"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so.

My back to you stroking the morning tide of Doom
Dream can't afford time to wash
The island is transformed into quicksand
Hundreds of millions of empty and injure city
Garrison's soldiers turned south.
The Southern forest is dark and dense.
A gun can only capture the bottom of a living animal.
The Flash of Loneliness

Finally you find the rope that's trapped me
Cracked and motionless.
Line through mist through dreams and forests
Carefully handstand the hourglass in the tiny castle
Blowing up the tropical monsoon of the June sleep
I knock on the fetal movement
To Desire eternal flowers.

--Excerpt to He Junmu, 〈dear s〉, Phantom limb

the day that meets you, is eternal. Love a moment, is the most beautiful moment of life

〉〉 in the name of poetry The universe of Love: The Story of Hawking, let love condense in enthusiasts moment

I like your lips.
Like a little fish in the water
I like your hands.
Cover your face, like a glass shell
Like sand
Your scent, the white bell flower
I like the wind to turn around as if the fins flow ...

I like the island.
You're on the island.
You're in the wind.

"You are the light that wears my pupil"

〉〉 in the name of poetry this summer, Love is hot

Image source: Bree Hurst

I kind of like my house.
Like to stay in a room full of electronic signals.

Feel warm, moist, and free to stretch
Like a bowl of noodles on the table that just flushed.

We release the mouse and follow the hunt.
"Just send ane-mail, after six people forwarding
You can find a stranger on Earth. 」

And I'm looking for more than a stranger
My face is the book I want to write

Expecting someone to see through yesterday's expression
Breaking the waves on a puff-and-wave waterway
Waiting for a lifetime maybe a collision
Skilled driving keyboard
Sailing on a foggy surface of the sea of liquid crystals
A flashing light, like a false bait.
To expect to be mistaken or identified.
Wrestling in a conversation all night long
Finally screeching disconnected
Insomnia in the regularity of the motherboard fan
Keep on turning and watch the sun rise slowly
Look at the elongated, deformed figure on the wall.
Stranded again in every brighter morning

--Cai Wen, my nerd night.

This otaku poem has the curtilage flavour, "I am looking for not only the Stranger", the network temperature is always the bipolar, may in this you also have the warm place.

〉〉 in the name of poetry Love in the Clouds

Image source: Angela Lopez

If you're serious, you lose.
Why do you have to be serious about losing?
If I don't know the blue of the sky
Why don't you draw some crows to fly
After all these years of gnashing of teeth,
When it's all chewed up, it's healing.
Anyway, I love it with my teeth,
Life can also be like a camel.

--10 blue, where life can be like a camel.

dear, rather than regret, regret, let loose hands, touch the soft wind, head up , looking at the blue sky. Everything is fine.

〉〉 in the name of poetry It's not him you should really put down.

Image source: Claire

Every day that you are not happy is not yours.
You just wasted it. No matter how you live
As long as you are not happy, you have not lived.

The setting sun in the pond, if enough to make you happy:
Love, alcohol, or laughter.
is insignificant.

The happy man, is he from the tiny things
To learn to be happy, he could not refuse to
This gift of every day!

Fernando Pezoa, "Every day you're not happy is not yours."

〉〉 Happiness in the name of poetry is easy

Image source: Hope Lennox