Today we want to share with you these spiritual food that is very important to the women's team, and would like to say to you loudly: "Thank you for your love!" 」

A lot of people when they join a woman's obsession , always wonder what the original idea was? In fact, our original intention is very simple, as a user, as a woman, we want to have a media, not only to tell you how to be more beautiful, but to tell you that there are countless beautiful, you can choose what you want to be, not just women, any gender, you have the right to define their own beauty.

These three years, the way is not easy, the fourth year, we decided to create a physical space, so that the concept of women fans in the real world, with salons , labor workshops, with the party, with a variety of activities to extend down. There are many challenges, many questions, but we have always believed that we need different media, and because we received a lot of readers, fans online entity feedback and cheer, let us believe that this is a right thing.

I believe that in a society where the sexes are still unequal, women encounter marital problems still have a hesitation and sacrifice their own for the first consideration of the idea, but in the end is not a person, hope that by the power of words will I encounter and is facing the plight of all the women, I believe I can brave to go forward, everyone can also.

The issue of gender equality, as Emma Watson said at the United Nations, we still need to continue our efforts. Not only women, but also men are in such a frame. We believe that through the power of words, we can give readers a little thought change, and believe that change is not "a person does a lot, but everyone does it a little bit." 」

Thank you for every time you want to give up your dreams and watch as you try to move forward with your dreams, and tell yourself not to give up. It is not difficult to reach a dream, but the difficulty is unsustainable.

Female fans are our dreams, but we hope that this dream can also ignite more people's dreams. Because when we do ourselves wholeheartedly, the next step is to let ourselves shine.

Although only a short time to get along, but extended into unlimited power, you give the message, warmth, and love, emitting light, so that the surrounding is different. Even if I am far away from Taipei, I feel closer to Womany, thank you and make the world a better place.

A woman fan is hoping to make such a feeling, standing there like a lamp, watching over you with the temperature. Give your company when you need it, and give you guidance when you need it. The most important thing is that we, like you, have the true joys and sorrows, like a assured friend, we will always accompany you, with you forward.

Ernest Hemingway once said, "If you are lucky enough to have been in Paris when you were young, Paris will always follow you, for Paris is a flowing feast." "I think, Womany is also a table of the flow of the feast!" ..... You and I are so cool that we can really bring a little more beauty to the world.

A woman's obsession is a flowing feast, perhaps because we believe " Sex is flowing "; perhaps because we encourage everyone here to be the most unique; or maybe we want women to be as ubiquitous as the air, to chew the text on a woman's website and bring you strength, online, through the comfort and warmth of the physical space, so that you and I who like or need or agree with the idea of a woman's obsession, get together and share the mood. , to share knowledge, to be a better self. (Gender-related issues: gender-obsessed )

At the same time as the mass fundraising for the women in the physical space, many letters from readers have made us more determined this time:

I like the warm strokes of a woman's fan article very much. I had experienced emotional pain before and had a lot of doubts, when I happened to see a woman fan article, caught my attention and continued to read a lot of articles. Female fans of the text is not forced me to quickly get better, and like a bosom friend silently accompany me to tears, but also support me slowly out of the hesitant time. Thanks to the female fans, let me know that I am a good girl worthy of love. I hope we can all be Better together!

Come on! I like the operation of women fans, I think it is a very warm room, to build a woman, but not only to the emotional topic, there is a feeling of family. Suggest that you can do more activities, and even let members know each other activities Oh! Come on ~
I like the warm feeling that the website of the female fan creates every detail of the arrangement, let me have a sense of intimate, women fans sincere sharing, hope that each reader can be happier, such selfless in the current society is extremely valuable, thanks to a woman fans such a team, operating a dedicated, Finally want to say to you: You are really good on the dream road!!! Hard ~ refuels ~
first it was because of Emma Watson's exposure to womany in a United Nations speech, followed by some other articles of a similar nature. Feel that there is such a site is very good very moving, for the physical space plan is also quite expected. I do not know whether the final seat is in their usual circle of life, but in any event in the future will find ways to participate in womany related activities!
very like the woman fan, always can through the article text still has the picture to bring me the positive strength, has many very good ideas, let me be proud of being a woman!! Very much hope that the space program can be achieved, I believe that everyone and I look forward to have such a space, enjoy when the fun of women ~ ~

The reader's message after the sponsorship also makes us feel good:

Many people ask why women are obsessed with physical space, we want to quote Emma Watson: "If not us, who is it?" If not now, when is that? "Women are obsessed with the beginning, through the Internet, through words, hope to bring people more choices, more power." Woman fans of the fourth year, we want to go into the entity, through this space, let you come in like home can be free to do their own, through the space held activities, let us become an entity of the family, share life, share the mood, grow together, become their own better version! ( Emmahuasen The full text of the United Nations speech )

Dear woman, Thank you for the courage you have taught me these days. Every time I savor each of your words, I feel that I am alive again. Always in order to hide the self-confidence of their own, camouflage strong capable, camouflage sharp tough, but in fact I just hide the weak himself. And I from each of you a soft but full of strength of the article inside, like is in let oneself step by step repair, I see also accept my insufficiency, face the fear of the heart, found oneself can be so happy.

We would like to say, thank you for your support and affirmation, thank you in fact also gave us courage in the wind and rain continue to go. We are not perfect, we are fragile, hope that the next, the female fans can not only through the text, but also through this like home space, so that you, so that more organizations can be together here for gender, for themselves, for the community to voice, together to become brave, to live self!

If you also like us, the space fundraising program to share with friends, invite them to support the concept of women fans in the space of complete practice! You will be a great help in our way forward.