Organize three graduation points from different fields, give you the courage to grope for the unknown, have the power to change the world, and be qualified to believe in your own power.


June is the month of separation and restart.

You're about to get your diploma, get ready to leave school, and start your long life off campus. After stepping out of school, no longer need to choose classes, no longer need to use a dense answer to prove that he had a bad last night, no longer need to stay up late just to catch the report line, no longer need to dispute this problem was deducted 10 points so GPA off, no longer need to memorize the timetable to determine where they will be next hour, your time is your own, Your choice is your own, your life is your own.

Then we suddenly feel afraid.

Perhaps because the first time we deeply discovered that the choice in the real life, actually led the whole body, each choice is accompanied by the opportunity cost can not be given up. Should I go to an internship or an exchange student first? Should we go to a big company or a small company? Should I go home to work or stay in Taipei or simply break into the country? (same field Gayon: to the social new People's job motto: Big companies Don't tell Secrets )

Your choice is finally your own, but you do not know how to choose the best, and you have been repeated church, do not make a "bad" choice.

Four years, the school is like feeding your mother, let you learn to risk in the safe range, you crazy to take also crazy fill, school resources know to use that is yours. There are a lot of standard answers in your life, and there are a lot of people like you, trying to find out more about the problems behind them.

The school is a beautiful protective cover, you look outside the world through the protective cover, feel dirty Chaos, the crowd is complex, the abuses are very ugly, you do not want to go out, you also want to stay here to solve your problems, talk about your love, you do not want to join even found yourself one day to become you have hated the adults.

Leaving school like a farewell to youth poetry, how to write is very hurried. But we can still choose the way to grow up and become what kind of adults. You are about to graduate, bring these three points on your body, these reminders from Michelle-au-Bama, CEO of DreamWorks Mellody Hobson, from Natalie Portman, who didn't want to go out of school and become great adults. (same field Gayon: to a little lost 20 years old )

Have the courage to grope for the unknown: you cannot grow without fear

"No matter how you define success, take your eyes off the horizon and look at yourself with tougher standards than others." If there are questions that I don't understand, I'll ask; if I'm not sure how to do it, I'll go to school. Don't pretend you know a lot, people don't usually want to admit "I don't", but I always feel like I'm not going to have too much of it. "Mellody Hobson, CEO of DreamWorks, said at the South's graduation speech.

Imagine you are in a lightweight aircraft, hydrogen balloon lift You up to the sky 24 miles away, want to return to Earth only one way, that is jump. It sounds crazy, but 2012 years ago, the Austrian sport's Felix Baumgartner did it and did it. It's a lot like leaving school, and you might be excited to wait, of course, you will feel the fear inside, the world is bigger than you think, you look at it to understand how small you are, but remember your fear, because it is not because you are not brave enough, but because there is no fear, you are brave, no fear, It is impossible to grow.

In the face of the unknown, Felix Baumgartner chose to jump, and danced beautifully, and this smoothly maintained for seven seconds. The eighth second, Felix faster and faster, beyond the sound of sound, and began to rotate violently. It turns out that the hardest part is not just jumping, it's not sure if you can get the balance back and "guide yourself". Everyone has a different goal, but there is one thing nobody can escape, that is, in the face of challenges, you will be forced to turn, and even learn how to find the direction. You need to know that the hardest part is not just the first step of the decision, but also the second and fourth step of the third step.

On the other hand, don't pretend you know little, and don't look down on yourself as "young". Who told you that young people do not have a good idea, who told you that young people should be stuffy, who told you that young people should be a password to do things, you have to devote your heart to the choice of things, your humility should not forget the self-confidence of their own. 」

Instead of saying "I'll be all that you want me to be", say "I know who I am, I understand what I am worth, and I am willing to be better." "With a dignified attitude and the world, grow up on the road, with your fear forward, let fear for you to add a pair of courage wings, Young is not your reason to hide, remember to start, but also learn to persevere to go that long way." (Recommended reading: Learning to coexist with your fears )

Have the power to change the world: to be part of the revolution

"Out of society, you are most likely to be disappointed in the world, the world is very divided, often in a stalled stalemate, then you will want to escape (I occasionally want to escape)." But dear graduate, today I would like to invite you to think backwards, rather than away from those ugly, I would like to invite you to meet the differentiation and deadlock, to change people's ideas, to reverse our lives. "Michelle-au-Bama at Oberlin College," he said, in his graduation speech.

Everyone has their own revolution, different individuals embrace different concerns and different missions. Let your concern affect the world, not let the world change you arbitrarily, to decide what you should be. Change is never going to be easy. You may be frustrated, or halfway through you must learn to compromise, because the real good change is not to eliminate the dissidents, but to listen, and to allow more people to join the world in a better battle.

When Oberlin's alumni, Lucy Stone, fought for women's right to vote, people did not care to spit on her or throw Bibles at her, and told her to let women vote "not in the right direction", leaving children unattended, shaking family values and causing social turmoil. She has also had compromises, starting with a partial vote, and giving women all the right to vote, because she knows that change is a little bit, and that it starts in a very small and practical way. Almost 100 years later today, we can vote, think of Lucy Stone when the Revolution feels lonely.

Yes, everyone is a part of the change. And we can shape the world in the way we want to. If a person's voice is too small, find a group of people to say together. If you want to walk fast, go alone, and you want to go far, you need a group of people. (same field Gayon: never stop thinking and acting!) From jobs to Michelle's graduation speech )

Be qualified to believe in yourself: lack of experience is your most precious gift.

"I am not a comedian or a writer for this speech, and I want to tell you today that Harvard will give you a diploma tomorrow, and you are here for a reason." Sometimes your "lack of self-confidence" and "inexperience" may allow you to start pandering to other people's expectations, standards, and values. But you must know that the lack of experience is more capable of killing a path that belongs to you. A road that does not have the burden of "how things should be done" is a way for you to decide why and why. "Natalie Portman shares in Harvard's graduation speech.

To be honest, we all care about how others interpret ourselves, and we all want to be considered smart or capable, but beyond that, when do we seriously think about what we think of ourselves? Can we decide our own value without letting other people's evaluations shake our core values?

"When I decided to take the Black Swan, people said it was too risky because it was a big challenge to interpret a professional ballet dancer," he says. But the reason I did it was not because I was courageous or courageous, but because I had no idea where my bottom line was. Lack of experience has given me the courage to accept the challenge, because sometimes I don't see how big a challenge it is. (Recommended reading: who says there can only be white Swans?) Ballet Misty Copeland Dance to break your stereotype )

Lack of experience allows us to go through repetitive paths without having to play with others ' rules of the game; lack of experience is the biggest asset we have, because we know that the only way to do things is by our way.

We swimming swimming in the experience of failure and glimpsed a better world in every breath. Then one day we swam far, more and more do not mind whether to get the name of success on the other side, because we have too enjoy the progress of the process. We do not need to pursue success, but should always follow the path that makes your eyes shine, the answer will always be in the front. One thing that you love is more difficult and more precious than success. (Recommended to you: the first day, looking for things that brighten your life )

The world may be cruel, rather than imagining that you are powerless, it's better to use your own methods to bump into something, the world will be fresh, everyone can have his way to live, don't let others decide the way to go, don't let others speak for you, the world is absolutely human, so, Everyone has the ability to make the world go in a better direction.

Cherish this step with fear of their own, to create the future you have not imagined the road, I think we will be all right, and even better than imagined. Then smiled and remembered, with fear but still willing to walk into the unknown himself, is how brave.

Together, let us say to ourselves, but also to the people next to me.

Who didn't want to leave school.