The U.S. phone call area organizes a schematic diagram of the "seven people most frequently using iPhones", first of all, whether or not this generalization has credibility. The lovely illustration of these seven types and the satiriate explanation still make people smile!

: Apple

Apple fans are excited and eager to have all Apple's products and are proud to keep track of the latest news and rumors of Apple's related products, and are proud to be able to print Apple Logo's T-shirts, and of course, if there is a problem with the iPhone, everything is a fault of the telecom company.

, the trend

This type of person purchases iPhones simply because it is the most popular and trendy communication tool now, and therefore what special features are available for mobile phones, what practical apps are available to download such information.

: iPhone addicts

iPhone addicts are the kind of people who take the iPhone to go online or play the game when they go out to eat with a group of friends, or even take to the toilet to buy a toilet-specific mobile phone shell.

: Senior

This type of people is busy and may be at the company's midline, but the tools they use do not include smartphones, so they may have smartphones with other systems at the same time, but only for listening to the phone and being an iPod.

: Hacking

Hacker-based users don't care about the phone warranty, the first thing to get the iPhone is JailBreak, and after breaking the usage restrictions on your phone, finding ways to maximize the software and hardware usage of the iPhone!

type: older

No one knows why older people are using smartphones for years, even if they only use the listening function, but there is a great possibility that this is a gift of the younger generation.

This type of person who buys an iPhone might be a reason to prove that the iPhone doesn't work well.So they're going to use the edges and the people around them to say no good, or even suggest that they buy an Android phone, don't buy an iPhone, but when the next iPhone is coming out, they probably will still buy it.(Laughter)

Do you belong to any of the above types of iPhone users?

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