Face book on June 7 came to women's paradise, held the first in Taiwan Women's Science and Technology Party! Look at the business vision of Facebook.

June 7, the first foreign activities of women's paradise is officially on the scene! In this extraordinary Sunday, the Facebook team held the first exclusive meeting of Taiwanese female engineers in the women's paradise. We also once again invited to have to participate in our 525 activities of the SEASON Restaurant, specially made for this party to let any girl to see the beautiful snacks! (and the most popular face-book-making blue Macarons!)

Very happy, woman. The empower women concept, which has been promoted by the team for a long time, corresponds to the theme of this event, and has the opportunity to gather with so many female professionals in Taiwan to spend the first time with such a memorable value. The main thrust of the party was to recruit more Taiwanese female engineers to their team at Facebook's headquarters and to introduce a corporate culture in which Facebook prides itself. At the same day, five American engineers came to share with the audience the face book team's advertising technology, engineer interview skills, and face book work environment.

The first event of Paradise is full!

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The concatenation of man and man

In addition to the fantasy welfare that most people imagine, the most special aspect of Facebook is the company's pursuit of "connecting all corners of the world".

Angela, who came from the Seattle office of Facebook, introduced Facebook to emphasize that the company's vision is to link everyone around the world faster. In all of the day's sharing meeting, it is clear that the face Book team All work is committed to "the concatenation of people." "People-oriented" and "in tandem" is also a core concept that women fans have always emphasized, so it is not so easy to feel at the scene.

Face book Taiwanese female engineer Angela to introduce Facebook vision

The most senior engineer of the United States team Ping Chen, first for everyone to give examples of Face book advertising department operation. This is a very interesting agenda, although the theme is advertising, but she first explained the face book behind the application of the technology, including the analysis of the user's personal data, interest, browsing habits, the use of machine learning every day of the situation, to get the model after the customer system to sort each user to see the timeline, advertising and so on. In addition to using Facebook users ' data, the advertising department also analyzes the user's web browsing record and search keywords. Because this involves the privacy issue, Facebook practice is to first the user to the random number code, the browsing behavior recorded in the cookie, and then to do statistical analysis and model prediction.

Face Book female engineer Ping Chen for everyone to introduce advertising technology

These in-depth analysis of user results combined with advertising, the effect is quite amazing compared to the traditional media, face book advertising technology can be as high as 92% accuracy, to help enterprises with less money and speed of advertising marketing to target audiences. Put W make up their own face book page, when I browse the European and American Women's clothing website, the face page of the ads will be quickly updated for the launch of clothing brand ads.

After the company vision of the face book is in tandem with the people, the women fans team is also more honored to be the party as the first foreign activities of the park. This invitation to the catering partners SEASON Team is also believed to taste food is to let people closer to the media. And one of the founding missions of Paradise is to provide a platform for girls of different stories to know each other and grow together. One of the quotes of the Facebook book, "We believe that a more open world is a better world" (we believe A, the "we", "a"). 」

Diversity Team

In order to serve the world, face book founder Marczouxbur also believe that the team must be diversified.

Only a diverse team can understand and link different communities, backgrounds and cultures together. The number one slogan of Facebook is to concentrate on influence (focus on impact), and research shows that multiple organizations can solve complex problems more effectively. According to 2014 of Facebook's employee survey, the proportion of men in the global workforce is 69%, and in science and technology, men account for 85%! Facebook decides that the team should be more efficient in solving problems and focusing on the impact, then the science and technology sector must become more yuan, attracting more women to join. (Recommended reading: Face book gestures, the big attitude of enterprises )

The other is that staff in the US headquarters are still more than half white, so the women's Paradise party is hoping to recruit more "Taiwanese female engineers" to the U.S. headquarters and bring a richer perspective to Facebook's technology team.

In addition to this gathering in Taiwan, the Facebook team also expressed the hope that in the future there will be more and more similar meetings in various Asian regions and collaborate with women's science and technology organizations all over the world ( this time in collaboration with the Wofoss and pyladies organizations in Taiwan) to nurture more female science and technology talents.

From Facebook to the importance of business diversification, W is also looking forward to our team can become more yuan, more international, to create a room to accommodate all kinds of voices, ideas of the environment to all the world's favorite women fans of the audience. In addition to emphasizing the link and diversity of people, face book culture Most let us admire is the characteristics of bold innovation.

Woman fan engineer Little crab interacts with FB engineers to communicate with each other

Be bold! Move fast!

