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Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, these three stable and steadfast Earth signs, what about the June horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

The way you enter the June is as quiet and soft as a kitten. The June 2 full moon in Sagittarius will ask you to take good care of your health, reduce your workload and social life, and provide you with more rest space, relaxation and privacy. If you have medical needs, you will have time to arrange this, and perform, and feel uncomfortable slowing down. Mercury will continue to retrograde until June 11, so the pace will be a bit slow. You don't have to feel lost, if you stop to take care of yourself for a while, take this time as a good chance for you to relax.

In general, now is not a good time to operate, if you can choose to do it after Mercury is over retrograde, but if you have any emergency, do it right away. My daughter had a major operation during this Mercury retrograde and was very successful. The operation was supposed to be right in June, but moved forward for four weeks and was done in May, and this kind of change is common during Mercury retrograde. In addition, Mercury's retrograde period will allow us to look back on things that have never been properly resolved and force us to face them.

Your work is very busy, and if you are in communication, consultation, business, publishing, broadcasting, education, communications, shipping, transportation or tourism, this situation will be doubly obvious. On the June 16, when the Crescent moon appears in Gemini, you will need to work harder, because the new moon will master all the things that are happening in your life and move everything to the next level. (Recommended reading: Are You "communicating" or "talking to yourself"?) )

You have a lot of money to look forward to, including you may receive a large amount of cash at a time, such as commissions, patent funds, or access to venture capital, bank loans, mortgages and so on. Your best days will be June 8, June 10, but other days are also very good. June 9, a family, real estate, lease-related issues will have a very smooth development.

June 22 may be your favorite day, as Jupiter and Uranus work together to make a breakthrough in the family situation, and you will have enough money to buy your dream. June 29, is another good day, may not be so dramatic, but it is good enough, the same thing about the family, thank Venus and Uranus efforts.

June 24, Mars will come to cancer, giving you more time to focus on your partner, and this trend will continue until August 8. Because you have the time to spend with your partner, consider using a period of time to plan a holiday together, the departure date can be set at the end of the September 13 eclipse. This month, give each other a little more quality time. When Mars and the sun hedge, listen to your partner's advice and work with him (as in business partners, they will give a good opinion). June, do not think everything will go at your pace, but this is not a bad thing, because you will not have to carry out the responsibility of all decisions. This month, enjoy all the possibilities!

The days that Capricorn should pay special attention to:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: Full moon appears, will slow you down, into the rest state. You may have a very strong personal space requirement, and if so, you can temporarily reject social invitations and give yourself some peace and quiet. Neptune will have a bad angle with the full moon, and Mercury's continued retrograde will make the situation seem confusing. Do not make any decision until the June 11 Mercury retrograde is over. You may be a little tired, so take good care of your health.

* June 16: New Moon appears, your work life will become very busy. Tasks will pop up and must depend on your ability to write, communicate, and edit. You may need to travel, whether it's personal or a work factor. This new moon will be the ideal time for 2015 to carry out your annual medical plan, as well as teeth and eye checks, so focus on your health and posture, especially over the next two weeks.

* June 22: You will have a great day, when you get a good income, may be from real estate, family or inherited property. It's also a good day for surgery and any wholesome thing, if you've done your homework before, and you've found a good expert who can use the latest technology and have a record of what you're doing.

* June 29: This day is special for you, too, when Venus comes to your family house and is ideally formed with Uranus in your family house. You will find a new home, or buy furniture at a good price, or other family-related purchases. On this day, good things will happen. In addition, June 27, 28th will be a very good weekend, in your home to hold a party!

* June 14 ~9 17th: Saturn will leave Sagittarius and enter Scorpio, during which time you may have a good friend in crisis and you will want to help him. September 17, when Saturn leaves Scorpio, it will not return to Scorpio and your interpersonal palace until 2041.

* June 24 ~8 8th: When Mars enters cancer, you will have enough time to get along with your partner (love, marriage, work partner) and they may have been neglected for some time. You will be in need of cooperation with others in the state, do not try to let everything go according to your pace, if you can pay a little bit, there will be a lot of romantic gains.

