You love your friends and hate to see them a few times before the end of this year, so you always want to spend your precious holidays with them.

But be careful!The holidays you share may be less fun and fun than expected, and they may lead to rupture!In fact, you have to learn how to get used to each other's habits and emotions! There are a few useful ways to make things go smoothly.

Ideal combination

It is very important to choose a partner with caution.A cruel screening of my friends!

select an old friend who once spent the holiday with you, and you have the same interests, values, pace and lifestyle

don't choose a lover file that is about to break up, a man who is exhausted by his children, and a feeling of arrogance and a proud childhood.

More importantly, if you are single, don't go with a team of couples and couples!

You must have heard that "everything is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!"So call everyone in advance to see a face.In this way, you can give advance notice of what you need, hope and worry (remember to be smiling) so that you can prevent all the misunderstandings that may arise.

trick: To let them know what you think, it is the story of a friend's friend acting together.


Even if you go to a partner's home is the most cost-effective choice, you must avoid it, because you will find that you can't relax.The guests will feel uncomfortable, and fear that they will damage something and feel negative.

Select a place that meets all criteria; seaside, mountain, village, resort, home, home, restaurant, … …, and so on.Find a place that is big enough for everyone to have personal space and privacy (at least one person or a couple's room), and there are enough bathrooms to avoid queuing!

n't be afraid to mention

Whatever your idea is, money is always taboo between friends.It is easier to ask for a pay increase than asking a good friend to pay for the oil!

List budget tables from the outset to be transparent about all expenditures, but fair!No single friend should have an extra budget.For example, if your budget is a bit tight, don't think that it should be grudging with other people. If you can go home, you can regret it.

dexterability: Prepare a notebook to record his or her expenses, and don't forget to be reckoning regularly.

length of

The length of the holiday ideal is one week, especially when you have never traveled with these partners.Seven days has been long enough to allow you to enjoy each other's company, and you can just receive it in a short time.

trick: To overcome the excitement of hyper time because of the too short time of play, one more week of worship alone or with your other half!

src="https: // " /> Program family

asks you to sponsor a small blackboard that lets you write a plan for the week and ask everyone to help.

If everyone is responsible for different things every day, no one will be bored.For example, if Peter and Paula come to the supermarket on Saturday, they will have to wash the pots the next day.Children, of course, also need help: they can set up a dining table or organize their own …, and … on.

trick: Don't try to plan everything on your own, or you're going to get it right away, or because of the other people's mistakes.Let's do the plan together!

with the

However, remember to work with other parents to decide the meal time for the children, preferably before the big people eat.This is a good way to clean up the ears of both sides!For security reasons, a small child is always given the attention of a grownup.

More important: Don't be interested in how friends take children. This is a sensitive topic.

Domestic helpers can help keep (bathrooms, kitchens, living room … …, etc.) tidy when you are at home or at home, so that you have time to rest and recupery.The nannies can take care of their children and prepare for three meals.

trick: Why not ask a private coach to help you build your body during the summer vacation?

When a social

If your friend Mary likes a museum, then go with her!She's a good man.Why don't you paint a fishing trip?With friends riding bicycles to outdoor activities or picnics, playing chess in a warm afternoon, or two glasses of a cup of … …

dexterability: Never force anyone to participate in any activity, and everyone has the right to choose.


While you belong to a collective, this does not mean that you have to do everything together.When you need a little breathing space, it's going to be a lot of people.Don't use breakfast with everyone: Some people need sleep more than you!For example, you can do whatever you like, but enjoy each other's company only at lunch or dinner.

dexterability: Select a location not far from the center of the city so that you can go to work yourself and don't need someone else's car.

Last, don't forget to bring a good book.This is not only a good way to get you out of the crowd, but also a good topic for a friend and friend after dinner.

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