Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving some monologue for life, longing for you to leave a period of time for yourself, the confusion of parting reality, the woman fans only read poems for you.

You took me there, there's so much better
When the years are on the bridge, you and I are the moonlight that collided head-on
In the dark, we have a taste of each other's phase.
Friend, at this moment, what can I burn to you?
The world has not shaken your beautiful soul for a long time.
That sit an afternoon is the day of thunder and rain
There are only two kinds of boys in the world
It's not a blow, it's ignition.
If we can go back to
The summer of the sea, those who swing their fists into the air
Flying outside the window is the wings of steel, the bird of revolution
What do you want me to light up for you again?
In the dream of no one to wake up, bullets shooting everywhere
How I want to be again
Find you, covered in snow, these years of worry
The frozen Pinus massoniana, the forest online and you walk along with the whereabouts
And yet we all miss each other.
To the end of the morning the sun is still good
Close your eyes
You're never coming again.
20 years old, poetic and heroic.

The whale to the sea, you are never coming again, the mental hospital

write to youth, write to once together through the youth turbulent you. "This goes to the end, the morning sun is still beautiful." 20-Year-old Youth, I was always not ready to say good-bye to you, my youth, how are you, when you think of me, I will be what kind of appearance?

In the name of the poem 〉〉 to 20 years old

Image source: Melanie Rae

The sky is a loved one
Waiting to fix the orange color
To fall to where you are

--Sun Zi, you're not there.

Look up at the sky, who do you think of?

In the name of the poem 〉〉 you in the place, is my distant

Image source: Kelley Walker

Sometimes an umbrella sometimes two
Sometimes it rains outside, sometimes in the inside.
Sometimes the scent of hands close to the beginning
Sometimes bitten nails soothe each other, sometimes
Sometimes forget we walk on the slopes
It's not getting faster, it's getting slower.
Slow to forget the air we breathe
Looking at everything that's passing by, I thought I swam in the water.
Sometimes I remember sometimes.
Sometimes we'll remember that we were free
Sometimes, like a helpless poached egg, I forget to flip it.
Sometimes I remember dancing and forgot to save the earth.
The light of love is so bright
We can still hide in each other's shadows.
Sometimes I forget to take my umbrella.
Sometimes it's not raining when you open up

--Hung Hong, sometimes

Hey, it's a good risk to have you, when it rains, you can hide in your shadow.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 rainy Day, let you feel warm people

My lover praised my handwriting beautifully, but asked
What words are worth practicing?
I pondered and told him
On the fridge door we
Silent and cold clues to the first line of
I always have to write and erase his name.
Sentence strokes
Wrath, or the order in which we fall in love.
It's his last name, 32, and write faster.
Refer to the line on his lower back.
Twisted one-and-one parting, very much wanted to
To maintain a balanced life I've been practicing so much.
Avoid edgy strokes don't have to quarrel very
Think of him when I write
My lover's name wants him to be good, safe, neat.
Take Zhen ri smooth afternoon repeatedly drill ㄏ

--Robing, practice writing

Miss you, just a pen and a picture of your say my name, in my heart.

〉〉 to you in the name of the poem

Image source: Katie Puttock

Flipping through my
I have been idle for too long
I promised not to be a dictionary or something.
Comic books or notes.
More graffiti.
The reader is also relaxed
The girl's etiquette on the left the baby treasure on the right
are often taken away.
Flipping through my
Even if I am a tropical fish rearing manual puffer recipe
I am your life's indispensable nourishment.
Even if the trace

You raise the spoon Beat: beef
Where's the beef, beef?
Call Beef
I was hurt by the rain when the sky rained
Would you like to be alone with me?
I mean, the rest of my life.
Take your loneliness.
To accompany me
All my life I'm just looking forward to an understanding
For this, I have offered all sorts of ways to write poetry.
If you want to
Come on in the box from the drama Theater.
My loneliness drives me to agree
You just crash in here.

--Lin Wanyu, the afternoon bookstore confession

"Read Me, I have been idle for too long, I promised not to do the incomprehensible dictionary" because I love you, I would like to be frank as a piece of white paper.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 belong to your confession love song

Image source: Francesco Ippolito

The dream is so short
The night is so long
I embrace myself.
Practice intimacy.
To cultivate enough courage for the long night
Sleep in this double bed.
Always feel so crowded
Loneliness takes up too much area.

--Giotong, double bed

who says a person's life is indifferent? A person, we pay more attention to the good things around us, only to understand that we have to focus on one person is a lot of pity. Because, better of him, will lead you to embrace this beautiful world, not just stare at the present each other.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 for his own wonderful

Image source: Molly McCann