The Snake Devil Medusa uses every love girl's hearts and controls them ...

The Wonder Woman has vowed to defeat all the beautiful enemies. What should she do?

The Superman pulls out all the magic (lipstick, pink, leisure fluid), so that the Snake Women cannot be recruited and they can only be obedient!

This spring, M.A.C. came back from the 1970s and rediscovered the Wonder Woman to help women to fight the horrendous enemy of the enemy-Medusa, Medusa!

Let's first look back at the role of the superwoman.

The Superman comes from a legendary princess who is only a woman and is good at fighting, and is named Diana.She was sent back to a modern city by a US Air Force personnel who had been found and treated by Princess Diana's (superwoman superman). She wore clothes that symbolized the American flag, and she was then used to fight crime in the United States, and her most famous weapon was the string of words that made the truth speak of truth and the bracelet that was not fit to be.

M.A.C. The "Wonder Woman collection" series is the latest in a series of classic cartoon women, following the 2010 Disneyland series, the 2010 Barbie series, and the 2009 Kitty Cat (Hello Kitty) series, and this time M.A.C. has called the classic Cartoon Woner Woman, and adapted to the first wave of the spring of 2011.This series of items emphasize the hyperbole and saturated tones of American comic books, as well as the unrudred style of the caricature. The main color scheme is like superman's image: red, blue, and gold.The bright red color represents the charisma of superman, the charisma of superman, and the blue represents her perseverance, strength and uniqueness, and gold is the golden dazzis that she makes her enemies not able to resist!In addition to the Super Size design, all the items in the series have a size of one, and it seems that they want to make people feel the greater powers and the charm of the product.

Of course it's not just a shiny color scheme. In fact, the elements of the color cosmetics don't have bright powder. This is also the reason why the color of the colors can be better.(but if you have a brush on the ground)

Although this is not M.A.C. for the first time collaborating with cartans, but this time, you also hear that the consumer reaction woman line looks like a plastic toy?In addition to the refined packaging, it seems that the packaging colour of the product is different from that in the past. Even Barbie and Hello Kitty, which represented the color of the pink, have black background. This is a perfect use of Superman's logo, and wonder woman's logo. Is it really a little bit like a little girl's toy?In short, whether this series of joint families can still bring the sales boom to M.A.C., let us wait and see.

wonder woman family Hello Kitty family

The MAC Wonder Woman collection will be on sale in the United States on February 10, and the United States outside of the United States is currently available for March. If you can't wait, let's take a look at the following product line photos.

Red and blue systems of four colors

Superman should have shiny eyesight powder

Coarse eye pen, and enlarged reference nail polish

Mascara with the same color as comic strip

blush pancake with a blush face; shaded pancake for cheeks

How can a woman superman not be full of metal luster and saturated lipstick and nectar?

Even the brushes are ready to help you. It seems that the tools to fight the beautiful enemy are all fully equipped!

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