Every week at this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, the absence of the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

Don't ask me why I've been standing there
That was my wish for years.

On your way to the night

I'm not moving.

A light.

Street lamp

--Drop, wish

In the name of the poem 〉〉 Love opens in a corner

So I decided never to be a man waiting to be brought up. Thank you for the humanitarian thanks, the lost people lost, the way to go, the flow of tears, but do not want to be timid. Too clever people are timid, fortunately I am still a bit stupid.

-- Wang Xiao Miao MiaoWang, I don't write you a card this year.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 meal Travel walk stop, a person's time only belong to oneself

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From tomorrow on, be a happy person.
Feed the horses, chop the wood, travel around the world
From tomorrow on, care for food and vegetables
I have a house, facing the sea, with spring blossoms

From tomorrow onwards, and every loved one to communicate
Tell them about my happiness.
That happy Lightning told me
I'm going to tell everyone

Give each river every mountain a warm name
Stranger, I also bless you
May you have a bright future.
May you have a lover and a spouse.
May you have happiness on earth
I just want to face the sea, with spring blossoms

--Haizi, facing the sea, with spring blossoms

In the name of the poem 〉〉 from now on, be a happy person

Once in a while, we cry.
For the pain of others
Once in a while, we can even see the wind.
Once in a while, we love
Even if love has been hindered

We don't always want enough.
We don't want too much.
We keep pushing the wrong door
Occasionally, you can accidentally
Access to the right

Knowing that everything is always in vain
We day after day
Talk to the same direction
And occasionally there's another sound
In response to our
Even if it's so weak
Even if only occasionally

And occasionally there's another sound
And occasionally there's another sound

Excerpt to--concealment, "bosom friend", "how can"

In the name of the poem 〉〉 wrote a letter to the past has been crying, once hurt himself

I have come here
No one in the garden, there seems to be rain
A wet hanging rope. Clothing
It's already dry, under the eaves.
Now I'm warm, there's room for that
To think of a peaceful and
Vague floral, soft mind
You're hesitating.

I have come here

--Lindayang, "I've come here", the late paper plane.

You have been walking for a long time, along the way you feel a little lonely, but the road scenery is actually accompany you. Finally you came here, looking back on the years of people, you are in fact very grateful that there have been in their lives, the so-called regret, is probably remembered memory will be sweet smile, feel safe.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 youth scenery still

Image source: Gwen Bankole-jones