Taurus (April 20 ~5 month 20th)

You seem ready to review your finances and make sure they are on a solid footing. Take a closer look at all the areas, from your insurance needs to your investment, your spending, your savings plan, and so on, and make sure you're on your way to achieving your goals. You may concentrate on pursuing your dreams, like buying an apartment or going back to school. Any financial decisions you make in the month will guide you in the right direction. (See together: Petty women's financial first step, understand the financial is necessary )

June 2, the full moon appears, and you look particularly focused on the financial funds that are shared with others. Neptune will form a bad angle with this Full moon, causing obstruction. Look for support, you may find mistakes or inaccuracies, or someone who wants to prevent you from drawing a complete financial blueprint. However, Uranus will suddenly bring a breakthrough, so don't give up.

If you're trying to split the property after the divorce, it's a good time to find a fair conclusion. In the beginning of June, banks, credit card companies, the people who are going to break up, the government agencies (tax-related), the VCS, etc. open the conversation, you should get good news soon, but remember, because Neptune is strong, remember to ask carefully all the details, each statement and the agreement to be reached, Be sure to be careful. Neptune is a very foggy planet, the fog looks beautiful, but it has the potential to destroy the ability to hide the facts related to the financial.

June 5, this is the day for you to deal with real estate, leases, contractual matters, or property, when Mars will work with Jupiter and fund you to solve your immediate problems.

In the second half of the June, when the new moon of June 16 emerges, attention will be placed on your ability to make money, such as a raise, a higher fee, or more. Even if you don't believe you can increase your income, your palace bitmap tells you: "You can!" "So bring up your courage and ask for a raise." Explain your position, pay attention to details, and tell the company what you want to be reasonable.

Saturn will return to Scorpio from June 14 to September 17, a position that is not very good for you. If you are a Taurus born from May 18 to 20th, you will feel tension with your partner until Saturn leaves Scorpio in September and Saturn will not return until 2041. In the process of communication, such as talking about the divorce property distribution, and so on, remember to express in a soft and meticulous manner, do not provoke both emotions, decorum.

Saturn and The Sun hedges are a very draining position, so remember to try to keep fit, from now until September. Many Taurus have health problems (hopefully not you), but if you do have a situation, follow your physician's advice, and if the situation is not mitigated, find a second opinion and solution.

June 22 will be your lucky day for five stars, because Jupiter and Uranus will open a dialogue that is rare and sparkling. If you want to find a perfect home, or change your existing space to become the ideal, your efforts will be very fruitful, this effect will be early from 20, 21st began to ferment.

The news will come suddenly, and you will need to be very decisive and take the opportunity to blink. Browse your space, find a contractor, and if you're ready to buy or sell a house, start or participate in a bidding campaign. Look at the furniture and equipment and you'll probably find the ideal style you've been looking for. In short, on the June 22 of this ideal day, do everything related to family action!

The next weekend, June 27, 28th, 29th, when your Guardian star-Venus, and Uranus sync, will be a bright and very lucky day for you, as well as family-related matters. Take these days down firmly.

On June 24, Mars will enter cancer and stay until August 8, giving you the opportunity to travel and enjoy yourself during the weekend. You seem to be staying close to home, and maybe you'll be spending time with friends to buy a summer vacation hut, which is a great idea! There will be good news in your career, so relax while you still have a chance to rest. Your efforts in the business this month will bring you unexpected good news on August 10.

On July 1, Neptune will interact with the full moon to enhance your creativity and bring a romantic chapter to your life. At the same time, your Guardian star-Venus, will meet with Jupiter, a perfect combination ah! Your constellation and Libra are also guarded by Venus, so when your Guardian star is in the glare of the light, so will you!

Taurus to pay special attention to the day:

* June 2: Full Moon appears, you will need to pay attention to a lot of financial related details. Review your insurance needs and analyze the status of your investment plans. Neptune is active, so please reconfirm the correctness of the financial details. Ask more questions, and ask for backup, and keep digging for details, if you find something that hasn't been well documented.

* June 8: It's a good day to handle real estate related matters.

* June 9 ~6 month 10th: a good day to make money.

* July 25 ~9 6th: Venus, your Guardian star, will begin retrograde during this time, so be prepared to meet the day. If you have a plan for a big makeover, do it now and don't do it during the retrograde period of Venus.

* June 14 ~9 17th: Saturn will return to Scorpio, you may have friction with your partner and try to appease each other. Keep your health in mind because Saturn and the sun hedge are exhausting.

* June 16: New Moon appears, you can ask for a raise, you are likely to get permission, and you get a quick answer.

* June 5 ~8 8th: Mars comes to cancer and can travel more.

* June 22: sale, lease, renovation, repair, your dream house will soon appear! Thank you for the perfect sync between Uranus and Jupiter.

