US advertising PR Karsh\Hagan launches a book called "Social Animals" to their customers, this Social Animals Use the icons and related statistics that appear on a large number of social sites to be easily read and accepted into this guide, placing them in this guide, expecting customers to have more knowledge of the community's website after seeing this picture and a short, short guide to the community!

This is a description of what Social Media is and how it affects it.

This side explains what social users will be hated!

The rights and obligations of the network speak, and everyone should understand.

This side is starting to introduce Twitter , which doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, the amplified typeface must know: " Twitter is a lyrical and listening area with more than 200 million users on it, and more than 200 million tweets per day.

This is a blog (Blog), which says: " A person who writes a blog who needs a channel to express his opinion, 40 % of the people in the United States will watch the blog, and 65 % of the people watch the blog for consultation."

This is about" sharing ", with at least 500 million people using facebook more than once a month.

Finally, this page should be Karsh\Hagan , the company that shouts their customers.

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