One famous brand is thousands of yuan, and the small pocket is a few thousand. Even the price of the basic LOGO is only up and down. It is really not easy to have a product with all famous brand names, and it is really not easy for the small citizens with limited salaries.A Japanese living goods Internet store has launched a series of "OK tension" with famous brand LOGO, so that anyone can easily loosen up to six brand name brands at a time!

The wound is protected with "LV", and it is also an alternative luxury.

Manufacturers are not only producing the LV base, but also the LV color LOGO, which is really sweet!

The external dual C

The classic design of the "GUCCI" appears to be a muted look.

It is different from the usual "OK" to be ashamed of the people, and this series of products believe that many people who need it will fall in love with the feeling of being tense!