Women fans invite Finnish overseas writer/professional physiotherapist Claire in the park to teach you to examine, learn to use the most important pelvic floor muscle!

In the July, women's paradise will be the first Body Salon series, because know that health is the most valuable wealth, because know good health, you have the heart to take care of other things in life. Invite you 7/15~ 7/29 to join us, spare a little time each week, give the body more intimate. Let us take care of your health with you and cherish your most valuable assets.

The first Body Salon series, women fans are very happy to be invited to Finnish overseas writer/Professional physiotherapy therapist wonderful Tracy Claire teacher at the beginning of 7/15 week to teach you how to use your muscles to ease the discomfort of each menstrual period.

During the Wednesday menstrual pain Relief Course, Claire teachers will lead you to the pelvic floor, which is neglected by many women, which slows down discomfort during menstruation. These muscles have a significant relationship with defecation, urination, and sex in women's physiology-you will be able to use your pelvic floor muscles to enhance the uterine cycle after you know more about how to exercise these pelvic and pelvic muscles. In addition to improving the symptoms of menstrual cramps, there are many other symptoms of abdominal discomfort that can be alleviated in the MC! (You will also want to know: five months by small reminder, let you say goodbye menstrual discomfort )

Introduction to the course of dynamic pelvic motion:

The first lesson: knowing the limbs
Second: Breathe with You
Third: Soothing menstrual cramps

In a one-and-a-half-hour course, Claire will use the lectures and match her various muscle training methods, allowing you to gradually learn from your own body and how to use the deep muscles within each class. Stretching from the floor, dancing movements, Pilates with the diversity of ideas that Claire teachers learn in Finnish sports therapy so that you can learn more about your body's needs through Chinese and western perspectives, and know how to use your strength to treat yourself and improve your physical ailments after taking this physical training course.

Claire teachers to understand the inner muscles

Dear, let us take back the body of the dominant, to be the most healthy and happy ourselves!

7/15~7/29 the pelvic movement, so you can have the color every month.

Every month there are days when the body will be angry with themselves. At this time, we will always take out a variety of magic weapons, chocolate/hot water bag/pain medication, to try to get through the long period of MC.

But in fact, we all forget that the most important magic weapon is our own body!

Since 7/15, we have had three sessions of pelvic muscle training every Wednesday, and would like to invite you to pause for a long time with the menstrual cramps in your busy life and to have a conversation with your body. In these three classes, Claire will teach you to activate, control the pelvic floor muscles from my massage, relax, relieve the discomfort and pain of monthly menstrual cramps. (Extended reading: get rid of the bad habit of skewing the pelvis. )

time :7/15,7/22,7/29 every Wednesday 19:30~21:00
Place : The third floor of the woman fan Paradise

  1. Lesson 7/15: Understanding Pelvic structure/muscle, opening pelvic floor muscles
    Pelvis is like a large bowl, is the trunk and the lower extremity of the important link, supporting the trunk and protect the organs inside the basin, the female pelvis and male compared to the lower the larger and lighter. At the bottom of the pelvis are the vagina, urethra and anus. The pelvic floor is composed of multiple layers of muscle and fascia to protect the organs, and the pelvic floor is divided into three layers from the outside. Contains a number of groups of muscle and pelvic septum, the main muscle has the tailbone muscle, levator, and so on, these muscles and defecation, urination and sex have a considerable relationship, if you can better understand these pelvic and pelvic-related muscles, can improve many problems, It can also increase blood circulation near the pelvic uterus, slowing the discomfort of menstruation. The first lesson uses body touch, floor stretching to recognize your pelvis, the pelvis that contains the body's muscles and practice training with your pelvic muscles.
  2. Lesson 7/22: Learn Real deep breaths-the simplest is the hardest to do
    General breathing muscles include pelvic floor muscle group, the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles and the enlarged back muscles, the posterior saw muscles, and the small muscles between the ribs, breathe deep, shallow breaths, and the muscles used in relaxation and tension are different, and from practicing real breathing you can find out how the exhale induces the pelvic floor, How breathing helps a person's body do the action. Claire teacher will first take you to touch the bone of the body, to understand the bones and muscles related to breathing, to carry out deep breathing exercises, and then with a lesson to learn the action to understand the breathing for the action of Help and challenge.
  3. Session 7/29: Understanding menstrual Pain
    Relieving symptoms of menstrual cramps refers to the menstrual pain and discomfort symptoms, many women in the menstrual period will have such pain, some will affect the daily life, some are tolerable. During menstruation, the endometrium flaking out from the vagina, in this process, the nearby pelvic floor if can assist the uterus contraction, the discharge menstrual blood, can greatly reduce the body to be unwell. Claire teachers will teach how to exercise the pelvis to achieve a muscular self massage and soothe abdominal soreness during periods of sitting. (Recommended reading: Take advantage of the physiological period to take up your body!) )

Intimate small exhort: Each class contains home practice action, in order to ensure the quality of learning and learning effect, students need to attend every class! Less than 5 participants will be notified of cancellation/refund fee at 7/13.

Teacher Professional Introduction:

Women are obsessed with overseas writers, Miao lei. Since childhood is a hyperactivity, Claire teachers like a variety of sports, including bicycles, running, swimming, weightlifting, hip-hop, volleyball, dodge ball, skiing, skating and so on, almost any exercise has been tried, a day without moving will feel the whole body is wrong. After an ankle injury and a car accident, almost nothing can be done, only to do some pilates and water sports, Claire teachers feel unprecedented collapse and weakness, fortunately by the physical treatment of academic knowledge, deep Pilates practice and the Nordic Finnish National Movement baptism (there are many research institute students, The teacher is the athletics athlete, Claire teacher gradually understood the movement and the human body's mystery, also in the recovery process unceasingly explores the human body's knowledge and the movement ability limit, hoped that can the past experience, the interest and the profession share to everybody. Claire is a Bachelor of Physical therapy at the National Yangmn University in Taiwan and now has a master's degree in sports science from Jyväskylä, Finland University. With international certification Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Treatment guidance, but also study a number of dances. The current woman fan, blush red, key commentary special writer also will be the triathlon's sports training instruction, and has the infant swims, the spa guidance teacher profession. (Take a look: sports women are the most beautiful )

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Love Reminder: Please bring your own towel, yoga mat, water