Do you believe it?At the age of the first year of primary school in Taiwan, in faraway places, girls of those ages are already studying how to engage in sex.

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5/21, the international news The World Post reported that in Mozambique and Zambia in Africa, there was a tradition of girls growing up to the age of seven to eight, and that they had to go to a concentration camp to "study sex."The main thrust of the camp was to teach girls how to please men at bedtime and prepare to get married in the future, because it was the age of the girls who were married to them.You didn't hear it wrong. It was that Taiwanese child who was about to be promoted to the first year of primary school.

Some mothers in Mozambique force their daughters to sleep with men, believing that it will make the menstrual period of girls faster and the ability to support sexual behavior, " said Persilia Muianga, World Vision International, a World Vision International."

This concentration camp believes that after the girls go out, they can begin to prepare for engagement, marriage ceremony, and sex.In Africa, Mozambique, and Zambia, girls are eight years old, and 12-year-olds are very normal.The child protection expert, Muianga, explains: " These girls are forced to engage in sexual behavior between 8 and 12 years of age and have not grown into a mature body, which is a great danger to them and an increase in the rate of death in the course of delivery.How do you imagine a skeleton, a sexual organ that has not yet been fully developed, and suffering from the pain of that invasion and production?The unbearable difference is not only drastic changes in the body, but also the weight of a young child who has to bear the weight of another life, a strange family.

8-year-old mother who was forced to grow

Although "child marriage" is illegal in these areas, it is not possible to improve the situation.The reasons include the fact that in marginal rural areas, girls are trafficked for the purpose of being trafficked, and that these girls have no right to education and a more negative "exchange of benefits", married to another family, a child, a wife, and a life that an eight-year-old girl must face. How do you define child marriage?According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) of international law, governments have committed themselves and recognized that legal guarantees of age over 18 are capable of adult behavior." Child marriage," these seven-eight-year-old brides who have been deprived of just their childhood, education, life, and even more human rights.

The higher rates of child marriage are South Asia (­ 46 %), Sub-Saharan Africa (37 %), Latin America and the Caribbean (29 %).The civil society, Girls Not Brides , statistics that 30 % of the world's brides are under the age of 18, and that become " enslaved in family relationships, lack of independent economic capacity, lack of education, basic security, and lack of access to education, basic security, and family violence.(Recommended reading: "Sexual violence is not a woman's issue, but a human rights issue" < Vagina, the only feminist Ev excerpent at the lecture-book )

Afghanistan, Faiz 40, and Ghulam, 11 years old.

India is the most child marriage country

In India, the 8-year-old May and the 13-year-old Kishore are married.

A child with a child.

14-year-old mother, who takes care of a 2-year-old baby and a newly-born baby shower.

In Nepal, child marriage is the norm.The 16-year-old Surita was screaming at her husband's home.

Don't get poor, decide their life.

For those in those regions, child marriage is the only way to protect children, "she said." My daughter is 16 years old, she loves school, she's a gifted class student, and I know she dreams of being an architect."But here, men have no scruples to hurt women — — elderly women, single women, and everyone.She said she didn't want to get married, she wanted to study.But the only way I can protect her is to get her married and go to a better family.( Original text )

Pushing a young daughter into someone else's hands is the only way she can protect her daughter, because so, there will be no passers-by to violate a married child, and she can live on a non-leak-free roof. They can only use a cup of water to remedy the lack of living in the present, but they have created a negative cycle of poverty. In such marriages, not only poverty, but also poverty, poverty, poverty, and poverty are the norm, and deep-rooted missionaries make them the "function" of the family, the loss of human rights and the independent economy, more violence, and the absence of a channel of access to violence.The family is no longer a harbor, and is no longer connected to the love of a girl. It is more like a cage for a girl's life.They have never decided on what kind of person they dream of, their lives, their culture, and their poverty, and they have long been the masters of their .(Sibling: "Leave a brothel, we have no real life in Bangladesh sex workers" )

A world phenomenon of child marriage and a lot of girls are suffering and we try to hear their voices:

" I have not been happy. I married my 17-year-old husband at the age of 12, and I left a lot of blood and almost died in childbirth.After the birth, I continued to work at home.Even if she had been subjected to violence by her husband, I would not dare to call the police, because even if he was separated from him, I would not have a home to go back.— — Malawi's Chimwemwe ( original )

" I miss it so much that I miss the way I've gone to school for an hour.Later I was kidnapped by three men on that road, and they gave my brother a sum of money, and I would never go back to that road.If I had a choice when I was 12 years old, I wouldn't marry, I would try to be a teacher, even though a girl with a high degree of education here would be excluded, and that would make me impossible to marry." — — Vietnam child marriage girl ( original )

Swipe out the tears of the third world

These are frustrating, not unsolved, looking beyond the sadness of the Third World, each of which is actionable, and the International Vision will continue to advocate for a child protection system, promote the establishment of child organizations or parliaments, allow children to recognize their rights, and discuss their problems (such as child marriage) and solutions.As a result, girls in many lagged regions have been able to learn to protect themselves, and some have worked to build their own independent economy with the help of international awareness associations or civil society organizations, which are not their intended participation. By caring delivery, understanding and action from international organizations, civil forces to individuals, we can help them get closer to happiness, make them not just whisper in small rooms, but also try to talk to the world.

By assisting organizations working for these children with help: World Vision , Free the Children , Girls Not Brides organizations continue to help children with lack of medical resources and child marriage and provide schooling for school-age girls. In addition to the funds that are essential to the organization, we share relevant information with people around us to bring up the shadow of child marriage to the world, or to participate in the Child Assistance Scheme, in the country where child marriage is prevalent, and to support a girl.Through the Child Assistance Program, girls are helped in nutrition, education, and health, and no longer fall prey to the functioning of the family.

Many girls have been helped by the organization, and they are not necessarily ruled by their parents or religion, and we can also be able to move away from the gender equality movement. We don't have enough wealth to turn poverty, but the price of concern is the first step in change. Give them back the world's discrimination or power to girls, as it is understood that there is such cries in every moment of the world, so we have to look more directly at those suffering, , and delivery of information so that everyone can reach out to relevant information and bring the value of speech to the subject of greater need for communication.

" I am eight years old and I have a child.The cruelty of this phrase is that they have been persuaded to believe in the world's sadness, when they have not yet understood the world. She doesn't even understand that she is "love," and she has to learn to love a child.What she misses most of her life is the hug she gave away when she was a child. Besides, she never had a chance to be taken care of. Her dream, smile, childhood, innocence of her friend on the way home, doze off in a corner of the classroom, Give her the world.(Recommended reading: Malala, 17-year-old girl who was shot dead, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: "Kill me, make me stronger" )

Start thinking, help them .

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