Hey! Give yourself a unhurriedly "Good Morning"! Today, from opening your eyes to yourself three actions, this morning, let us awaken the soul.

The morning is a deer
Step on my forehead.
How good the World is

--Haizi, moved

Good morning, have you spoken to yourself?

Every night we go to sleep with exhaustion, in the dream shuttle but also iron not the soul of the fold. The morning opened his eyes and hurried to the lover sent a message saying "Good Morning", the bus to punch the line, and then a succession of ask early, to the guards, colleagues, supervisors, start a day of routine busy. You always so and "Good Morning" get along with him in a hurry to rub body is your tacit understanding.

Hey! Still own a unhurriedly "Good Morning" bar! Every morning, the first good morning, we always give the most missing person, life occasionally one day, give this sound good morning to yourself, because you are so deeply miss yourself, miss with their own details, those who experience their own time. Today, from opening your eyes to yourself three actions, this morning, let us awaken the soul.

Step one: Eat a meal to make you happy breakfast

You always remember the foolishness of "Tiffany's Breakfast" as Holly Golightly's Audrey Hepburn standing in front of a magnificent Tiffany jewellery shop chewing breakfast bread. She insisted on reading the parting letter must wear lipstick, do not drink against her opinion men please wine; when she was in a bad mood, she would be wearing a gorgeous brand, standing in front of the Tiffany window staring at the diamond, eating cheap bread. She is such a girl, a bit sophisticated, but very honest.

Eating a meal to make you happy is like Holly living in the present. How to smooth the hard days? is to start by finding ways to please yourself. You don't have to look at the diamond like Holly wears a jewel, but you must remember that even Holly fancies to fill his belly. A trip to breakfast with your own Tiffany is a comfort to your own hard life. In SEASON big straight shop can let a person feel a surprise: the original brunch can be so elegant and generous. Uphold the meticulous and intentions of European-style, a plate of happiness, replace the usual we are accustomed to large American brunch.

"Italian vegetable Tonnom egg" on the table on the opening of a fresh sweet day: fresh tomatoes boiled tomato soup, add okra, sweet beans stew, with hand-dried tomatoes, black and green olives, sour beans, poured in soft juicy, organic "qin billion see good egg" made of the egg, the mouth of the pine, the texture of the taste buds, With a refreshing little sour taste, it is a bright summer . The summer is more sweet with SEASON's homemade honey-slippers and seasonal salad.

"Breakfast should be good to eat", after the level of bright "Yi-type vegetable aum", handed on the "seasonal white asparagus noodles pimple", the first taste like biting a small universe of surprise, rub into the fragrant potato mud face bumps, outer wrap is crispy fried crispy, inside is slowly melting soft tender. the deep sour roasted artichoke is a rare ingredient in Taiwanese cuisine, with thin slices of cheese and a rich wave of eggs dancing on the tip of the tongue to make a lively taste. I remembered that Holly was so happy when he was standing in front of the Tiffany window and biting off the bread.

Step Two: Gentle practice, taste the beauty around

"This is love, right?" I and you, in each relative time, repeatedly found that some change and the same thing-Jiang Yuan, "Good Morning"

Love is in an ordinary space, discovering the beauty of change and constant. You need a space to stretch the tentacles that feel the beauty. Come to SEASON like a trip through the city of the date, wandering in the sunshine bath beautiful space. Picking up a detail here is as touching as catching the most vivid morning sun.

We misunderstand the landscape should be a landscape, flowers, but the real life scenery, perhaps in the side, so ordinary simple, always there. If you pass 100 times may miss 100 times, only then notice in the moment will discover: "Ah!" It was here. "In the SEASON found space in the flow of wood atmosphere, each subtle food aroma has become a memory, each color, every time, ordinary parking in this you carefully taste the space of the morning."

"There are some memories, not so specific, as if it is a smell, I can close my eyes, completely relieved, believe that mother so near, I was surrounded by an indescribable smell, is the mother's body odor." --Chiang Hsun

Chiang Hsun said that the smell of memory, as if the smell is not just pure. Deep remember to taste in the SEASON roasted French thousand layers pie with seasonal fruit sweet, it is the art and delicious layers of the stack of a dessert, fresh vanilla seed jam fragrant not greasy mouth, with fresh season fruit: mango and sour sweet raspberry, blueberry, each mouth is not only sweet, but also the memory of space.

It is the most intimate and precious sensory experience, every mouth is stored in the floor-to-ceiling windows of the sun, the air sweet meaningful aroma, wooden table simple and practical taste. Such an atmosphere is always reassuring, like home, back to the mother's familiarity and warmth.

The day by the store long hand stack this morning's happiness, every wave to pick up are like art, create a person enchanted dessert works. Beauty is not only in the process of being entertained by others, but also when you entertain yourself with your heart. Gentle practice finds a good presence around you, with a sense of smell and taste buds to build your time system, leaving delicious every moment.

Step three: Feel the flow of love

"How I wish that there was a doorway, and in the morning the sun shone on the grass." We stood, leaning on our doors and windows, the door very low, but the sun was bright. The grass in the knot its seed, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand, do not speak, it is very beautiful. "--Gucheng the door "

feel the flow of love in life, let the soul painted the bright luster of love. Love is made up of the simplest elements, a morning, a breeze, a loved one, and it is wonderful not to speak. True love is self-evident, but you can feel it silently shaking you. Just like Gucheng's words are warm and simple, so with a dessert there is the right kind of good as "sensory garden lattice muffins." Muffins are not cut neatly, retaining the edge of the natural batter calendering shape and light burnt, like love is not perfect, but the taste of the right, how all feel intact. The "Sensory garden plaid Muffin" is filled with a breath of love, with raspberry blueberry fresh acid, and a sweet, creamy and refreshing cream. I always feel that it is like Hayao Miyazaki in the heart of that immortal garden, innocence, even if a little hurt, also harmless.

Take a walk through the sensory garden as a resting-place for this wonderful morning. The intention to prepare a trip "and say Good Morning" process, is willing to let oneself have a complete taste of the time, is to leave the bustling streets, in a corner of the sun to sit down and see the faces of those unfamiliar people. Love, in the details, like SEASON every dessert has a story, the creative director is often a person's character to create works, so we taste the temperature, the human. Love is a thank you can have such a breakfast time, thanks to the rapid footsteps of modern people, someone is willing to stop to accompany me to feel the Four seasons, feel the withered leaves, feel the endless.

Good Morning is beautiful, a morning like to forget the nightmare of yesterday, like a curious, full of anticipation of today's declaration; a good morning is to own gentle low nan, in the ear gently calls the peace of mind to awaken, is again warm comb the soul edgy; a good morning, is stable and the heart of ups and downs, the spirit is no longer displaced. This "Good Morning" to all of you who pay attention to life, you always deserve better.

"Womany X SEASON" leaves the taste buds moved.

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This is what we would like to give ourselves, also want to give you the intimate.