Although Facebook is now one of the world's leading enterprises and has more than 10,000 employees, but the company still hopes to retain the innovative characteristics of new enterprises and positioning the corporate culture as: Hacker culture. Hacker culture refers to constantly trying new areas and knowing where your limits are.

Similar to the woman fan co-founder Wei Xuan often said "do something never done before", the day Face Book team also in-depth introduction of the team's two core values: Bold Adventure (Be bold) and speed (move Fast).

Face Book team introduces company innovation culture

Employees are encouraged to take risks because in a world that is forever changing, there is no doubt that if you don't learn to take risks, you will fail. Facebook insists that the company will not punish employees for failing to try new ideas, and that the opposite is to continue to encourage employees to stay healthy and try new things. (Same-field Gayon: disruptive innovation )

Face Book engineer Angela share, Facebook has a famous saying called "Fast moving and breaking (move fast and break things)". The implication of this sentence is that if you don't break anything, it probably means you don't move fast enough. In Facebook, the company is not worried about your mistakes, but about your lack of speed and loss of opportunity.

And because Facebook attaches so much importance to the constant innovation of employees, Angela also introduces the company's special tradition every year. A few times a year the hackathon allows employees to lay down their work and present any interesting ideas they want to try to all the employees in the company. Angela specifically mentions good ideas. If it is in the Face book business style, employees are likely to present their good ideas to Marczouxbur and realize their ideas! One of the most widely known hackathon products is the current Face Book timeline (timeline).

W Knitting personal very like Facebook Hack girl T-shirt

Before the party, the imagination of the Facebook business was limited to the quality benefits provided by the company (and indeed the great benefits). But at the end of the party, the Women fans team also Facebook the core value of the book has a deeper understanding and learn the importance of novelty and change for an enterprise. While listening to face book innovative corporate culture eating on-site preparation of small sandwiches, women fan members can not help but admire the SEASON team in this restaurant with a seamless-as the face Book Enterprise innovation requirements, The two kinds of sandwiches provided on the same day are also a single grape duck breast meat with coking onion plum jam tender chicken taste!

People, is an enterprise's most core assets (recommended reading: Enterprises to select talent to pay attention to "quality")

In every sharing meeting, women fans team also fully feel the face book on people's attention. Whether it is to enable users around the world to more quickly linked together, or to focus on the contribution of each employee. At the end of the event, every face book member also left to the end, for everyone to answer questions. May be the face book so moving the corporate culture is deeply attracted, or because SEASON Day of the meal people can not help but a mouthful, sharing will end there are still many participants wandering in the kitchen with the new and old friends hot chat, discuss the day of the party content. It's nice to have a woman who can play a small host and let so many wonderful things happen here.

Face book engineers are happy to interact with participants

An unforgettable snack area, thanks to the intimate SEASON

We all take the opportunity to interact with Facebook engineers.

After reading this report, perhaps you feel a fiery chest, can't wait to join the Facebook team! Women fans also hope to give everyone good future, if you have a good technical background and have relevant engineering development experience, suggest you try to put your English resume to:cn-resume@fb.com ( To remember at the same time cc facebookgrc1@gmail.com)

Small reminder: In order to avoid application delays, face book suggested use the following English mail theme format: Name (last, i)-applying Position (generalist and/or IOS and/or Android)

We also have some of the biographical and interview suggestions shared by our Facebook engineers, and hope that we can use the following techniques to get closer to Facebook or to find a favorite job:)


  • Use action words and data to make your interviewer understand your past contributions. Example: built the XXX webpage and reached the yyy target (Built AAA site and achieved BBB result)
  • The resume should focus on the project you've been involved in and let the interviewer know about your major
  • Do not provide overly detailed funding such as: Age, photo, and identity card number

Interview (extended reading: How to interview in English ):

  • Be the truest self: When you don't know, don't be afraid to be honest about what you don't know. The interviewer isn't trying to make you a jerk.
  • Ask questions & Find out loud: Interviewer is to understand your logic and communication skills when interviewing for a question, but don't forget to sync with everyone.
  • When discussing past experiences, focus more on the challenges you have encountered and what you learn: Your experience does not determine who you are, and your experiences

To the day did not come to you, next time, let us meet in Wonderland. Let all playful, diverse, and fresh occurrences happen here, as the face book says, "A more open world will be a better world" this better world we want to have with you! (also welcome to participate in your message write down your ideas and suggestions for Wonderland space, let us know!) )

Next time, with your agreement.