The norm should not be a standard of determining human values, and beyond the norm, we expect to live more comfortably., the largest online shopping mall in the United States, made a small change to the toy-sorting interface of the site last week, and what do you find here?

Yes, "Boy" and "Girl" sex label was removed, there is no "Gender" of the category bar, look is not more affinity?

Of course, not all traces of "sex category" are disappearing in the Amazon Toy and game category. There are also many links to "boy Toys" and "Girl Toys" on the Web page. Let's take a look at the individual scenes of the "Boys ' area" and "Girls ' zone".

Boy's toys:

Girl's toys

Is it easy to find sex stereotypes in boys and girls ' toys, and Amazon's "Remove sex labels" can solve the gender politics of toys at once? Of course not, if you're looking for a gift for your daughter or if you want her to have a parenting portfolio and decide that your daughter should like Pink, then the kids may still live in your single imagination, rooted in our culture and history. The gender issue of toys is already an old terrier for many people, but it is hard not to find the "options" around us that are everywhere. Each option symbolizes a symbol, like the Chinese tradition of "catching the week," If your boy takes the spatula, you may frown, put it back, and tell him, "No, baby, it's not what you want." (Same field Gayon: "Theater mom Act fifth" the child is born complete, respect the way he faces the world )

The symbol of the toy

A boy picks up a stick and turns it into a gun, and we tell him that violence is not the answer. A girl wants a toy stove, we tell her that she needs a bigger dream. As if a child grabbed a toy, it was like holding up his whole life.

"Play the game just, seriously lose?" "But for more people, the world of toys is very serious, boys are set up to protect and defend the role of the society, they need to become heroes, from the young time parents are anxious to teach him how to become a" real man ", so when he wants to go into the kitchen to help his mother, play flour, You usually get the answer to "go out and play, and then buy the newest Iron Man for you." on the other hand, the little girl's childhood often becomes a long term "Lady Nurturance class", more than football parents want her to sit on the piano, flat and like her brother to watch TV only she will be beaten thigh, she does not like to wear skirts so she suspected that she is gay, we hope she is always elegant, Docile, considerate, living in a safe society to look forward to. (Recommended reading: pants, dress, and sex school education )

"Dual-sex" people (meaning "rigid and soft") has a better life and interpersonal adaptability, but also a healthier personality traits. The "bisexual" person can behave in a different situation to fit the situation, and not limited to their own "biological sex role", also not limited by their innate "weakness", both within the Lord can be, both strong and gentle, can be in the future of complex and diverse life journey, easy. --Huang, (1999b). Dialectic of difference and equality--the basic concept of gender equality education is clarified. In: The gender-equality education teacher/Parent FAQ Manual (page 9-25). Taipei: Women's book culture.

Why do those traits only belong to the single same appearance? Maybe we should stop distributing the values of the world in children's eyes, why should your child be so "normal"? What is the "normal" standard in your eyes? With gender to divide everything, strange is the child, is the toy, or the label itself? Who wrote the rules of the game in the toy world?

Classification is not wrong, the wrong is that you think you can only belong to a category

Because there is "classification", let our world more rules of operation, let the life track towards a "right way." However, not everyone is an answer, we are accustomed to the "one-to-one" choice relationship: I want to be a social ideal person, have enough to be praised life, so I have to through their recognized characteristics to complete their own. So deeply rooted in the mind of the concept also often portrayed as no three-dimensional mood of the beautiful postcard, you in the life of the landscape Tim many beautiful colors, but forgot to write behind the back. write myself, I can be a fond of cooking a pretty boy, I can be a super love to play lol of dried fish girl, I can become myself. (Hey Dear: Gentle and resolute no sex, do your favorite yourself!) )

I'm not afraid to be different from the world, because we are truly different individuals. Another way of thinking, perhaps we will learn the subject is no longer "respect for differences", but "embrace the difference","respect" is always alienated, watching, a little more temperature, is a hug.

The temperature is that you put down yourself to listen to others and also let others touch you differently. Put down, is the first aside from all the labels you put to yourself, put down the identity you set for yourself, give up the absolute relationship under the right, give up the "critical" height.

Put these aside, you are really not afraid when you see yourself or others as different from the normal qualities. Not afraid, you should allow yourself to live the way you like, regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, whether you are strong or weak, whether you like to be a man, a woman, or even you do not want to be defined. The proposition of survival, you should write for yourself, but also let others writing the life of the individual context.

let the child understand his world, let the child have the ability and power to portray his own appearance. Amazon's "Go Sex" took a small step, it may be like the small step of Armstrong's entry into the moon, and we still have many unknowns and prejudices about the universe, but Ah, when we perceive the uneven surface of the moon, see the differences in gender issues, and are willing to take a step forward, our next generation, next generation, is also more likely to approach the ideal of equality a little. I imagined that one day, the boy can be relieved to tears, the girl can feel at ease to be their hero, blue and pink no longer quarrel, toys , also finally got the freedom. (Would you like to: fight and marry?) Boys and girls should not have only one choice in life.

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