Taiwanese song Jiang in announcing the seal of wheat this year, the 26th session of the Golden Melody Award "Special Contribution Award" affirmation. It all depends on her to step in and step forward.

2015, is the Golden Melody Award 26th session, is also Jiang announced a year, in Jiang last singing days, get the Golden Melody Award special contribution appears to be extraordinary.

"This is a very important year in my life," said Jiang on stage, "and I am thankful that I have been able to be sure of it since the first Golden Melody Award." Every year, the Golden Melody Awards are like a party with everyone, party for more than 20 years, enough for me to aftertaste my whole life. Taiwanese song is My Life, can help Taiwanese to do a little bit of power, but also my pleasure. It's been years since I've said how hard I've worked and how hard I've been. Because every musician is trying, God is very good to me, he bless me far more than I pay. I'm not hard, I'm really lucky. This awards for my singing career to draw a perfect period, I hold it very moved, feel that I sang sing a lifetime, are worth it. I will continue to cheer for all musicians in front of the TV, thank you for giving me the applause, I am Jiang, I will always remember you. 」

A special contribution award, but not enough to Jiang a lifetime of songs and stories. Her life, not just a show, but also a copy of the classic.

Cherish every performance.

Singing is not Jiang the original dream, but fate took her into the song way.

at the age of 8, the father for a friend of the bond, friends do not pay, the family moved to Taipei overnight, temporary Beitou Uncle Home. To take card West famous, uncle then suggested Jiang father: "Since your penis so can sing, also can take her to sing Ah." Jiang thus began to walk to sing. at the age of 10, Jiang to sing around the west and Triple Teahouse, becoming the biggest pillar of the family economy. Children of the same age in school carefree age, she has looked at the alienation, every day in the complex of the bottom of the social life, to this Jiang had leisurely said: "I am very small will look at people's face, this is pitiful." "

And this "poor" Jiang until met the noble Huang Yichong, finally have the opportunity to record. In 1983, Jiang's first album, "You Endure", played in the major night markets, and soon spread through the streets. Only the song Reds are not red, even if the organic will be on TV program propaganda, no famous Jiang is often ignored. 1984, "Farewell to the Coast" received a warm welcome, Jiang finally break out of the popularity of the process, she elaborated the song, a profound portrayal of the image of women at the bottom of society, triggering a broad resonance. And 1992 launched the "Voice of drink", let Jiang singing career climbed to the highest peak.

Jiang has not been lax because of today's success. Before the concert, she always because of pressure too big, dream of no one under the stage, and run to ask the producer to enter or to return? Also because of singing a lot of singing a turn, more than a beat, obviously the audience did not hear out, home will remorse, secretly tears.

Such serious Jiang, also no wonder Huang Yichong in the award, said: "I am very difficult to admire people, but I admire Jiang, why Jiang let people moved?" Because she has suffered, I do TV for 45 years, I have seen how many people, she is not lucky, she is entirely on her own. 」

Golden Melody Record Keeping people

Jiang the position of Taiwan-language song one elder sister, debut to now claimed a total of 12 Golden Melody Award, this glorious record, to now no one can break. From 2000 to 2003, Jiang won the four-year Golden Melody Award "Best Taiwanese Female Vocalist Award", but she was not proud of it, but after the 14th session of the Golden Melody Award in August 2003, announced that she no longer participate in the award contest, to give the opportunity to the new person.

Even if you do not sign up for the Golden Melody Award, in the hearts of all people, Jiang is still forever. 2008, grinding the "debut" concert of 27 years of work, four tickets to let fans rob the head, but also let many Grandpa Grandma life for the first time to listen to concerts, the first step into the small giant eggs, the concert then added two in Kaohsiung, three overseas, DVD is a year of ranking; two years later. Drama Dream Jiang ", North China and South sang eight, the previous year's" Mirrors ", has been overweight to 10.

A Taiwanese singer, beyond the barriers of language, create the box office of the second kill miracle, this is called "Jiang phenomenon", it is because everyone in her songs, find their own stories, friends stories, parents of the story, can always be Jiang sung words moved. (Extended reading : The longer the larger the farther away from home, the 10 of Tears of the Homesick song list )

Leave the best for the fans

Earlier this year, Jiang announced the exit of the music scene, cast a shock in the showbiz, a photographer revealed that the reason for the letter, because she was more than 10 years suffering from vertigo, before deciding to retire at the peak of her acting career.

In fact, the 53-year-old Jiang has been plagued with vertigo for years, due to severe imbalance in the inner ear, can not close to see mobile phone, as long as the pressure is too large or cold are prone to attack, last year after the tour, the end of the night, a sudden dizzy, Lian slip out of bed, but also crawling side vomit, hurriedly find a target object, after taking medicine to Now the bedside will be equipped with emergency button to survive. Do not know his body can not load the weight of work, so she decided to "bless" Farewell to the concert left the most beautiful figure to fans.

Because has seen life hundred states, has experienced the world impermanence, smiles and tears enriches the Jiang sensibility. Jiang, who has had 46 albums, says that the song that best represents his life is the one you hold firmly to write your own lyrics. At that time because of the Sichuan earthquake feeling and hair, Jiang sing: "A You hold the head of a piece of heart, depending on your life, Mei among insects." "And this time announced sealed wheat, change Jiang fans to her singing:" The Past is empty, life ah only hope, I accompany you to tide over the difficulties. "

A review of Jiang classic songs

Ruan will be young married put Nen pocket Ruan for the teenager with you and armour old
It's a matter of human beings who are more important than your card.
Ruan's life to nen pocket just know happiness is noisy
--After home

I want you to be a firm, I'm surprised
People want to have a shoulder-head
I want to be a you, I'll keep you in tune
Share your worries, your sorrow, your tears, your heart is out
--A You hold firmly

The tail of the person is the red line for Ruan to drive lonely life
Marriage line a scrape of deep love crying mole point is no look
I'll wait till you get a hand.
--Red Line

I fell more than once, and cried more than one night, Jiang the story of life to exchange the sympathy of the audience. Even the fear of injury, but always go all out, this is the success of Jiang is not a single lucky to be able to take the cause. Can only say that we have loved and hurt the days, good risks have Jiang.