Red velvet, talk about entrepreneurship this road, talk about women's work and family between the choice and balance, from listening to start, to pursue the dream knot, look forward to meeting you.

Following the warm opening of the red Velvet Taipei, the red velvet get-together of entrepreneurial girls will relay in Kaohsiung. We already know, "Master self Stroke, precious own me time" and "do not want to balance, please elegant imbalance go on", but, entrepreneurial road strange, family running-in twists and turns. Perhaps we cannot be fortunate enough to have all the support and blessings, but what we can do is to bring joy and achievement back to home.

"Red Velvet" We are a group of students looking for hope in stone seam, enthusiasm, unrestrained, we will never give up the cause and family win any possibility, in the exhaustion of all the efforts of the cause of the other side, we need a greater spiritual storage, back to love our family, let us listen to, Kaohsiung entrepreneurial girls, How to solve the contradiction between entrepreneurship and family, and create a lasting understanding of family and career.

In the entrepreneurial team, women, as business leaders, must be open, good speech, rational decision-making, and pay attention to the interaction between employees, and in the eyes of the family, the entrepreneurial women must properly settle their own, considerate partner, care for the young and old, and put down their boss posture, to carry the responsibility of caring for the family. Break through the past passive "yin Wife", "Xiaoxifu" role, entrepreneurial women know well, the entrepreneurial halo, often not to remove makeup, back home, facing the exhaustion of domestic chores, and this share helpless, more need behind the ability and love to repair, support. (Recommended reading: The most true story of female entrepreneurship!) The social enterprise flows the forest to culvert )

Entrepreneurial women talk about housework, talk about courage, strength and security

For their own family, women are willing to two, for this life to ignite a more brilliant career sparks. As an operating leader, busy let women calm, rushing also let her not spend too much time to maintain mood thoughts, setbacks, more should not be sorry for the excuses, and the courage to act again, often because of the cause of the development of events, and have to act as a motive. When the environment is full of entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial atmosphere, women entrepreneurs can easily ignore their innate, unique soft appearance, and the strength of this breed at home.

This flexible path is the most secure and reliable safety valve that supports her every time she is involved in the brink of adventure.

Find yourself, create yourself. Entrepreneurial girl, where are you? Let us encourage each other, with entrepreneurial bearing, the coordination of career and family weight! (Recommended reading : Girls started the company more profit!) To see 5 women entrepreneurs in the tech circle.

Different from the complaints of the sentimental, we flexible said, comfortable to listen to the emotional control of the framework, not to hide the joys and sorrows of entrepreneurial life, through the narration, sharing, encouragement, learning, cooperation. We know that the greater the catharsis, the stronger the resonance, the more cherish, the greater confidence. Entrepreneurial girl red Velvet get-together again to Hong Kong are base, let surging entrepreneurial power, closer home outside the distance, polish your My heart. Embrace listening and reason, let the expression negative negative positive!

The Red Velvet Party will invite experts from all fields and women entrepreneurs, sharing their own entrepreneurial process and family life experience, through listening and interaction, we hope that every woman in the entrepreneurial road encountered contradictions and difficulties, can be rescued, each other to encourage each other's "spiritual mentor." (same field Gayon: see who your Life mentor is)

Event-sharing person

Nu Duan Chairman of the fine Culture group

Author distribution, image authority, potential development, for "she Media" "QQ Good luck talent pool" and "Nu Duan International Image Etiquette Institute" founder of the director. Over the years for the international leading fashion Life magazine, newspaper media and important social network columnist. Multi-country living culture background, good at integration of personal style and professional communication, talk about gender workplace, parent-child relationship and personality potential topics, become a TV program and broadcast a popular life Spirit number mentor.

Schifan Chairman Hurley Co., ltd

Has more than 10 years department stores administration, store management, international brand management experience, products including cosmetics, clothing, leather goods, jewelry and so on, and cross the foot fashion jewelry international brand Agent management, self-created brand, international marketing management experience overseas. Rich lecturer with cover national Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Retail Management/lecturer and Practice University fashion management/lecturer. And as the Executive Yuan of the Ministry of Economy and Small Business enterprise Consulting consultants, the Executive Yuan, the Commission in Chang Chang, Yun Ka Southern District, the Multi-Employment Programme Advisory Committee, the Executive Yuan Green Auxiliary Enterprise guidance consultant and lecturer. He is also a consultant and lecturer of China Youth Entrepreneurship Association.