We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, three rational and lively wind signs, what about the June horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aquarius (January 20 ~2 month 18th)

In the June, your attention will be on a very close relationship with you, and you will be very serious about wanting to commit to the future with your partner. June 2, you may need to talk about money with a friend, because Neptune will cause confusion and confusing situations.

However, the full moon will be a beautiful day and you will be invited to a lovely celebration of a friend, such as a wedding, a birthday party, a promotion, or some other joyous occasion. With the encouragement of Jupiter and Uranus, you will enjoy the process, so luxurious and memorable. You seem to be surrounded by a lot of friendly faces and know a lot of people. In addition, you may need to oversee an important event on charity or humanitarianism, and the event will be very smooth!

June 16, when the new moon appears, Your love heats up in a way that is very difficult to predict. Your Guardian star, Uranus, will be very energetic, actually this whole month. It's good news that Uranus protects you. If you have a stable relationship now, you will not be forgotten, Mars will bring your partner closer to the romance, the June 8 circle, and ready to get a lot of attention. (Recommended reading: Why do newlyweds have to go on a honeymoon trip?) )

Travel seems to be a great opportunity to take place, and you should also think about traveling. You can start early, June 9, 10th is very good, you can not have too many plans. June 22 May be your best time to travel, when Jupiter (representing your partner), and your Guardian star, Venus, will work together in a rare way to help you boost your holiday season. If there is no way to do that, you can start at the end of June, June 27, 28th, your partner is ready to spend a good time with you.

Mars enters Gemini to help warm up your children's Palace (Love), and you will have a very happy, sexy, romantic love time throughout the June until June 24. Venus will also be in your children's palace, from June 5 to 18th, you really have a very beautiful house.

When Mars comes to cancer, June 24, your work will heat up, so you have to pull your attention back to the workplace, the office, the client, the VIP. However, your life will not be full of work, don't be too gloomy!

Aquarius special attention to the day:

* June 2: Full Moon, a friend may need you to help in real time. If you are socializing during the four days before and after the full moon, you may spend more money than you expected. Remember to make a budget beforehand to avoid unnecessary expenses. Uranus will make this Full moon very interesting, but decisions and events will happen at the speed of light, so you may face the difficulty of having to decide money quickly. You may be intimidated by the extent of your money, although the money may be worth it.

* June 16: New Moon appears, bringing a lot of love energy to your children's palace. Jupiter will make a lot of fun, so if you're invited to a party, a celebration or a wedding, go ahead. If you are single, you will have a great opportunity to meet new audiences within two weeks of the advent of the crescent moon. If you have another half, your he will fall in love with you again! Dear Aquarius.

* June 14 ~9 17th: Saturn is returning to the tenth House of Fame, reward and achievement (career Palace) for a period of 13 weeks. It's going to be the last time Saturn is in your career house, and you may feel more responsible, and this summer will be a tough month, and you'll be haunted by a lot of things. September 17, Saturn will leave your career palace, until December 2019 will not come back.

* June 1 ~6 23rd: Mars will appear in the most helpful and enjoyable place, the fifth House of your true love (The Children's palace), when he is in Gemini. After June 23, Mars will enter cancer and your work life will become more vibrant. Before June 24, you can enjoy the joy of loving life.

* June 22: Take a short trip! When symbolic giving and gift of the lucky Jupiter and Uranus (symbolizing surprise, your Guardian star) form an ideal angle. This is one of the most beautiful day of the year. Enjoy the trip, on June 20, 21st this weekend. This is the best weekend of the month. (Share with you: no plan to travel?) Experience the romance of wandering )

* June 27, 28th, 29th: This is another great weekend after 20th and 21st. June 29, Venus in Leo, will flirt with Uranus in Aries, creating an ideal, romantic night, especially if you travel together.

Gemini (May 21 ~6 month 20th)

You will be fully focused on the love relationship when the June 2 full moon appears in Sagittarius. You take this relationship very seriously and want to give the other person a promise to make the relationship a long time, so you're likely to get engaged or married. Your career relationship will be strong for two weeks after the full moon appears. However, because your Guardian star, Mercury, and Saturn Hedges, you may have to slow down and, more importantly, Mercury continues to retrograde until June 11, so don't sign the contract until the retrograde end.

