This memory is a movie, Hunan Worm and movie "Ace Enemy" The common memory, we feel, imagine, tracing, for you read aloud the memory of the Giguan.

Shall we take a walk by the sea?
Chasing each other on a shore full of snow?
I taught you about a constellation on a frozen lake?
Before I forget your name?

The evidence left is like hearing a song over and over again.
The love that's about to leave how can I put you in my childhood?
I wake up and hold my hand in my shadow
is not fulfilled the promise is very sweet
Never been diluted by eternity
Fall into a coma in the night I accidentally
Open your eyes, still can't stop love
Happen. Do we confess each other in the bookstore?
I used to imitate in my dreams how you led me away
When I was a child and I would
From then on, remember and then gradually
Forget you, every kind of hair of the color wayward moment
The words that were torn on my pillow
Have I left you alone in a deserted house?

I wish I didn't leave hope I didn't
Catch the footsteps of your degaussing in the heath
Be forcibly driven away
It's worth nostalgic to never have too much of a past.
The pure Heart has the eternal sunlight
We've learned to accept our own forgetfulness.
I don't feel embarrassed when we meet again.
Don't be embarrassed to love a stranger easily

It's a pleasure to love a stranger.
Can happiness withstand the inevitable corruption?
Haven't decided to pack you up again
Have I ever thought of any occasion without you?

What has been forgotten is a lesson?
Even if we leave evidence,
I'm not sure what happened, I still want it.
Re-confirm once--
I had a huge suspicion about you.
Still venturing ahead?

--Hunan worm, "If leave evidence" (to "Ace Enemy"), "Move Together"

Memory One: I can't find any reason not to love you

"I can ' t" anything "I don ' t like to about you." Joel said, after all the obscurity, embarrassment, and pain they had experienced in love, he still said so.

Read Hunan worm to "Ace enemy" of "even if leave evidence 〉," leave evidence/ Not sure what happened I still want/ reconfirm "love of paranoia. The heart is broken and enchanted is also, again after reunion, still will fall in love with each other, I know you're so crazy, I know you hate neon lights I love the smell of ballroom and alcohol, know you are good at writing Li Sao and I can never be ready to say good-bye, knowing that love will be bitter pain, but, but can not stop your eyes, The awkwardness of your awkward smile, the smell of soap you've just showered, and every atmosphere in your pores, is like being born for me. Like a set of sophisticated parameter codes, we just happen to be embedded. (same field Gayon: all the encounters are reunion!) Let us fall apart and love again )

Memory two: The memory of you is not my brain, is every cell of my body

"Even if the evidence is left behind," a poem lay out the surreal and staggered space-time of the film, like a sleepwalking, like escaping in a circle. Each question mark in front of the words are piled up in love intangible and eternal moment, they walk on the beach, in the ice on the number of stars, in the cold morning wake up, kiss. The sweetness, lightness, bitterness, detachment, or kitsch, adoration, or light that is born with love, will eventually be thanked. (You would like: to the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be silly again )

The image of love is torn, wiped, and emptied as if it were a dream, when the memory of love is no longer. Meet again, to recognize you is not the hippocampus, but your body every pore breathing frequency, touch your skin, feel the essence of your eyes under the soul.

If you have ever loved someone, you must know the ace of Friends. I love you, Deep is only: "I know you hurt me, so I love you." 」  

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