We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. What is the potential of July for a Pisces that has always been warm and romantic? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Pisces (February 19 ~3 month 20th)

This month, it will begin with an exciting and socially dynamic approach. July 1 Full moon like lively, will bring you have many friends, fresh face together with the invitation letter, the same day meet the new face will have you want to intimate person. Your Guardian Neptune now presents a beautiful phase, and the event will be as beautiful as your fantasy. Or, you may find yourself surrounded by art and music, giving you the illusion of being in another world. Full Moon in Scorpio, party guests may be a leader in all walks of life and successful people. You will be inspired to participate in this event and will make new friends.

7/1 the same day, Venus and Jupiter have a very rare annual gathering to stay in Leo, your career palace. When Venus (the planet that governs beauty, love, glamour) shines so brightly, remind you to keep in mind. The Gathering of Venus and Jupiter usually leads to huge profits or decent rewards. It may be your chance to hear it around 6/30, but if not, remember to fill your cell phone with electricity, dear Pisces, and things will go very well.

Later this month, Venus prepares to retrograde, from 7/25 to 9/6, so if you want to make a big makeover on your outside, such as redesigning your hairstyle and coloring your hair, wait until September or even October is more appropriate. Whichever planet is retrograde, it means it will converge on its powerful energy. If you want to make yourself look fresher, you'll need the energy of Venus to help you, so it's not a good time to turn to a stylist or to have a plastic surgery. No need to worry about daily neatness or cosmetic replacement, just be careful not to have drastic changes, because you may not be satisfied with the results of bold attempts. Venus retrograde is consistent with men and women, and men are not tempted to propose when Venus is retrograde, which is not a good time to get engaged.

Mars is in your fifth Gongjin, and Mars will bring you a romantic experience. If you are single, Mars will increase your power and significantly increase your attractiveness. Dear Pisces, enjoy the praise of others! If you have company with you, you will get more attention from the other half than ever before, and if you have a plan to have children, this month will be a big deal. (Look together: blossoming peach blossom!) Farewell to single Happiness Tarot

A 7/15 New moon will increase your expectations for romance, but sporadic small surprises can be a hindrance. A friend of yours may not be happy with your new relationship and won't have to tell you. Or, you will realize that you spend too much money on social occasions, such as being a best man/bridesmaid to attend a friend's wedding.

Still, you're going through a lot of trouble, because Mars will bring more social activity in the two weeks after the 7/15 Crescent. If you are single, from 7/15 to 8/8, and when Mars surrounds cancer, you have a very high chance of meeting your true love. Your July will have a wonderful love life, if you have company, you will be more close to each other's heart.

Meanwhile, Saturn, the mission manager, temporarily leaves the tenth House of Fame, reputation, and achievement, allowing you to take a breather from stress at work until the middle of September. It's time for Saturn to leave, and you have the opportunity to enjoy social pleasure and not worry too much about your work.

This month is full of social networking, and at the end of July you will feel tired and need personal space and rest time. 7/31 Full Moon, your heart is longing for rest. If you have a project on hand, work on your own and stay away from other people who can keep you quiet and find the work rhythm that makes you happy. (Extended reading: There are no minutes in the world of Wonderful work: "Small" good is the greatest work force )

If July has the opportunity to travel, please do not miss, especially the last half a month, easy to have a good omen of romance. Don't plan a August trip, because your job will be so hectic that you can hardly find any time to spend.

The month starts out on a exciting, very social note. The July 1 Full moon are likely to bring your invitation to an event populated by many of your friends, as as a crow D of the new people, and the latter'll be types you'll want to know better. With your ruler, Neptune, so-angled, the event is likely to being beautiful-almost dreamlike in the way the host has M Ade the setting. Or, you could find yourself surrounded by art or music, and again it may seem otherworldly. With the full moon in Capricorn, the guests are likely to is successful people The WHO hold major the positions in their. You are are likely to being inspired by attending this gathering, and your may make a new friend.

On the same day, July 1, Venus and Jupiter'll make a rare annual-conjunction, and this time they would meet in Leo R House of work assignments. With Venus (love, beauty, and Grace) so prominent, this'll be a project to remember. Venus and Jupiter, when together, often bring enormous profit or a offer for potential generous. You may have heard something about this opportunity on June-but if not, keep your cell phone powered up, dear Pisces. Things'll be clicking to place nicely.

Venus is about to retrograde in late month, from July to September 6, so if you are want to improve your-looks by making Dr Amatic changes, such as to have your hair cut in a radically different style or colored differently, and wait until September Or better yet October. When any planet are retrograde, it withholds its greatest powers, and of course, to improve your, you looks the need of beauty-venus-to be strong. This is no. your stylist to the change your hair a color or to schedule plastic surgery. can still do regular grooming and replenish beauty items to need, but avoid making dramatic shifts, for if you instit Ute them during Venus retrograde, you won ' t likely like the results. Venus retrograde is applicable to men as. Men, don ' t pops the question during Venus retrograde-it ' s not ' a time to get engaged.