* June 27 ~6 29th: You will have this lovely three-day weekend, at home to do a pie, and friends and family fun.

Virgo (August 23 ~9 month 22nd)

You're going to have a lot of arrangements this month, both in the workplace and in the family. June 2, your family will be your first priority, in the new moon appears this time. If you want to move on this day, you pick the right time. Because Jupiter will help you move smoothly, and you will love your new space.

If you want to buy or sell real estate or rent, remember to carefully confirm each article and paper details, because Neptune will be very active, so that you can easily miss important clues, leading to a subsequent bad situation. Make sure you have insurance against floods or floods, whether you want to buy or sell or rent, and you have to be prepared to do so, even if you want the insurance not to be useful.

Your career will be pleasantly surprised and the good news will arrive after the new moon on June 16, so be sure to prepare your resume and autobiography. Before June 16, June 5 is an excellent day, you can arrange a confidential meeting on this day, and a VIP meet, to explore a new, you can be a good opportunity to develop. If you are serious about promoting your career, this New moon will be a good time for you to move on. Cheschettilland, Crescent, Mars and Mercury appear in your career palace, and you will receive a lot of beautiful waves from Jupiter and Uranus, and you are holding a good hand. You will be enthusiastic, energetic and have two years to get a Mars assist. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Hurry forward.

Saturn will slip back into Scorpio and your House of Communication (Brother Palace). If you are writing or editing a book, you may spend more time and money than you originally expected, because Saturn can delay things, ask you to be absolutely attentive, and you have to slow down.

From June 14 to September 17, Saturn will occupy your brother's Palace (third house)--The House of your communication and travel, and by the time you get over it, you'll be able to shake off this troublesome guy for almost 30 years! It will not come back until 2041.

From June 24 to August 8, when Mars enters cancer, your emphasis on work will be reduced, your mood can be shifted to playful activities, and a lot of energy will be put into social life with friends. (See together: with anyone can close the distance of the ice-breaking technique, say more than clever!) )

The end of the month will be great, and on June 28 Venus and Uranus will be playing together to bring you a surprising amount of money. The money may come from commissions, bonuses, or other forms of revenue, such as excellent health or other types of insurance at work, for example. This money is not going to come from a long-term salary such as a raise, but a one-off sum of money that comes in a way you never expected. That's great!

A day of special attention to Virgo:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: The full moon appears, bringing a peak or end to family-related affairs. Things will happen all of a sudden, so if you're looking for a place to move, remember to take a good look at the space and make decisions quickly. Uranus will help you find all the things you need to make your home look brand-new. During the full moon, Neptune is unfriendly, so remember to reconfirm that there is no problem with water matters. It's hard to anticipate what's happening at this stage and make sure you get complete information about everything.

* June 5: On this day to interview a new job, this day there are many stars of the power to help you create the ideal first impression, let you get the seat you want.

* June 25 ~9 6th: Venus will be retrograde, and during this time it will be difficult to talk about a new job with an ideal salary, so get a job this month.

* June 8: Your Guardian star, the Sun, will talk to Lucky Jupiter, and this is a good day for the VIP to ask for advice or to seek approval.

* June 9, June 10: Your rising status in the workplace or excellent performance, rewards, bonuses, commissions and so on, will come together. It's a lucky day!

* June 14 ~9 17th: Saturn will leave your family house and be retrograde. If you've been under a lot of responsibility and stress in the last few days, like caring for an older relative, you'll be able to take a break for a while. On the September 17, Saturn will come back and help you achieve your long-standing family-related goals. If you want to have your own house, repair or sell, renovate your house to make it look more modern, you will be able to do it in the next two years.

* June 16: One of the most successful new moons of the year will be on this day, in your career palace, to influence your reputation, rewards, accomplishments, and reputation. You will have two weeks to act, confirm your list, make an appointment, and let the world know that you are ready to receive more.

* June 22: This is one of the best days of the year, and the mighty Jupiter and the surprise Uranus will act together. This month, you will have a very easy win in your field of expertise. Jupiter and Uranus rarely meet in this way, and the next time it happens, it will be December 2019. Aim for your goal!

* June 28: Venus and Uranus will be lovely to help you find your leader's light and reputation and bring you amazing breakthroughs.

* June 24 ~8 8th: Career stress will be temporarily removed and you will have more time to socialize with your friends. Let's go to the party! At the end of the work, have a little wine and dinner, and if you can, find time to travel near the water.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."

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