Due to a domestic electricity shortage, the Japanese people rely on the approach of saving electricity in order to reduce their electricity consumption.

the 54 nuclear reactors in the country, only 19 are currently operating normally, and the government has called on citizens, especially in the east, to reduce electricity and avoid the power crisis caused by the disaster in Fukushima.

Micromyill survey conducted by the research firm showed that 70 % of respondents in Japan changed their lifestyle in the past few months. Respondents were 20-year-old youths from eight different counties and cities. Most of them said they stayed at home for long periods of time, always keeping in mind the lights, and if they did not have to pull the plug.

Power down and turn off the lights.Pictures are from Bevelle, using the CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Authorized Use

Is this power saving measure effective and is still widely divergent at home, but many people do take this opportunity to change their own usage habits.

Roco lives in Kobe in western Japan, saying that although the Fukushima disaster has not been directly the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the has been accustomed to setting the temperature to 28 degrees Celsius, and that we need to spend the same room in the same room, and we have a few things to look at, such as an hour's bedtime and good time.

Power Saver has now become a regular, sometimes even trending trend, such as the popularity of the power savings recipes on the Internet, and many people are sharing messages about how to enjoy delicious food and not to use too much power.

Shirousagi's Suggested is:

My personal savings recipes large quantities of tofu, red burning foods, canned foods, canned food, ham, fish, meat, and so on.

The electricity-saving rush has begun in the summer, with appliances and furniture running with a variety of promotional products in the hope of promoting low power consumption.Since May the lifestyle changes started to purchase power savings products:

" One, I have changed my contract with the power company from 40 amps to 30 amps, reducing the amount of electricity I can use.
Two, I'm not using a high power bulb, such as kryptonite bulb or recessed lamp (LED light is still too expensive, so I give up.)
Three, I apply to the Tokyo Electric Power Company for the Power Structure Table to track monthly power consumption.
Four, in order to fend off the heat, I made the green leaves into the curtain."

" This year, many families have begun to grow balsam pear or peter flowers, so that vines are naturally grown into barriers and have sold out in the shopping center.

The bitter melon door curtain, photo from Flickr user Hidetsugu Tonomura, using the CC BY-NC 2.0

One, I ended up with LED lights in July, and after the rainy season, the temperature was rising and the sun was getting bigger. I decided to use the thermal pad, but I wasn't sure whether it was working."

Thermal pad photo from Flickr user YTO, authorized to use with CC BY 2.0 authorization

While some have questioned how effective these minor changes can be, @coachsuki The others are still very proud of these efforts:

" I got the electricity report!This month's usage is 31 % less than the same period last year, probably because of the replacement of the household light bulb, and I now use the fan and refrigerator plastic curtain , so I really have power saving!"

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