Mars is now in your fifth house of True love, a magnificent the place for Mars to be to engender romantic experiences. If single, Mars would give you magnetism and boost your attractiveness in a noticeable way. Get ready to hear compliments, dear Pisces. If you are are attached, you'll get more attention from your sweetheart/mate than to do and if you are usually for a BA By, this month would is a important one for seeing progress on that goal.

The new moon of July would heighten your prospects for romance even, but there would be crosscurrents this might ng up obstacles. A Friend whose opinion you are not agree with your choice of the new love and is quite vocal about her opinion. Or, you may become alarmed about the amount of money to are spending on a social event, such as in the "the" of Best Man O R Maid of honor in your friend ' s wedding.

Still, you are beyond these challenges, the for in this new moon July (plus two weeks), Mars would engender much more so cial activity. If you are are a heightened possibility for finding true love while Mars tours cancer, from now until August 8. That adds up to a bright outlook for your love life in July. Attached? can now grow closer.

Also, Saturn, the Taskmaster planet, has temporarily moved out of your prestigious-tenth House of Honors, awards, and Achi Evement, giving a breather from career pressures until. The timing of Saturn is ideal. You'll be able to enjoy the social pleasures that'll come up this month without fear so you really should is back at The office, getting things done.

After a very social month, by the month's end, you are feeling a little spent and in need of privacy and rest. By the full moon, July and you'll crave rest. If you are have a project to finish, work in solitude, away from others so, can I, and quietly at a work Pleases you.

If you can travel in July, does, especially in the half of the month when romantic aspects the shine to you. Don ' t plan your vacation for August, as your work life'll become hectic, and it may is nearly impossible to find the TIM E to go away for any length.

Pisces it's worth noting

  • One of the best days of the month is 7/1, Full moon in Scorpio 10 degrees, will activate your social life.

  • 7/1, also Venus and Jupiter meet in the day, let you bathe in a variety of possible fortunes, from your work project was approved consent.

  • 7/2, 7/3 is your four-Star day! 7/2 is ideal for new inspiration, 7/3 as Jupiter and Mercury harps, your agent will bring you an exciting cooperation agreement. This month there will be a lot of big financial possibilities, which is one of them.

  • 7/8 your imaginative and intuitive right brain will work with Mars to inspire unparalleled good ideas under your patron Neptune's favor.

  • This month's new moon will fall in cancer and open up to two weeks of energy, allowing you to enjoy love and romance, creativity and children. You will need to overcome some of the obstacles for no predictable reason. You have enough mechanisms to overcome everything, so keep an optimistic heart.

  • Venus is retrograde from 7/25-9/6, don't take risks to your outside, or plan important social events or love progress. Venus will be full of energy to restore power in 10/9.

  • The 7/31 Full Moon indicates the time you need yourself. Pay attention to good health and arrange charging time. An independent person to do an important project, will make you the most productive. All signs are visible, and you will enjoy the friendly and amiable full moon at the end of the month. (Extension recommendation: Close your eyes and rest is not enough!) Eight eye care tips you should know

One of the best parts of the month would happen on July 1, when the friendly full moon in Capricorn at a degrees'll jazz Up your social life.

On the same day, Venus and Jupiter'll meet, showering you with all kinds of financial luck as a A stunning assignment.

July 2 and July 3 'll also are four-star days. The the ' I ' is ideal for generating ideas. The next day, "Jupiter in collaboration" with Mercury, an agent may cut a deal for your that has your jumping for Jo Y. So many points this month would bring large-scale financial. This is one of the them.

On July 8 your intuitive, creative right side of your brain, all ruled by Neptune, your Guardian planet, would work with Ma RS to bring out exceptional ideas.

The new moon this month will be in Cancer and open a two-week portal of energy to allow you to enjoy love and romance, creativity, and children. There will be obstacles to get over if you are to enjoy yourself, mainly in terms of unexpected expenses. You have the resourcefulness to get beyond this, so stay positive.

Venus will go retrograde from July 25 to September 6, not a time to take risks with your looks, or to plan any important romantic or social activities. Venus will be fully restored to strength by October 9.

The full moon, July 31, will mark a time you need quiet solitude. Keep your health strong, and take time to recharge. Work alone on important projects, for you will be most productive if you do. By all indications, you will like this friendly, sweet full moon at month's end.

蘇珊米勒(Susan Miller),美國最著名的星相學家,師承母親。 她於1995年創立網站「Astrology Zone」,每月親寫星座運勢,創下平均單月六百萬人次瀏覽記錄,也為《紐約時報》撰寫每日星座專欄,被網友暱稱為「神婆」。