This time I Love Me free Festival: A little more surprise workshop, to see what they are doing, and behind the professional and experienced leadership team!

"You don't need 100 points to find your true self," he said. "Is 2015 I love me free of the original intention of the festival."

We all hope that one day we can truly find the things we love and live more like ourselves, even though we have been lost and frustrated. It's not easy to love yourself, dear, but when we start to act, change happens. Invite you, join us to celebrate I love my free festival, in 5/23, with action instead of slogans, bravely unfold love their own practice. (See I Love Me free section of the complete introduction:525 I love me: do not need 100 points, find a comfortable five exercises )

Starting at 9 in the morning, until 2:30 P.M., we invited representatives from different fields to share five themes of their own, from the attitude of embracing imperfection, choice and balance, facing life, to defining their own excellence. There are music, dance shows, and a movie premiere in Hong Kong. At the same time, we have prepared a little more surprise workshop, through hands-on practice, to gain more experience and strength.

Here, I would like to introduce you to these four carefully selected workshops, and their leadership team. Hope to help you in the morning, choose a you most want to participate in the practice of practicing.

I love my body workshop: Knowing the self, starting with the body

"Strong is the new beauty." The strength and integrity of the body and mind are another beauty of this generation.

"I love My Body Workshop", made by small things to lead us through some simple dance elements to practice, to open the body and awareness of consciousness. Small production believe that through different body design exercises, experience the body and space, and partner cooperation, can produce a variety of different viewing angle of possibility, but also look forward to through the physical development, strengthen self-awareness, let oneself more free, more self-confidence.

Lead the team: small production

"All things that can be moved by others come from trivial matters. Like a lover's hands, as the mother's back, like a beautiful song, a moving film. 」

"Small Things", is the most ordinary things, is a habit of life, and these things become the most important thing we know life, hope that all people from the heart to love the true self, and this is definitely not a trivial matter. Small production in February 2014 formally incorporated, the core members by choreographer Yang Naixuan and dancers Lin Sulin, Supingwen and music design Shei Qin, and actively work with a variety of performing arts workers, dedicated to dance creation.

Workplace brand Building Workshop: Find your own position, let yourself shine

Do you know the relationship between personal brand marketing and workplace achievement? In this "Workplace brand building Workshop", the founder of the Australian LGBD (Little Girl big Dream) Liu Daowei (Sarah) will use a wealth of experience to tell us the importance of personal brand management, and how to create their own, others also identify with the personal brand. Finally, will also mention how to use the career Golden Triangle theory pie:performance (performance), image (image), exposure (exposure), make career more intelligent and smooth!

Leading team: Australian female culture organization Little Girl Big Dream (LGBD)

LGBD is a networking platform dedicated to linking and developing outstanding young career women, imparting new generations of women to the path of success, leading and motivating the development of broad macro, equipping their own career skills and having the power to realize their dreams. Within 3 years of entrepreneurship, the business landscape spanned Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and in September 2013 published a book titled "Words of Wisdom", which assembled 23 of Australia's most representative corporate female leaders and was well received in Australia. It has now helped over 760 young women in their personal careers to leap forward. (See more career women Stories:Lean in, female forces conquer the workplace )

Briefing Workshop: A memorable story with a newsletter.

In "Briefing Workshop", students are the protagonist of learning. Through the design of the students through the game and group competitions, students will be in the process of cooperation, hands-on design, and from the middle school, gradually build the concept of briefing design, and in the final ditch to win the competition. After the workshop was actually studied, students will be able to learn how to communicate clearly through the newsletter, to show their value, to turn ideas into clear and understandable images, and to learn to build personal brand recognition, so that their briefings are not only read by the audience, but also remembered!

Leading team: Briefing Art Baking Workshop

Hey, are you bothered about every presentation? Or do you tend to devote a lot of time to producing briefings, but the results are far less than expected? Please don't worry, the precise design of the presentation Art Bakery will help you to solve the problem lightly and easily.

Most people are more fragmented about the concept of presentation design than the overall design architecture, and we are committed to the concept of the presentation of visual design, so that the production of a design concept can be followed. The concept of precision design allows us to spend the least amount of time in a busy life producing briefings, but with the most accurate presentation design. Are you ready, the visual revolution of the newsletter is about to begin!

3D Printing Workshop: The idea is not enough, the important thing is to "do" Out!

"3d printing technology will bring the third industrial revolution? "Although many people do not know much, but this technology has really affected the human society."

Let the "flux 3D print Workshop" lead you into the 3D print world, starting from scratch, the professional speaker takes you step-by-step to learn about this unique authoring tool, how 3D prints from industry into the general human life, as well as the current important applications, and learn how to operate 3D printers in a relaxed and intuitive way, Lets you transform the creativity into the entity, actually produces belongs to own work!

Lead Team: FLUX

"Creation is the human instinct, we are born with unlimited creativity, but a good idea, all need good tools to practice." 」

Flux was founded in April 2014, in Kickstarter successfully raised funds to 45 million yuan. Team members from various fields of professional talent, is committed to creating the best creative tools, hope will be printed into each person's life, the 3D printing process to simplify and improve, to create a everyone can start the program, will learn the threshold to the minimum, Make it easy for everyone to enjoy this 21st century's most watched technology product, and bring change, surprise and convenience to human life.

Just want to give you a little bit more: the way I look, I define "floor girl in Asia" movie premiere

In addition to the above four workshops, during lunch break, let's have a movie to relax---"floor ⼥ child in Asia". This is a film about the female groups on the fringes of Asia--Hip-Hop girls (B-Girl). The film records the Bgirl Ling, Bgirl Miao, Bgirl burning and bgirl in the field of traditional Chinese women in the area of the problem faced, and how they through the hip-hop (hip hop) ⽂ overcome the struggle process.

Producer and director: Sophie Mo from Hong Kong

Sophie Witch, Kowloon Walled City, she is the first in the Chinese academic community full-time research "female and Hip Hop" category of young female scholar, is also a word worker and break dancer. Determined to use "knowledge for the body, youth culture for use" method, break the ivory tower of traditional academic art, encourage the cultural academia other professionals to walk into ordinary people's life circle, learn from practice.
In recent years, partners including women fans womany column, Mad Chong different, West nine cultural Bureau, the hope that through the implementation of different arts and social experiments to promote the status of women to arouse the civic awareness of young Chinese women, to promote social innovation with Asian social characteristics.

On the 5/23 day, she will fly from Hong Kong to Taipei and share more stories with you at close range!

Hey, after reading the above introduction, have you been enchanted? Join me Love Me Free Festival, in addition to participate in the full speech activities, but also in a speech time, choose a workshop to participate. Workshop will be on the day of the event to report (the event will be opened at 8:20), registration on site, so good to participate in you, remember to work hard to get up early, the first report it!

5/23 I love my free festival, wholeheartedly for their own day, will love themselves into action, brave practice!