We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aries, lions, shooters, these three passionate fire signs, what about the June horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

You may need to rest and want to have a little trip on the weekends. Between June 5 ~ 7th! Mars will be in Gemini, an extremely perfect place, and Mars will be talking to Jupiter as a symbol of gift and luck. Mars is your Guardian star, so everything about Mars is very important to you. You may want to bring a journal or a manuscript you're working on, as well as a camera. You will be in a state of great curiosity and experimentation, so you will want to learn everything from your surroundings.

As for your career, the best day of the month is June 8, when the sun and Jupiter will work together, you will get a job for the United States, or get an artist and a big shot. You will reach a peak in your creativity-related things and your team will compliment your genius ideas.

Your Guardian Spark star and the sun will form a good angle with Uranus, and many exciting surprises will be unveiled. The second week of June will be beautiful, and you can easily show your deepest self and originality. Will you break free from the situation and start a business? All things are possible. Of course, if you're still working for someone else, your amazing opportunities will still be there.

When Saturn arrives in Scorpio between June 14 and September 17, it will also travel back to your fortune house, so you will have to pay special attention during that period to your finances with other people or entities, such as credit cards, taxes, investors, child support, and so on. Saturn will not be back until 2041, after leaving in September, so you'll be able to break the limits of Saturn after September. It will be much easier to keep your credit score at a high point (note: US credit card system).

If you are single and want to meet new targets, June 22 will be a great day for this year. Jupiter will form an ideal angle with the slow-moving Uranus, creating hope, fun, and celebration ceremonies. Jupiter is in your fifth house of True Love (The Children's Palace), and the very character of Uranus will be in the Aries, on behalf of you if you want to have the power to attract true love, there is only one way, that is to be yourself. (same field Gayon: do oneself the happiest, talk about a love that does not need to please others!) )

Never assume that you need to be more attractive by pretending to be cool. You have a good hand now, but you don't seem to know what's going on, so don't worry, you'll understand what I'm saying when the June 22 comes. Although this will be the peak on June 22, you will feel the emotional shock wave on June 20 ~ 21st this weekend, and Saturday will be very sweet for you.

Mars will enter cancer on June 24 ~8 months 8th, suggesting that you may need to buy something for your home in the next few weeks, or that you have to take special care of your family, and your expenses will increase. You may already be prepared for this, such as getting ready to pay for a child's summer camp, or the kitchen's new equipment, but if you don't have any similar plans, it's best not to buy valuables during this time, to avoid a sudden unexpected huge overhead.

You must pay special attention to the weekend of June 27 and 28th, when Venus encounters Uranus in the Aries, which will bring you a surprise and fate. You have the power of all the stars to help you find true love. If you already have the other half and want to have a child, this month is likely to fulfill your dream.

Finally, get ready for a job reward. July 1 Full Moon This day, all fame and even money, will lead you. This is a very picky full moon, so remember to go home and experience the moment of joy, the only full moon in the 2015 in your career palace.

A day of special attention to Aries:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: Full Moon in Scorpio. will give you a chance to travel long distances, but there may be a hindrance during the journey. Jupiter will help you, so don't give up trying. Find the right direction to drive, do not rely on GPs, and remember to reconfirm the reservation of the hotel and any itinerary.

* June 16: If you want to travel but it's hard to make a trip, the new moon will give you more travel opportunities, whether it's a private tour or a tolerance, you can enjoy the warm weather.

* June 5 ~6 month 18th: Venus will come to Leo, an ideal place for Venus to serve you. Start to improve your appearance and get into the social circle and play well!

* June 5 ~6 7th: Consider a small trip this weekend, as Mars is in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo will help you develop romantically.

* June 8: This day will be a very happy day for you, the Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo will work together to make creative ideas, meet a VIP, or have a romantic date. You can also rekindle love fire in existing relationships.

* June 9 ~6 10th: You may have an unexpected short trip, which is a lucky two days and a chance to meet romance.

* June 14 ~9 17th: Maintain your financial obligations and maintain your credit rating when Saturn crosses back into Scorpio.

* June 24 ~8 8th: Want to renovate your home, like a beautiful decorate or an orderly structure? When Mars moves through cancer, you will want to make these changes happen. If you need to move, you'll find a place you like. Remember to wait until June 11, when Mercury retrograde is over, to buy any higher-cost items.

