Into the blue studio, the oncoming is a dark blue wall, there is a side of the "Action Code: Sun Yat-sen" stills of the green Blackboard wall, as well as the easy to eat the wisdom of speech guide and the small actors. The small actors are jerky and easy to guide the freedom of the heroic happened to be contrasted, but they all have a common point, a kind of blood youthful breath, perhaps, this is why the Yi will shoot "Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen", a youth combat comedy, a hope can use cute way number recruit everyone "revolution, struggle, Save Youth" movie.

Leather own life: "The Blue Gate", no longer filming love

In 2002 Ishiyan director masterpiece "Blue Gate" shortlisted many domestic and foreign film festivals, and received Taiwan audience enthusiastic response, easy to guide constantly received Love script invitation, we all want him to make love film, but 10 years, he all refused.

"You may go to an age and look at what you have done in life and find that what you really want to say starts differently." "I am looking for what a creator can do to society, hoping to make a sound for society ..." while talking about the success of the "Blue Gate", he talked about why he wanted to take the Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen.

The gap between the rich and the poor has always been a topic of interest, but it took more than a year to write a script from the plan, and the only constant was to talk about a group of poor children, a group of the poorest children in Taipei City. Speaking of poor children, easy to think of filming a long TV series "Dangerous Mind" when the field survey, when he asked a woman mother to buy for her son all the reference books of high school how much money? and "20,000" was the woman's answer. (Recommended to you:"The Economist," "Poverty" unexpectedly in Japan!? ) )

"I can imagine that children are lagging behind because they are poor, and when they cannot keep up with the books they can afford, they are not able to follow the school lessons and are said to be uncompetitive by their teachers. "It's easy to think that the problem of poverty persists, but in today's society the gap between the rich and the poor makes these children less likely to turn over,

"This is the consolidation of the rich and poor, and it is very hard for these children in a poor environment to be told they are not competitive from birth to growth to employment," he said. 」

Look at the light, deep engraved feeling

To talk about such a heavy issue, the easy way is to show it in simple ways. "The audience come to the cinema is not to class, so to use a simple way, so that everyone can see the lively, but at the same time, realize the truth." "will be the youth farce, humorous way of filming" Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen is the hope that everyone gently look, deep experience.

"It's important to steal the bronze, because it's a lovely, absurd parody!" "Yi is very happy to share with us from the idea of stealing a bronze statue, only three months to complete the script." "From the point of view of the children, this is not a serious theft, anyway, the bronze statue no one wants, is not a resource recovery and reuse it?" 」

The most superficial meaning of Sun Yat-sen's bronze statue is money. "The easy way to mention the NT hundred dollar bill is the father of the sun, and the children because they have no money to steal the bronze statue means to rob for money." From the 15-year-old, or the protagonist of the High school days, a left eye, will feel that there is no money because of their own bad, is their own problems, but in fact, the reason behind is poverty. Ise in the face of the sadness of the young people of Taiwan today, when many people think that the Taiwanese are not working hard enough to compete with the world, the whole environment has also contributed to such a situation, and this reality is very painful. "Too much poverty in Taiwan is not an individual effort, but an environment, a social inequality, and sometimes even hard work is hard to transcend." "(same field Gayon: unpaid and unpaid for the whole year, this kind of work is a lot of people in the world doing )

The starting point is the individual, but it is actually to project the personal experience to the society, the projection to the broader aspect, may be a race, may be the backwards and forwards generation. Ise finally mentioned that the movie was finally a bit of an ambition:

"We are not going to go to the streets to make a revolution, but to let everyone know that there are still problems that need to be addressed, such as poverty and the disparity between the rich and the poor."

Haven't seen the trailer yet?
With the "Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen," together youth!

The process of innovation is the romance of revolution

Perhaps from the audience's point of view, against 10 years, easy to choose not to shoot love movies, and to make absurd comedy, and then to explore social issues, is a revolution, but the easy guide does not think that filming "Action Code: Sun Yat-sen" is a revolution. "The revolution was so great that I did not have the courage of the young. "Half joking, but Yi also admitted that the" Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen "has its own style to emphasize.

Big Star in the play Treasure, no well-known newcomer is the protagonist, the main character is still wearing a mask. "There is no dialogue after the mask, I am worried that the audience can not understand, because from the style of the script, the choice of actors to the body comedy is a new way to try." "(Extended reading:" play Work "with the imagination decorate life reporter Ropeu )

Compared to the past easy to guide the film, "Blue Door" talk about the first love and "dangerous spirit" of the education system are familiar with the subject matter, but the "Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen" in the theft of bronze is not in daily life will happen. "Completely unconstrained, requires a lot of imagination." 」

Ise admits that such innovative themes and techniques are a new attempt in his creative career. He wants to find new ways to paint new topics in a different language than he used to.

"Do not know is not a revolution, may have this temperament, I hope the Taiwanese film is not the same." " Although it is not daring to call it a revolution, there is a revolutionary romance in the process, creating in a new way, a romantic process."

In fact, in the movie, Yi also put into the symbol of the revolution, "the second meaning of Sun Yat-sen bronze statue is the seed of reform" Yi mentioned that many people think that the bronze statue in the film is political, but it is not, the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen represents the "Seeds of reform"

For easy guidance, the father of the nation is a revolutionary that is familiar to all, he overthrew the Manchu dynasty, overthrow of the people's bad system, he used to be filled with blood and insist to change the world, and when the protagonist to the left to meet Sun Yat-sen, like the magic in general, let him figure out one thing, about the change of the situation, about the reform of this matter.

Never take a little fresh.

"But my movie is not a little fresh. "In particular, the" Blue Gate "market has been successful in making love films, and mainland critics have said that most Taiwanese films are talking about small, fresh and small ones. "But I don't think that fresh can, but" Big fresh "! "Yi thought because the small freshness is refers to one person's affair, two person's love, is Ego's story." But "Blue gate" talking about is the ethnic group, is one in 2002, 2003 faces the Society unfair treatment the ethnic group, it is the gay group vocal, namely this difference makes "the Blue Gate" the pattern to be broader. (also recommended: for Love voice!) A collection of gender-sensitive photography around the world

"Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen" is not in the writing of small fresh, all the awareness of the small fresh elements, such as mild music, soft light shooting, love plot and so on ... are not in it, the contrary is used is two white rotten boys, stealing things such humorous elements, but this kind of wit but with bitterness, hope to reflect the society, said the society is very serious problem, is an individual story as the starting point, let the audience understand a generation or a group of problems.

"I want my film to be separated from small clear's new book." The guide thinks that the small fresh does not speak for the ethnic group, such script does not write to the destiny or the group. If the personal experience of the film cannot be extended and cannot be extended, he will not be satisfied: "because they have not enough strength to speak to the world." 」

In this interview, let us feel a kind of ups and downs of the mood, sometimes warm, sometimes profound, sometimes serious, and sometimes hair people think, a bit like Ise said, "Code of Action: Sun Yat-sen" will also make the audience mood ups and downs, a second in laughter, the second is to cry. From the beginning to easily talk about the concept of the film, the production process of anecdotes, to the end of the film to talk about the gap between the rich and the serious issues, that the future of the reality of a little hesitation, a little helpless problem, the real can not escape. Although in modern society, sensational than sincere popular, it is easier to criticize than to point out the status quo than to take action, but it is easy to see that in this time of absolute anxiety, we can still remain naïve, retain our youth, maintain the romance of resistance, then take action, a life, a gentle but real revolution.