" " " " " " " activity, and the Taipei City Hotels Business Association specifically " Cenkuo Hundred Years, 100 surprises " activities.

This activity begins the download of the Taipei Hotel Intelligence app on 1 July, and the Taipei Hotel Intelligence app is a great place to travel on the Taipei Hotel, and the -year celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Confucius on October 7 is a series of great scenes!

hundreds of people

Foreigners are also coming!

Hotel Northern Monuments in 100 Years, Baidu, Baidu in 100

is a month ” hotel, and a tour of the North Monuments ” Hotel, where he is staying at the Hotel and the Taipei Historic Site (where public works are built) and returning the event to the hotel.A public lucky draw will be announced on November 25, with the first prize being the iPad (Black, 16GB), and the ” Dry Gourd ”, a limited number of "limited travel baggage" awards.

Association's First Female Chairman Chiu Lok Fen

first woman and the youngest director of the Taipei Hotel Business Association, the first woman, is changing the traditional image of the association and giving the association a new and new weather.Director General Kew will not invite Nalakuvara brand Narakuvara (Nacha) , Emerging Designers City, and The New Artist of the New Artist, Wang IX , to interact with each other in visual and merchandise, and collide with the sparks of a single tree.

Nalakuvara (Nacha Nacha) is led by Chief Executive Liao Hsueh-ching and Creative Director Chen Kuo-hua to jointly create a unique Nalakuvara kingdom with strong Chinese cultural visual effects and a strong Chinese character and innovative cultural vision. The Nalakuvara team boldly uses oriental elements, combining the various current events that occur around life, and the multivariate humor and gardening, which is the nature of the creative design of Nalakuvara!From the Chinese perspective, it is a popular street culture that infuses culture, life experience into the streets, and the deep roots of the East and West. It is hoped that Nalakuvara will try to bring down the unsettled soul of each and every one of them, and bring back the hearts of the people.

In addition, two representative emerging designers City Terrave and the new artist Wang Gus , the emerging designer of the art community, respectively plan the surrounding goods and overall vision; and “ live in hotels, "and create new and emerging fashion elements for the development of the" Grand Historic Monuments ”.In the lucky draw for the lucky draw, the ” designer, the "Gouri", was designed with a limited travel suitcase ” a limited number of baggage cards, full of Chinese and Western merging and a new aesthetic style of "safe meaning" and "cultural".In the design of the relevant literature, the new artist, Jeff Wang, has grown up in New York and has been a symbol of Chinese history as a background color and a Pupppu line of .To create a new look of the past, the Taipei Hotel & Business Association is about to begin a "hotel-to-hotel North Historic Site."

"The Unfinished Tour of Taiwan" wants to highlight the pleasures and pleasures of the historic sites and scenic spots in Taipei, and feel the charm and atmosphere that is unique to the city.

More detailed information about more detail is available at the official website of the Northern City Hotels Business Association.