Women are obsessed with each and every different trait, understanding every kind of deep emotion, and are more willing to embrace each one who needs hugs.

Women have been fascinated for four years, and this year we have made two big steps: to build our own and our readers ' " Women's Paradise " and to host the first large-scale physical activity on the scale of nearly thousands of people. At the end of the 5/23 event, we were most impressed by the many participants who told us how the woman fan touched him in this activity, and also to our memory, the participants said that after the event, she was more specific and confident with the people around her to recommend women fans, because women are obsessed with each of the different characteristics, Understand each kind of deep emotion, is more willing to hug each person who needs to hug. (Recommended to you:525 I love my free section straight hit )

This activity allows us to recall the most common problem in the early days of creation: "Why do women fans?" Why does this society need women's obsession? "We cannot feed you at your hour of hunger, nor do we offer drinks at the moment of your thirst, but we want to bring our own spiritual sustenance for each and every one of us, and we believe that when we are strong, our strength comes." This goal lets us write down this in the website this kind of deputy mark: Woman is obsessed with the feminine force media of the heart.

All the way to our greatest learning is: there is no real perfect person and thing.

So for women fans, every different opinion is the motivation for us to be more progressive. At the same time in the internal communication we emphasize and practice more and more, not just listen to every criticism of the voice, but also to further think about the causes and can be a better way. This is the spirit of the woman who has always been: " we not only find the problem, but also actively find ways to solve the problem ." "This is what we firmly believe, so that the world can be a better attitude." We want to spend a week after 5/23 activities and share with you the core values and ideas of women fans.

The first thing we want to say is: What is a woman fan (womany)? - Multi-yuan, is all we start.

Womany's name comes from: Women are many, and you are the only. Women themselves are plural, this is a woman fascinated by the heart, but also the woman fans always adhere to the value principle.

We then because of an afternoon tea, to discuss the nameless sister wall created by the stereotyped "sister" image of the female image of oppression, and create a woman fan all the starting point, so all the starting point, we hope that we can do is "diversity."

What is diversity?

Is that we recognize the world, and all women should not be judged by one standard, and all women are absolutely able to embrace their different faces.

Like fashion, does not represent kitsch, do not like fashion, does not mean that he is outdated. It doesn't mean that he only cares about the shape of the body if he likes to keep fit. Like to work like a sense of accomplishment, does not mean that he can not enjoy life to pursue love. So while we're talking about fat girls having confidence, we don't reject articles that offer a different perspective on fitness or posture, because the purpose of a woman's obsession is to provide "multiple" options that offer "multiple" life possibilities.

So from the beginning of the day, we find a variety of different angle background, different national culture of the author to broaden our horizons. From history, Economy, politics, fashion, film, literature and so on to find out how women have been constructed, through different characters interviews, to dig everyone has their own story and method, and to provide a different way, so that readers have more angles, can be in a variety of macroscopic or microscopic way to understand themselves, Re-find what you believe you need.

The girls in Taipei are different from the girls in Suzhou. The girls in Taiwan are different from the girls in Hong Kong. A 18-year-old girl needs to be different from a 35-year-old girl. The girl who rolls in the workplace, with the mummy girl at home, needs absolutely different.

Why limit yourself to women's imagination? Like to go to fitness, is to become a male staring at the passive object. Why to limit the possibility of feminism, mistakenly believe that only radical creation of the two-yuan confrontation, is the true feminist. Why should we think that women are in absolute agreement? Postmodern feminism embraces a variety of sounds, possibilities, and attempts to inspire more possibilities.

So, what women fans want to do is "diversity." We do not provide "correct answer", the world can not be absolutely politically correct, we provide options with different corners, and different you can build their own to build, to achieve their desired.

The second thing that a woman fan wants to do is to be true-what we do, what we feel.

The truth is that what we are saying is what we are actually experiencing. We do not advocate an elite system, we do not shape idols, we do not label ourselves as feminism, we like to speak of "gender", using gender as a way of thinking and understanding, we do not shape discourse, we want to explore is you and me and her and him, human itself will have the contradictions, struggles, doubts, fears, What we are doing is ourselves.

So this oneself, it will be multi-angle, multilayer speculative.

So the content of female fans is full of various time flow, a variety of different views of the discussion of the intersection, all kinds of dialectical with each other to share.

Before a reporter directly asked the female fans of the co-founder Shuan, afraid of their 30-year-old or single this matter? If she said she had never been afraid, it was a lie, but because she found the fear, she decided to face the fear, and then to discover and understand that the fear came from a society that had been physically appealing to women for a long time, finally trying to find her own answers and ways of living. If just tell you--girl you Don't be afraid. This thing is called illusory.

We admit our cowardice, we admit ourselves to limitations, and then we try to find ways to face it. So we have a sexual assault case, did "Write your Pain" activity page, we found that a lot of girls have been very sad things, but because of sharing, because of communication, because the truth, people began to feel that I am not alone, I may be able to walk.

is a girl afraid to be sad will be timid will hurt, on behalf of her not brave she does not have the spirit of feminism? This world is not so simple, people, is not so simple. What women fans want to do is not just dogmatism: Because you are an independent, strong girl, so you should be like this or that. We have to say that we are exactly like you, we will be afraid, so we have to learn to be brave, learn to accept, learn to understand, learn gentleness, learn to face, learn to challenge, learn to change.

We do not provide dogma, we only want to communicate true sharing truly. Then we can try to be brave for 20 seconds and then find out that the world may not be the same as what was originally feared.

The third, we want to say is that we really do not mouth cannon.

Criticism is easy, absolutely easy, and definitely easier and easier than you think. But it's hard to find a real solution. We are still thinking about how to make ourselves a better way, and we also feel that there may be no "perfect" solution to the world. We can only constantly try to approach, we want to pass the appearance, can only constantly try to learn from the failure of one time how better.

There is no one doctrine that can explain everything, postmodern feminism also has its own unresolved problems, like capitalism or socialism or communism always has its own blind spots and limitations. So we can only continue to try, such as our pioneering channels, our political channels, we open up the channel of mummy, our biggest problem is that we really want to solve all the problems, so maybe some things can not be too deep, some content frequency can not be updated every day. So we are also trying to create different solutions, such as solving the female body's subjectivity through blushing, such as creating more empower courses through the creation of physical space.

We don't want to stop on the long Dark Road, complaining about how black and how dirty the road is.
We are on a long dark road, and constantly try various ways to advance.
Every author, every reader, every encouragement, every share, every discussion, good or bad, is our light.

And you know, as long as there is a little light, you can keep people moving forward.
We, will continue to move forward. No matter how black and how dirty, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Thank you, all the light.

A little light is enough to keep us moving forward constantly and continuously.