"sisters" from the best-selling novel "Sister", the story of 1962, when Skitt, a 23-year-old white girl, returned home from college, dreaming of being a writer, but a good marriage in conservative home was a woman's dependency.Skidt was raised by a maid, and she was a good friend of her. But this time she returned to her home, but she found out that the maid didn't tell her where she was going.

The clever, introvergent, black maid, who once led 17 white children, was a domestic helper at a friend's house in Skeet to take care of her two-year-old daughter.Another black maid, Minnie, is a friend who loves Bielene and has a good hand in cooking, but his spicy personality has made her lose her job.Skidt, a good personality, has been treating black domestic workers like family members, but she found that black domestic workers, regardless of their lives or attitudes, often encounter unequal ways of dealing with them.

A day, Skyett's friend, Squil, drafted a health plan, which she feared would have a virus on black people and suggested that she would use the toilet to help her.Sickett was determined to write a bold writing plan: interview the black maid and write a book … life, white girls'stories, and white girls' records.


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