Rise from Spain, established in 1975, but now 36 years, the best-known clothing brand Zara is now expanding into 74 countries around the world, with a total of more than 1,000 outlets, and this figure is still growing up.In the past, when Taiwan wanted to buy Zara's clothing, it had to ask friends to buy or go online to buy it. But this year it was different, Zara is coming.

Fast fashion creators

Zara's rise is so fast that he has created the fashion trend of "fast fashion."

Zara claims that it takes only two weeks to design a new product and set up a shelf and release more than 10,000 new clothes each year, much higher than the fashion industry's single brand production rate in the past.Even the fashion master of the world's famous fashion brand LV (Louis Vuitton), Daniel Piette, has called Zara the world's most innovative and most terrifying retailer .

Design to Sale Colour

In the past, the manufacturing of past garments was designed by the designers and delivered to the manufacturing plant, followed by the sales outlets, where the three types of work occur, but the parent company of Zara, Inditex Group can complete a complete set of processes in a very short period of time, followed by a new wave of new models.Because of Zara's customer service, design and design, the design and design of the "customer demand" of the global branch office will be followed by a cost assessment and screening design. The customer service and the design department will then decide which one will be able to complete the production and distribute it to the world's outlets within three days.

poor children become world's seventh

Inditex Group Mr. Amancio Ortega Gaona, the owner of the company, started climbing from a poor child in a small fishing village in Spain to the seventh place in the 2011 global billionaire rankings, for which he was called the Wang Yongqing of .

His childhood was too poor to feed his mother to buy food; his youth was more than happy to be a wealthy family, and in the business week of 1248 he wrote: "The rich people at that time care about their money, and they're not really big money, but they make them a high man.""This growth experience allows Ortega to prove himself by working unabauny," with a force pushing me, motivator me, not for money. …" "

Perhaps you don't necessarily agree with Zara's fashion industry, but you can't deny that the founder, Amancia Ortega Gaona, has earned the world a day in the world, and share his words here: "The crisis is scaring people, and you can't control them. Only fear will bind you."I absolutely believe that all of us came to this world to accomplish a mission, and no one was in the world because of a coincidence."

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