* June 22: A wonderful day, full of surprises, there is a good chance that travel will happen. If you have to sign a contract, this day is very suitable, at the same time, this day is also a good time to create a romantic.

* June 27 ~6 28th: It's also a good day to have a little fun. Uranus in the Aries will be the perfect angle to the Leo Venus. Romantic bubbles float in the air!

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

A full moon appearing on June 2 will help you brew a sweet love life that will ferment four days before and after the full moon appears. You can use this opportunity to determine your relationship with the person you are dating or to readjust the progress of your new relationship if you feel that you are moving a little too fast.

Mars will be hedged with this Full moon, so be aware that you may be angry with a friend for criticizing your girlfriend. At the same time, Uranus, full of surprises, will present a good angle, so you have unexpected good news about love, children, or creative planning. It seems that a lot of things will happen at the same time.

June 8 will be your favorite day of the month, when your Guardian star Sun and Jupiter are perfectly angled. This day, your friend will make you very happy, perhaps because he changed the original itinerary for you, specially come to see you. It's also a good day to make your report or petition with VIPs. June 6, 7th this weekend is also very good, this is a few days of light shining, so if someone invites you to the party, it will be a fun activity, and all the participants, of course, including you, will be very happy.

June 5 ~7 month 18th Venus will enter the Leo, this is the first time this year. Your leadership and personal charisma will be greatly enhanced. You don't have to work too hard to be noticed, but of course it's absolutely wise to dress up and go out again. (See together: love the mirror of their own!) Who says dress is superficial )

Venus will begin retrograde at the end of July, so if you want a big makeover, remember to do it this month, because Venus protects you in Leo. Talk to your stylist and find the latest costumes for the season and choose New Cosmetics or perfumes. If you are planning a plastic surgery, start as soon as possible, and don't procrastinate, because you can't make a big change in your appearance when Venus is retrograde, just keep your daily habits.

Mercury continues to retrograde from May 18 until June 11. You may enjoy the process, and when Mercury is in your 11th house (interpersonal Palace), you'll get in touch with one or two of friends who haven't met for a long time. Mars is still in Gemini, keeping your interpersonal palace alive and vibrant, lighting up your social life, and you've had a lot of stress last month, so it would be worthwhile to sneak out of the office for some fun. Your social life will be richer after the advent of the new moon on June 16.

Long-distance travel opportunities will suddenly appear on June 10, 11th, 22nd or 29th, when the vibrant and friendly star-filled Uranus will send light to drive you to the airport. On academic career, international relations, foreign travel, publishing, broadcasting, Legal affairs and other matters will be very smooth. The glittering embellishment of these days will appear on June 22, a very lucky gift for 2015.

This will not happen again until December 2019, because it is the perfect angle for Jupiter and Uranus, two planets full of power but moving slowly. But by then the two planets will appear in different constellations and palaces, and this is a better place for you.

Finally, between June 14 and September 17, Jupiter will be retrograde to Scorpio, a position that has been occupied by Saturn for two years, but it has left in December 2014. Scorpio is in charge of your family house, and it looks like you've been focusing on your family for about two years. If you haven't found the answer to the question, the immediate problem may become more urgent and must be resolved as soon as possible. You may have done it in the last month, but if not, the end of October or November looks like a great opportunity to solve it. The good news is that Saturn will be out of your family house by September and will not be back until 2041. You're not going to miss it. People born at the end of Leo, the August 20 ~8 24th, will be particularly inspired by this trend.

A day for the Leo to pay special attention to:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: Full Moon, Your love life, birth plan, or a creative project, will be your center of gravity. Uranus will have a very good perspective, so the development of things will be very rapid and unpredictable. For example, you might discuss whether you live together or whether your house has enough room for future children. Neptune will confuse the facts, so remember to get to the bottom of the discussion and clarify the key points to avoid misunderstanding.

* June 5 ~7 18th: Good dress up, when Venus enters Leo, if you want to make a big makeover, this is an ideal opportunity this year.

* June 5: Suitable for party night! It's going to be a lot of fun.

* July 25 ~9 6th: Your career will be a little bit off because Venus is retrograde. Focus on what is already in front of you and don't rush to open the territory.

* June 8 ~6 Month 10th: a lot of surprises. Friends and parties will play an important role in your social life.

* June 16: More interesting things about friends will happen, the New moon appears, and the Sun, Crescent, Mars, Mercury will work together, in the next two weeks to let you keep up with the heat, you will hear a lot of news about friends.

