For life to leave a monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, women fans only read poems for you.

Sometimes poetry is just a pair of unfamiliar eyes
Borrowed for the time being
I see myself.

Sometimes poetry is just a
A dream that has been forgotten
Borrowed for the time being
Change this now I

Sometimes poetry is just a way to escape
Sometimes poetry is just a mirror that can't escape
Sometimes the world is a blur
Poetry is the only focus.
Sometimes just the opposite.

Sometimes the poem reminds me
than the hate of brooding
Love is more important
Sometimes the poem reminds me
Even love is not that important.
Even poetry can be put away

Sometimes the poem tells me
Everything's fine.
There's nothing wrong with everything.
More times.
Poetry doesn't say anything.

The sun came in through the gap in the curtains
Illuminate a bunch of curling boiling
The dust of gold

The cat wakes up from her nap.
He saw me.
Recognized me.
and called me.

In every cat's mouth
I have different names.

--Hidden, poetry is not a style

We read poetry, never read style, just read ourselves.

〉〉 Reading in the name of poetry to be closer to yourself

Once I tried to hug him, but I didn't.
Hold him once I want to but I don't
Hold him for once, I'd love to, but I
I was afraid to hug him once, but.

There are two times
There are three times
Think so.

Then I hugged someone.

--Yang Yi, one of the three combos of love

Who do you think of after reading this poem? Perhaps, that is the answer.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 not Forever lover not full

The first line doesn't show "I love You" or the next 13 lines are all nonsense.
The second line is how you can be so far away and the world is very near the world to me is nothing but the way you are
The third line should turn so I don't love you so you will be calm and safe
Four lines to account for the reason I don't know how it all turned out like this.
Line five I'm always thinking about you. You're all in the past
Line six thought it was painful so there was no word
The seventh line is just half the story, and you're not going to write anything.
Line eighth do you know you have a light? Every time you're in front of me, it's hard for me to look you in the eye.
It's been a long time in line Nineth. I've been drinking a lot over the years. It's not about drinking, it's pointless.
Line tenth, let me smoke two cigarettes and write it around you. The result of smoking is that you feel like you're here.
The 11th line says there are two of them. Can we be two when we become two? It's up to you to decide
Line 12th I want to give up everything or give up you which is easier what would you allow when I begged
The 13th line is white because I want to think about you a little more.
Line 14th I'm not going to end you you've ended my last line is for the end of the invalid resistance
Line 15th 14 lines of verse definitely can't have 15th line as I absolutely can't love you

--Yeqing, "Pseudo 14 lines of verse"

In the name of the poem 〉〉 If you understand, can you read me?

Image source: Sooah Youn

I like to go, like to leave.
I like to have a new dream in my life.
You can go to the mountains and seas
No matter what direction the stars are guiding
I like to stay like long
Like to plant thousands of trees in the garden
Stay in winter Rechayu fruitful
Like the simple hope in life
There is only one stable and slow growth
I like the color of the years after rinsing
Like the songs that didn't sing
I like to write a long poem at night.
And then come back here on this cool morning
View by line by paragraph
Delete it slowly.
Every word that has a connection with you

--HSI, I

leave, directly cut the people who care most about things. Move, meet more people things. Take the baggage and leave! Anyway, just want to leave, but did not expect me to start alone, but the journey is never a person, travel let me see another self , the strong love to laugh girl.

〉〉 for himself in the name of poetry

Photo photography: Emily Co

Imagine the moment I've reached your dream
Like waves across every time zone
I've seen every single star
and took the footprints off the Freshwater river.
To bring new things to the bud
The fountain pens fall, vertically
Into each other's hearts soft lies
Grow slowly in the dark
Don't let the other person see
The sea wraps the past laughter and cries
I pick up shells while the tide is low
Steal away evidence. To seal a suspicious sound
Every night in my dreams
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Janjakin, imagine I've reached your dream now

It is not easy to reach your heart, because love you, so I tread carefully every step.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 please let me Love you softly