The trip will be perfect if you start on the weekend of June 5. Mars will form a flawless, perfect angle with Jupiter, adding luster to your weekend. Travel, or go to a SPA to love yourself.

During the new moon, you may have a great improvement in your personal or professional goals. This New moon is as good as your birthday gift and use it well in the way you want it. The new Moon is accompanied by the light of Uranus (surprise) and Mars (action), so you can move forward bravely. A friend may play an important part in this time, and it seems that this friend can give you a lot of good ideas. You can enjoy the energy of this new moon and use it where you want it, so think about what you want to accomplish and plant the seed. You don't have to grab the target right now because it's the full moon, it may have to take months to do it, you just have to start taking action.

Neptune, who is in charge of your tenth house (career Palace), will be retrograde from June 12 to November 18. This means that you have to be able to protect your existing plans and career development, rather than developing new areas, new customers, or changing your strategy too fiercely. Focus on the strategy you are already implementing, and you may find it valuable to do so. (Recommend you: want to succeed in your career, make gender your asset rather than debt )

On June 14, Saturn will return to Scorpio and your sixth house (the Health Palace), affecting your health and work tasks. Saturn usually forces us to face situations that we have not been able to face before, and in the past year or two, you may have a health problem that must be noticed, but you are not in charge of it for the time being. This will intensify, but only between June 14 and September 17, so you have a good chance of getting rid of the trouble. Your work will be accelerated in the next three months and you may need to hire helpers to complete all tasks. This job may make you feel tense, so take good care of your body, rest in a timely manner and eat nutritious food.

On June 22, you will have a good day, full of luck and happiness. Jupiter will be talking to Uranus, which is rarely seen and brings great results. Travel will be fun, you can feel the atmosphere two days ago, that is, June 20, 21st. Another good weekend for travel is June 27 ~ 29th, when Venus receives a dazzling glow from Uranus.

From June 24 to August 8, Mars will come to cancer, so it looks like you are about to enter a period of increased spending, but at the same time you may find momentum to re-examine and find new ways to increase your gold flow. Whether it's because you're free, you have to find a decent source of money, or if you're someone else's paycheck, but you're willing to take on a big plan. Anyway, you'll have a way to make more money.

July 1 will be a glowing day when Venus, who represents love, is also the guardian of your V-house (The Children's Palace), which represents the lucky Jupiter. The way to accept this love gift is to travel and leave your town, but within 200 miles. Find a beautiful place, don't spend it, you will have a memorable and magical journey.

Gemini to pay special attention to the day:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: See how close this Full moon will bring to you. Neptune will be very active, so be careful not to misunderstand the meaning of others, take it slow.

* June 24 ~8 Month 8th: Your spending will increase in the short term when Mars comes to cancer.

* June 14 ~9 Month 17th: Saturn will return to Scorpio. Set aside time to schedule a regular medical treatment for yourself. You will also need to work very hard this summer.

* June 5 ~6 7th: A great weekend, out of town to travel. Thanks for the friendly Mars and Jupiter to form the perfect angle.

* June 8 ~6 months 11th, June 27 ~ 29th: Enjoy your social life! Especially on the weekend of 27th, go on a trip to meet friends or travel with friends.

* June 16: New Moon in Gemini, it's a special new moon this year. A friend may play a big part in your luck. Plant the seeds and make the first move for your goals.

* June 22: Circle the day! When Jupiter receives the light from Uranus in LEO, you may travel to get an excellent position so that you can give full play to your talents and communication skills.

* June 25 ~9 Month 6th: Venus will be retrograde. Make sure you've made all the changes in your appearance this month, and don't do it when Venus is retrograde. When Venus sleeps, it will not share its beautiful and graceful energy with others.

Libra (September 23 ~10 month 22nd)

You may have started negotiating a contract with someone earlier this month, and if so, make sure you have all the facts and details you need and remember to back it up. Neptune, which is always making fog, may easily confuse you and make you miss important changes or conditions on your paper job.

June 2, the full moon appears, will illuminate your third house (The Brothers Palace), bring your communication ability friendly influence. However, Neptune is still a very bad angle, so be sure to carefully confirm all the details of the contract, ask questions, cover all aspects, and call your lawyer and ask him to reconfirm that you can sign the contract.