* June 10: A surprise trip will take place, the day Uranus and the sun talk.

* September 17, 2015 ~2017 December 20: Saturn will return to Sagittarius and may bring family-related problems back into your life if you still have to be involved in this long, persistent dilemma. Before November, it seems that you will have a family-related decision and feel more stable.

* June 29: Venus in Leo, with Uranus in Aries 60 degrees, you can feel the light on June 27, 28th this weekend. These days there will be surprise responses, great pleasures, and perhaps even a surprise journey.

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

The full moon in Sagittarius, June 2, will give you the momentum to look at the state of your past five months, your progress, and what you have learned during this period. Saturn is leaving the Sagittarius but will only be away for 13 weeks. This will temporarily remove the heavy burden on your shoulders and give you a chance to breathe well. You can think about every decision you have made over the past five months, and the progress and results of those events. If you want, you can adjust those things, because you will now have the opportunity to see the big picture.

As you move forward after September 17, Saturn will return to your constellation and remain undisturbed for two years, and you will be able to use Saturn's energies more effectively.

June 2, the full moon is in Sagittarius, so what is important to you is developing to a peak. Take good care of your health, because you will be very busy. Neptune creates fog, and mercury continues to retrograde, not making big or swift decisions. You may not see the whole picture until the full moon is over. (See together: How to drink the healthiest?) Teach you to make a muscle detoxification of lemon water )

Neptune will be retrograde from June 12 to November 15, during which time you may change your decisions about the family. There may be a strategy in your mind that you think will deviate from your goal, but don't lose heart, because over time you can think about the process of these things and then make improvements and corrections. You may have a new plan, and it can be implemented by the end of August, but it may be more successful when the March 8, 2016 eclipse occurs. These days will enable you to get the family status you want.

In the June, your main focus will be on a serious, committed partnership, as many planets are in the west of the palace bitmap. Show your spirit of cooperation, do not easily send your partner's worries and concerns, your relationship (whether private or working) will be smooth and smooth.

Mars will enter your fortune house from June 24 to August 8, so you may discuss your financial distribution with your partner, which is a good time to settle in.

Mercury continues in retrograde, starting May 18, until June 11. Mercury is retrograde and will encourage you to look back, and you will want to re-examine previous relationships, even recent relationships. You seem to be opening up a personal or working relationship, and it's clear that both sides have a serious commitment. Think about how to make your combination glow, June 16, two weeks after the advent of the new moon, it will be a great opportunity for you to shape your relationship.

The June romance will be very strong. June 5 ~7 18th, Venus will enter your fire constellation good friend-Leo, a very good place for Sagittarius to entertain Venus well. You may travel with your partner, or find interesting activities in your city to make the relationship more warm. Circle the June 8, 9th and 10th! These three days are a romantic day and a great three days for you. June 22, your Guardian star-Jupiter receives the light from Uranus (full of surprises). June 29 is also a good day when Venus and Uranus are talking. This month is a month full of electricity, you will be stoned!

A day for Sagittarius to pay special attention to:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: The Full moon appears in Sagittarius, and the important things will reach their peak. Neptune will be strong, so things can be confusing and misleading. Do not make the decision at this time, Jupiter will help you, so you can come to a long-distance trip, how far is good.

* June 5 ~7 18th: Venus will come to your fire like a good friend-Leo, so your attraction will be greatly increased, it is a good time to socialize.

* June 8, 9th, 10th: Love Shines in the sky. Business is also good, you will have enough money to renovate your home or help your family.

* June 12 ~11 18th: Neptune will be retrograde, so plans for a home are likely to change.

* Saturn is leaving Sagittarius, this guy has been here since last December. Its departure will help you temporarily unload your shoulders and give you a little breathing space. When it comes back that day, it will stay until December 2017, when you will enter a very important stage and have to do important things about your life.

* June 16: The advent of New moon will give you a chance to build a relationship, whether it be love or business relationship. Uranus will be very friendly, so your combination will be quicker than you expected, and this relationship seems to be right, keep moving!

* June 22: You will love this day, full of love embellishment. When your Guardian star, Jupiter, receives the energy of Uranus from a planet full of surprises, Love will be beautiful and shining, not only on 22nd, 20, 21st.

* June 29: Venus and Uranus will be very energetic, play the heart, the same, you will feel early in this matter, 27, 28th will be very feeling! Yes!

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."

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