#FreeTheNipple's campaign continues to this day, there are a lot of puzzle questions in it, ten questions, one for you, one for you!

1. Facebook has its own rules, and these people want to reveal their nipples, go to other acceptable platforms, or, like the Celestial Bodies, have a private meeting. They don't want to use it. They don't want to use it. They have to be called, and they want to be called?

A movement is about to turn over a question of "not a specific majority". How can a circle of people be able to reverse the majority of people's minds if it is to paint a circle themselves?If the movement needs to successfully reverse the restrictions on women, it will require more support from a majority of people. Today's Facebook page is an open platform that pushes so much information every day, and the of the be cut with.

2. But the PO-to-face doesn't have a certain public view of the nipples, maybe it's disgusting or uncomfortable?

After feeling uncomfortable, the level of one issue is the censorship mechanism for Facebook, and it is obvious that only the woman's nipple is under the face of Facebook, and that the man's nipple does not make any threat to the account even if you feel uncomfortable.

Another question is why men are exposed to their nipples, and women's nipples are so much different from men, revealing side milk, breast-up, and lower breast, and is the point where they can't be exposed? you're uncomfortable with a woman's point, it's a little bit uncommon for a man, but you can think about why you're going to have such a difference.Why is it that the nipples of women are taboos, but not men?Isn't it because we interpret the meaning of the image of the body and the woman?

3. But women's nipples give rise to lust?

The body is also an object of fantasies, so it is possible that the nipples of a physiology man or a woman are likely to become a guest of desire.However, the world's demand for women's nipples is not the same as that of men's nipples, and women have to be crazed to the advantage of their desires, but not to be sexy, the male's desire is a symbol of the majestic, robustness of the bar.Desire cannot be cut, but the desire to be interpreted in different ways is different. This is why this movement has been introduced to the present. Many people have come out of the way to explain why they have not been able to explain sexual explanations.

4. What's different about the dew-point model of the FreeThéNipple movement?

A lot of people think that models are self-materializing, and FreeThanipple is free emancipation.However, in fact, it is not necessary to condemn the 80 000-point case of the case. It is not the right political corrector to override the noble character of the person.What we are going to denounce is the structural problems that lie behind: Why is it that a woman wants to be red, and that she can only use her body as her capital?Is there any other alternative to her being treated as publicity in the way of publicity today?(You will also like: Get off the girl!Women's body on the field of emancipation )

Why did the model not promise to make a real commitment to the dew point after being consumed as a consumer of desire?Because our society treats the nipples of the woman as a good thing, it can be used as a slogan, but it can't really be exposed. Otherwise, the slogan of "sexy" will spill out. She knows that this "point" is precious and can be a success story, but it is also because of this "precious", which cannot be easily seen.

5. If I don't dare to reveal the nipples, am I very conservative and corrupt?

Today FreeTheNipple's campaign seeks out the possibility of "liberation" beyond the choice of emancipation, instead of returning to oppress the thing that "doesn't release" after liberation.So, if you don't release it, it's also included in the liberation, not the relationship of conflict. The real liberation is that everyone has a right to his physical and sexual self, and not everyone has only one choice.

6. If today I'm in the photograph of the nipple, do you want to "knead," sexual harassment?

The case of sexual harassment is assessed according to the context of the case, and there is no standard scenario.We can joke with friends that your breasts are beautiful, and I want to touch them, and she doesn't care.But we say to a stranger that the other person might feel uncomfortable.(Take a look at: Why is it not safe for girls in the streets?A line of talk and sexual harassment )

The focus is on what the client feels under the circumstances at that time. Some people may have anticipated such a situation when they upload their own nipples. It doesn't matter if they feel that they are being spoken to. But it is also possible that she feels nausea when she is too exposed, and that there is no common standard, "fantasies" of desire, but "words" and "actions" in the field must respect the person concerned.

7. That would not be what author H says, that women's nipples will increase the chances of rape?

The problem of rape is not a desire to be physically, but a man who treats her body as an object of his or her desire, or a man's body of power, otherwise she may have a desire, but why is it that most women do not rape men?The problem of rape is that men don't understand: " My body is still mine, it's mine, not naked, it becomes what you can dictate. "(Extended reading: " Is she picked up by girls?"The ubiquitous Rape Culture

8. My girlfriend wants to support the activity, but I just want to think of my girlfriend's nipples being looked at by other men. I'm sick of it.

In addition to the woman's body, it's a matter of society where the mascules are sometimes called "masculo". Today, I'm supposed to protect my woman's body, my thing is taken away by other men, and I'm like a Loser, and I'm in the middle of a man's hierarchy.

9. Feminists are really boring!Every time, only a princess who wants to have a right not to be obligated is only raised, and now there is no milk to be exposed over there!

The vengeant often fights feminism over there to pay for men, but not to be a soldier.But the real feminists don't teach you to squeeze men, take advantage of men, but hope that gender can be fluid, be it physiology, physiology, and transgender. Women can be tough, they can have the same norms and rights as men, and the negative traits are not belittle, and men can feel vulnerable, and things that don't fit with the "masculinity" will not be oppressed.(Recommended reading: Feminism always requires privilege?When feminist becomes a negative label ... )

10. Will FreeTheNipple's next move will be the movement of the show's body?

Because both men and women have a taboo component for exposing the lower body, it is not possible to imagine the mobility of the body motion.

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