This is the name of Louis Quetorze, a French national, and a suitcase store. The whole space is based on a beautiful, sweet baby tone, and is a modern, classical French 17th-century style.In a space of two stories with dreamy space to pick up bags and scarves that are both comfortable and comfortable, it will certainly bring pleasant feelings to the people.

This brand has a soft color/photo gitch

has a very "French name" brand, first created by the Frenchman Paul Barrate in 1980, and later acquired by Korean companies.In October 2009, the French native brand returned to the French market, opening a new store for France in a new series of French designs.Perhaps because of this heavy relationship, their products appear to be Europe and Asia, but the classical markings and stamps of Louis XIV are preserved in bags and silk scarves.I really like the kind of leather bags and gloves that they used to make leather with good colors and good colors, and they have a sense of Morden in the graceful Classical character.The silk scarves also have the same surprises, such as putting a very modern round of dots with the classical print of the Louis XIV style together, creating a wonderful and fashionable sense of fashion.

There is an embedded display grid on the second

Louis Quatorze
106 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris

Metro: Saint-S é bastien-Froissart (Line 8)
01 42 72 94 43
Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 to 19:30/Sunday at 14:00 ~ 19:00

Article Source: Paris Andol