Women fans of the May project, is to love themselves, accept their own, more can live deep. "Yi-June" this seemingly ordinary name of the market, behind a number of endless stories of the throbbing.

A cup of coffee worthy of heaven and Earth, near the Holy Mountain nearest to the sun. The coffee beans, which depend on the goodness of the meal, sustain the livelihood of the three generations of Yi June. Return, abandoned the city's prosperity and comfort, but is another kind of affection and ancestral of the insistence and guardian. (Recommended reading: The capsule coffee machine does not love the world's temperature )

Pingdong Wushan, elevation of 3092 meters, is the south of Taiwan's central mountains, the most southern end of the Alpine group, and in among insects smoke between 1000 meters above sea level, a large Wushan "the highest" coffee garden, always silently work ... This high altitude organic coffee garden, is Cai Yijun family waiting for the dream. The body is flowing paiwan blood, from small Yi June with his father, with the rise of the sun and the fresh air of Beida Wushan, I grew up in the school and employment under the consideration of Yi June and other Paiwan children, leaving his hometown to the bustling city, read the Hkust also when the catering service students, the days have also seemed to have no bad, Until three years ago, when 24 years old, the city's Yi June suddenly miss the green of the big Wushan, as well as the guardian of the coffee garden Dad.

"My father's hard work I have always known, thank him for bringing me back to raise, himself to carry this responsibility." "As an old family, Cai Yijun lived with a divorced mother when he was young, but after dad took her back to the mountains, Yi-June's psychology is complete, followed by dad in the coffee garden, is 4 children with the longest in the father's side, father to the heart of the coffee, the guardian of the home, Yi June Experience the most, more want to use Love Guardian.

So she did not hesitate to bid farewell to the city, back to the big Wushan and father's arms. An area of 2 hectares of natural coffee garden is Yi-June and his father two people to build, natural planting does not fertilize, all depends on the god to determine the amount of harvest, but this also let the coffee garden can not guarantee income, this year's harvest less than half of previous years, these farmers hurt the brain problem, Yi June is not a bit annoyed, but smiled and said: " We sell coffee is happy, their interest. 」

This pure natural coffee named "Waff Lean", is the Paiwan family name, meaning the bulk of the purpose of the storeroom, symbolizing the family of rich treasure. In order to protect the treasure trove of family heritage, Yi June turned it into Waff Lean Coffee trademark, combined with Dad's name has a "mountain" word, with the guardian of the clan "big Wushan" and "Sun", the combination design for dazzling yellow mark.

Yi June use her way to practice a bit bit by bit, adhere to do not sprinkle pesticides, natural plant, handmade baking, such a cup does not sell coffee, no strong marketing backing, only by the mouth of the tribal introduction, but also accidentally through the church propaganda marketing to Korea, become the most sought-after Taiwanese coffee. (Same field Gayon: The little things about coffee )

In the past, some entrepreneurs from Taipei wanted to invest in Yi June's coffee, a buyout from harvest to brand name, which was flatly rejected by Yee-June, who said:

"Coffee is our thing, we want to sell ourselves, others taste coffee is happy, we will be happy." Fear of outsiders operating, the loss of the original flavor of coffee, and adhere to personally check every step of the attitude, let Yi June with his father to achieve the dream of two people ─"own a coffee shop .

In order to round this coffee dream, weekdays Yi June to spend three hours drive to Kaohsiung to work, the sun on the site to do the work of tied iron bars, back to the mountain home, she has a pair of skilled coffee, "the mountain is a memory home, want to let children can family, back to the mountain, there is a place of their own." "This Love home love land mood, is the father's painstaking care and the most important thing, if there is a day dad uncomfortable, this heritage will depend on her to protect, remember to the quality of the persistence and respect for Nature, Yi-June step by step to build a dream, with the spirit of love to continue to plant the best coffee. (Recommended to you: There must be something you like!) Eight must-go Taiwan coffee shop )

"Yi-June, where are you?" The story of their own. "

Yi-June is their name, and they all have different life stories. More Yi June moved, 5/1 lock Taiwan View every Friday night 10 o'clock, tvbs happy Taiwan every Saturday night 10 o'clock "Whoa!" Chen Yijun "!