Also, during the full moon of June 2, you may need to be focused on things about your siblings, because the third house (the Brotherhood) also governs your sisters, brothers, cousins. Or, you may suddenly be asked to take a short trip. The full moon will accelerate the event, so you will get the conclusion of the event four days before and after the full moon appears. When Jupiter is affected, if you do your homework beforehand, you are likely to be able to solve the problem at hand. But don't rush to sign your name, wait for your lawyer to read the contract, and wait until the June 11 Mercury retrograde is over. If the deal is significant, it's best to wait until June 27 or later.

Mercury has been retrograde since May 18, and it will not be over until June 11. Mercury retrograde accelerates your calendar, and you should wait until June 11 to make any decision, because you will have better judgment after the retrograde mercury is over. June 27 is a very important day, and Mercury will run back to the mathematical precision of the first time it was retrograde, which is very important in terms of astrology.

June 5, Venus will come to Leo and continue until July 18. This is a perfect spot for Libra, so take the time to change your appearance, because Venus will make sure that your changes bring you praise. Venus is your Guardian star, so all of Venus's actions will have a much greater impact on you than on other planets.

Venus will be retrograde from July 25 to September 6, and this time you'd better not buy new things, reshape them, or make any drastic changes or new hairstyles. So take the time to finish your makeover, when Venus is in Leo (all July) after Mercury recovers (June 11), but before Venus retrograde (July 25).

The other thing about Venus getting into Leo is that you may be invited to many parties and parties more often than usual, so you'll enjoy your new style. June 6 ~ 8th, when the Sun and Jupiter form a beautiful angle, you may be involved in a great event. (same field Gayon: dear friend, the vacancy of the calendar is always left for you )

June 16, a few days before the new moon appears, travel is a great option if you are longing for vacation. Uranus is going to be very active, so your partner is likely to come up with a surprising idea for you to go somewhere. If this happens one o'clock, it may be on June 9 and 10th.

At the end of the month, your career will come to a peak, as Mars will enter cancer from June 24 to August 8. Next month, everything will come to a high point, so it won't be a good time for you to travel, you have to focus on the things that surround you. In the July, you will have the opportunity to come to an important place in the field of expertise, although your stars may look a bit messy, but there will be a lot of friendly planets to give you strength. You will encounter some obstacles in your quest for a job, but you will have a way to win the final victory. Start getting ready from now on.

June 27, 28th will be your favorite weekend of the month. Life is full of surprises when your Guardian star-Venus and Uranus-form an ideal perspective. It seems that your partner loves you, and this weekend you will see his love. If you are single, you may meet new objects, and everything will change.

A day Libra has to pay special attention to:

* May 18 ~6 Month 11th: Mercury continues to retrograde.

* June 2: You may need to sign a contract, if so, you must carefully read all the details. Mercury continues to retrograde, and Neptune and the full moon form a bad angle, and you can wait until after June 11 to make the final decision. If you act before June 11, it is likely to cause bad results by ignoring certain details. Travel and the same thing about siblings.

* June 5 ~7 month 18th: Venus comes to Leo, great location!

* June 20, 21st: Go shopping this weekend and buy some nice little things.

* June 16: New Moon appears, and Uranus form an ideal angle. You will feel a lot of thrust and let you pack your bags and go on a trip. This trip may come quickly and suddenly, and you may well be flying far away.

* June 9, 10th: If you travel earlier, this is the two days. You are likely to start suddenly without too many plans. These two days are great for you, and traveling with your partner and your business partners will have positive results.

* June 14 ~9 17th: Saturn will be retrograde back to Scorpio, causing your hand to tighten. Saturn has been in Scorpio for two years, and last December, you were very happy to see Saturn leave, and it is now running back to give you a little reminder of the use of money, but will only stay for 13 weeks. After this, Saturn will not return to your palace bitmap until 2041, you can get rid of it for a long time!

* June 20 ~ 22nd: Jupiter and Uranus form the perfect angle. It's a good time to go out and play with your friends. Such an angle is very difficult to see, interesting things will not be interrupted. You may attend weddings, birthday parties or other celebrations, and every event will be a smooth and enjoyable one, and don't miss it.

* June 27, 28th: Venus will lead you and work with Uranus to create a carefree, happy three day. This weekend is a good day after the 20th weekend.

* June 24 ~8 8th: Your career heats up as Mars comes to cancer. As we've always mentioned, the beginning of this month is a good time to travel, because after June 24 you will have a lot of professional opportunities to keep your job busy.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."

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