 40, Chi Ling said:

"A lot of young girls think it's important to be attractive to women," she said. But it is more important to make yourself more attractive, to be a person who feels attractive, and thinks that the charm of your heart will last. 」

We are very curious, how does Zhi ling usually enrich their inner? She said that she did not do one thing, immediately have a wealth of feedback, but through the people to get along, to see, to absorb, and gradually accumulate over time, so that their own internal access to more space. Zhi Ling often remind himself that to see good, not bad place, less complaining, you can become more nutritious themselves. (same field Gayon: Do you feel unhappy?) Learning to "not complain" philosophy of life

About age, Zhi Ling also has its own set of ideas:

"Age, I would also be afraid." But when you think of it as an enemy, it is the enemy. is a friend or an enemy, really depends on their attitude. People will talk about my age, it really does not matter, when I think of it as my friend, I feel that I live very happy and comfortable. 」

Finally, we would like to please go through 20, 30, 40 of the Chi Ling, sent to these three stages of the women's words, Zhi ling in a very short and short response time, uttered these three sentences to us:

20-Year-old girl, good to enrich their life, 30-year-old girl, feel good about their life, 40-year-old girl, enjoy their lives.

Lin Chi-ling

Enrich, feel, enjoy, is Zhi Ling sent us the elegant intelligence. In this short, half an hour less than the time, Zhi Ling gave us a lot of. In front of this beautiful woman, the eyes from time to time to reveal a girl-like innocence, the years in her body without leaving traces, but in her heart, her inner, out of a blossoming brilliant flowers. We hope to be able to share this kind of harvest to you, the woman, no matter in the life stage, really is very good.