A topic that makes you chew slowly. It is recommended that you review the history of women through 10 of photos, and thank them for letting us be who we are today.

Will you ever wonder, what makes us who we are today?

As a woman, I often look back on past history and I have to thank those women who have walked before me. Thank them for not only striving for their own sake, in the thick walls of a hole, so that the light can penetrate through, so that the future woman to see their appearance, more understand themselves; Let the wall loose, the gender at both ends of the walls have more shaking hands and the possibility of breaking the wall.

Think of the "women can not run" and stand out of the Bobbie Gibb and Katherine Switzer,katherine looked at the fuss of the crowd said: "I just want to run." (For more information, see The first woman to run into the marathon. )

Think of the women to fight for their political power, a great postwar, and finally wait until the "vote for their own future" option.

Reminded of women's right to be educated, in the "Women without Virtue" (Ignorance is women ' s greatest virtue) of the social atmosphere, they clearly and deeply understand their thirst for knowledge, and know that there is knowledge, can enter the already narrow hall of speech.

Think of Woolf 1929 wrote "own room", think of the Sissou of the negative writing theory, think of the Shagao of freedom and melancholy, think of those negative writing, think of generation after generation, how many people may be Shakespeare's sister, but once in the history of literature is not seen.

So, it is so much "remembered" that decided that we are here today. We take books to criticize politics, we continue to write, we are more free posture, but also unrestrained to get rid of more shackles, those you and I are familiar with the pay inequality, physical limitations , pointing at the girl's nose blame rape and sexual assault cases ... Wait (Recommended reading:"The body was found to be a girl deserved?" "The ubiquitous culture of violence rape culture."

This is the effort of our generation, not just for us, but for the future. Only 10 photos, such a woman's history herstory, worthy of record, worth a stay, it is worth writing more.

1944, Lockheed Aerospace's employees are mending P38 Lightning fighter jets.

1941-1945 female pilots rustling away from the B-17 bomber

1944 American nurses have just arrived in Norway to save lives.

1956, October Hungarian female warrior named Erika and the Soviet Union for Freedom

1918, Leola King, the first female police officer in the United States

1947, a mother chasing the prisoners just out of prison, holding a picture of his son asked whereabouts

1945 Soviet Sniper Women's photos

1971, the San Francisco policewoman temporarily placed the baby in a drawer for care

1940, British soldiers and "Mother Corps"

1970 Women's Liberation Movement (and the demand for equal pay has also been mentioned today ...). )

These little things that may be insignificant now, are the big things at the time. Of course, there are more and more women's stories, waiting to be told, waiting to happen. Let us commemorate the Herstory also write down their own herstory. Here, come with us.