A woman's new home Womany Wonderland have you heard? Our determination to do so! Would you like to go with us?

Women have been fascinated for four years, and over the past four years we have been through the power of words and networks, hoping to bring about some changes in our society, and we hope to be able to care for every woman through our own efforts and to help men understand women. Our beginner's mind in fact very simple frankly, but just want to do their own strength, do oneself also like, want to see the media. And this year we have to develop from the network to the entity, not just to create a share with the network space, but also to build a real face-to-face with you a paradise. (Recommended reading: for you to expect a woman to be lost in space: from zero to one, hard but necessary )

There used to be a lot of readers to give us encouragement, and then let's give you some questions about who's still obsessed with women , and share with you the names of men in different fields for women's paradise!

What kind of space is this?

The first floor of a woman's paradise is a common work space and show space, you can come alone, or a group of people together, here we provide a hope that you feel comfortable doing your own things. The second floor will be the women's fans. The Office of the team and the spark with other cooperating units, if you want to visit, take the stairs and knock on the door! And the third floor will be a variety of possible space, we will arrange 100 women to come here to share stories, planning from the heart to the body of the female training courses, as well as let us tell each other the time of the heart.

The famous illustrator and the Big monkey gave us great comments and encouragement that day:

This time the woman is obsessed with the space to raise money is not for a one-time what, also not to sell what, more is not done "then?" "Women are obsessed with the space (should be said to raise the finished product) is a," then ... With this place, we can start a lot and then ... "to get people involved all the time."

So you must cover it! It's a very special existence, like Gryffindor, where there will be a lot of stories happening!

Why now?

In the milestone of women's obsession, the goal to be practiced is to be realized at the time that should be achieved, even if there is no sufficient resources. And this year is what we decided to do on the network, the emphasis of the concept of practice to the entity space, no longer just through the network of visual words to convey the view, but also through the real field, so that each person in the body can be through the five senses to experience! Last week, two internet celebrities who were very experienced and qualified in the online community and the physical community shared their Facebook:

Senior community manager and photographer's talent veteran (Li Quanxing) said

When women fans ask me how I feel about this plan, of course I support it, because I thought about it a few years ago but it didn't come true, and now because of the development of community environment, it becomes easy to realize!

Senior bloggers and famous travel-talent foremen insist that

Womany O2O's attempt. Yes, I would like to sponsor and see if I can find a way to live for someone who has a dream. It is a humble and humble wish to compare money wasted in various fields, such as big eggs or Apache.

Why are women obsessed with doing this?

Because we do not want to wait, as the original intention of founding Womany, we hope that this entity space can be taken place, rather than expect others to do, why not we ourselves? In addition to what we have said, celebrities from different fields will tell you:

A specialist in gender psychology and a best-selling writer Hai Tai Bear said to us

"Thank you for all the time we have been in the silent support of us until now." "At the end of an event, the second lady said to me, but my heart silently feel, has been supporting them not only me, but that share of the earnest!" And today, these few girls with life to start the next stage, starting to build a home, belong to you, also belong to our home.

If you also want to have a home, a really warm and caring home, I also invite you to come together, brick to build our dream!

Taiwan Youth pioneering success pioneer Gogolook CEO Guo Jianfu

Einstein said that "the ultimate art of a teacher is to awaken students to innovative thinking and knowledge of the joy," but as a new cause of the existence of the goal, is not the hope to become a leader in social progress, the goal is to awaken the crowd of innovative thinking and knowledge of joy?

A woman fan is such a teacher. Always adhere to build women's quality platform for women fans, now to the Daan Forest Park next to the creation of a dedicated for girls to create physical space, whether men and women, quickly to finance this unit is leading the force of social progress!

Finally, let's interrupt and share with you a woman who is a celebrity and gives a girl a crush! Janet Hsieh , who once interviewed a woman fan, wrote this card to us and she said:

The first step in womany.net Freedom! Be bold. Take the leap!

If a woman's words once brought you strength, if a woman's obsession with the text gives you a new understanding of the value of words, if you agree with the values of women's obsession (breaking the world's perception of gender, accepting every different point of view, encouraging people to find the right way to love themselves), please share this plan with your friends around you, Invite them to sponsor the next step in support of women fans: to create a paradise for realization !