The author fantine that long Distance love, let two people return to "love" the original intention: "I love you, because you are you." "Distance instead let love, not self-evident."

Every time I think of you, the sky is falling a grain of sand, from which the Sahara is formed.
Every time I think of you, the sky falls a drop of water, and then formed the Pacific Ocean.

Before seeing Sanmao this paragraph of text, always feel excessively exaggerated the thickness of miss. But when across seven time zones, separation of the day of the year, to know those densely arranged in the heart, may be missing.

"I am not a person on the island, in fact, I am an island." "I do not know loneliness, because I am lonely." I always could not imagine that there is another person's weight in my life, too accustomed to alone by the sea after the days, always thought to have seen the scenery of the island, any sailor will be a destructive type of interruption.

But you just barged in, broke into my little island, and walked with so gentle a step, occasionally also bring a bit afraid to disturb my hesitation, and then before I have not noticed, you so gently embraced me from behind, and I was so reluctant to expel you, I want to see the world you also look at the same, Also put into the island, finally I understand: "Miss, the original can converge into the ocean, can fall into the desert." 」

You always like to pinch my face and say: "Why so difficult." "But you know better than anyone I look gentle, but live self-willed." You know better than anyone that I am a spoiled brat, but I am afraid of not being independent before intimacy. You understand me better than anyone else, but I am willing to do more to stay for love. You can practice more than anyone: "I love you, you are free." 」

Then I learned that love is not a shortage of freedom, but it is self-evident.

I didn't get to see you off at the airport the day you went on a long journey. But you have been everywhere since then, and my life has been filled with traces of you. You are the place, you are the scent, you are the time, you are the fragment of all kinds of people. I secretly put each of our rare video content, in the only way I can read the calendar, and then carry with me, I have always wanted to believe what people, which makes me a kind of inexplicable peace of mind, inside the crooked handwriting, are each of our smiles and tears of exchange.

We do not have eternal commitment, no rules, no loyalty, the days can not meet, we are still complete two people, not to fill each other's lonely gap and exist, but only you in the place, is the most I want to go to the other side. In the days of the Deep mountains in the creek, I know a group of new friends, live almost no network days, the daily thread of the habit are all broken, but I live in strange places strange life at the same time, you will always laugh smiling into a line of eyes, or will inadvertently appear Liang.

I realized since then I was no longer just the little prince of the Pride Rose, is also domesticated fox. "I" became "us", can't think how to return to the original position, I used to think that the distance and time difference will let you and I have to go back, and this missed, but you from when, like a part of my soul, where I go, will unconsciously carry you.

The boy's hand can master all kinds of sports, and the girl's fingertips are only paranoid about words. The boy was yelling at the ball game when the girl ran to the museum to see the exhibition. The boy's textbook is dotted with symbols, and girls learn different theories about the world. From the outside, we are two people who are so dissimilar. You to me, never can not extricate oneself of infatuation, only gradually warmed after the like.

But after the senseless imagination of love, there is nothing more real than "you" to see. In front of you, I always can be honest tears, because you never blame my choice, hard to pull me forward, but walked behind me, for me to remove the baggage, then I saw "love" so vague rhetoric, since this has the meaning of writing.

That day, you said to me: "We have barely seen each other this year, really like netizens." "This is a year of meeting across the screen, not feeling the temperature of the hug, maybe we have to forget the day, but we can still make the present become eternal." In this unpredictable time, can not be as wayward as before to see you, but I always take the picture at heart, just as I was in a bad mood, you from the other end of the network came a Sheeran Ed photograph , Also use awkward way to me to check the lyrics, see the lyrics of the moment, my smile can not stop spread in the face:

So can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
You can put me in your heart's pocket
Holdin ' Me Closer
You can hold on to my heart
Til Our eyes meet
Even if I'm not around you
You won ' t ever be alone
And you won't feel lonely
And if you hurt me
If one day your words hurt me
Okay that's OK baby only words bleed
It doesn't matter, I don't care.
Inside these pages for you just hold Me
The memory only you hold me tight
and I won ' t ever let's go
And I'm never going to let it go
Wait for me to come home
Wait a second, I'm not far from home.

Because of the power of memory, I put love into the heart of the pocket, not self-evident.