When a person attentively does the cooking work, the person who eats will discover, SEASON to eat moved, put back everyone's heart.

"In France, cooking is the most serious form of artistic expression, but also the national movement." "The Kitchen God Julia child once said so, and cleverness blink to make up a sentence" know taste of the person, always is the best person. 」

When a meal is served on the table, how precious is the cook's heart? I always look at the meal can not help guessing, the fire Houna pinch to be in place, of course, the ingredients must be selected, processing delicate, with the stuffing has unconventional, creative methods that can not repeat, each start as a pen, write a new story, to commemorate only this one encounter. The happiest moment of food is that people who know how to eat are put in their mouths and experience the work of a chef.

And a pair of restaurants, that is what makes people feel happy field, take care of the food place, treat each other as, from the meeting that moment to know, as that night into the SEASON located in the vicinity of Chung Dunhua station SEASON Artisan patissier, Feel yourself first surrounded by a very full of happiness, and then the sureness from the inside out.

Always feel that the restaurant is magical, in such a space, the whole body is soft, let the five sense amplification, to chase the delicate life. Such a restaurant, there are old-school dating fan, suitable for the appointment with their own, but also with the sweetheart about. (Recommended reading: Taipei Season Cuisine pâtissiartism)

Dialogue with dessert! A time of solitude for one's own

A person's time alone, happy and unhappy are only said for dessert to listen to. I am a person to eat dessert, think of the person can not say, dessert is my tree hole.

Point a "Sunday morning", commemorate that you recommend Adam Levine to me that morning, fresh cream coffee burnt, like a beautiful but hoarse voice, ah I do not want to leave you. or subscribe to a chef's recommendation, "Paula." Splash painting from the United States to get inspiration from the works, willing to use a large almond cake, with that raspberry fruit paste to paint, put into the import of the time to taste crazy ah, the skin wild have personality, soft cotton softness inside, incredibly so like you.

Or to have a "baked Litchi fear souffle collapses", fluffy, bright colors, with sprinkled with pistachio white cheese and fresh fruit snow casein, color, aroma, taste stimulation overlap, in the heart of the explosive memory. So think of the time to eat dessert, in fact, many Parties to the dialogue, the chef during the creation and dessert dialogue, guests to taste the heart of the dessert, magnanimous, those who have nowhere to say, there is nowhere to hide the mood, hiding in the dessert. When dessert is eaten, it is a more honest self healing process.

SEASON Hotel space is very suitable for a person to think things, come here people seem to share but do not disturb each other tacit understanding, respect each other with a different mind to come, to find a move, perhaps the commemoration may be the farewell.

There may be too many things in the world I can not be around, then at least, this sad and happy mood, is my own, this afternoon and dessert time, but also my own. This is me and myself time, no one can disturb.

There is sweetness in salty! A sweet time for two people

The most precious thing a man can give another person is time. Two a person's sweet time, is to leave a gap for each other, put my time gently delivered to your hand, what can do, also can not do anything.

"Honey Slippers, bread," light bites between the teeth left a light moist honey sweet, you smiled and said that the chef to do this bread taste outside the crisp inside Q, it is possible to stick to the bar dough to flash to the waist yo; then we all like the "crispy duck liver", the outer layer of golden crisp, It turns out to be a translucent piece of sugar that has been baked and baked after repeated baking and grinding of almonds and maltose, ember, instant Gio wrapped in tender fry duck liver, raspberry pistachio fruit dotted beside, each step is special attention; then we are all "charcoal roast natural pig Zobraviga nut ring" of the combination of conquest, Roasted large chunks of the eye level of the shells of the pork color pink, rare seven points cooked gravy sweet, with dried figs, almonds, raisins, walnut ingredients, rich flavor of sweet, is the Western food and dessert elements of the sweet ensemble, for the senses is another shock.

The guests of many groups came in hand, and there was always someone with a shiny eye, to the side of the companion said put into the mouth of food familiar, as if we usually treat the "eat", eat too much to be swallowed, the total did not savor the original flavor of the food, fortunately there is such a restaurant, reminding us to "eat", that is how happy.

Operating long Ann shares, probably because the atmosphere of the store is happy, so often ask the guests, but there is such a group of lovers make her particularly memorable. A few days before the meal, boys called early to the store and said, "Can I make an appointment to propose in the shop?" "season Team In addition to the joy of blessing, and asked whether to help prepare more surprises, boys repeatedly said" No, this is enough. " "Just hang up the phone." that night, the boy led the girl's hand into the shop, looked a little nervous he wore a very formal suit and tie, the woman is slightly shy to look at the environment.

only to find out that the girl is a few years ago in a party to eat SEASON dessert from the unforgettable, so despite the economy is not well-off, the boy will always find a day to buy SEASON dessert, carefully treasured take home for girls to taste. each month, the two people nest together in the SEASON cake that day, is their heart the sweetest happy time. So the boy decided that the moment to make a big decision in life must also happen in the magical space of creating a girl full of happiness.

Although every month to buy a SEASON cake, but that day was frugal they first walked into the store to sit down to eat, for girls, like a dream come true, not just taste a cake, but can use a meal, or with the love of the boy together. From being specially arranged to sit in the box from the moment, the girl's vision always exudes joy and surprise, until the flowers and diamond ring and service personnel surrounded by applause, the girl finally eyes flashing tears smile looked at the boy said "Yes I do!". In the box pull curtain open the instant, the whole restaurant guests with warm applause to convey the blessing, all because of witness this precious moment and be moved, space is also as if enchanted, let people feel happy overflowing.

I heard the story of the eyes of the red, when a person attentively doing the cooking work, eat people will find, SEASON Eat moved, put back to everyone's heart. So we will follow heart and heartbeat, learn to eat and understand the beauty of food, not just dote on themselves, but also learn to rediscover the relationship between food. Very simple, but also very deep.

This is what SEASON used one night to remind us.

"Womany X SEASON" leaves the taste buds moved.

SEASON Artisan Patissier is our own good like a good restaurant, feel that life is busy, should keep a good meal time, but also invite you to the taste buds moved to stay. From now on to SEASON's dinner at Nathan's south, just punch in the "I am in SEASON to enjoy the pet package, I love my #womany525", you can directly to the main meal upgrade package, to SEASON big straight shop to enjoy brunch, in the same way clock, that is to give the sense of the garden lattice muffins!

This is what we would like to give ourselves, also want to give you the intimate.