We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Harmonious love of cancer, the July of the trend will be? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Cancer (June 21 ~7 month 22nd)

In the July, the stars gather in cancer and you are eager to plan and take action. At this point Mars comes to cancer and stays at 8/8, which determines your motivation. When Mars comes to the palace there is always a multiplier effect, because Mars will give you the determination to be. Your passion will lead you forward, eliminating obstacles and allowing you to attract influential people. The advent of Mars also implies that you are about to start a new page of your life, or at least open a new cycle of two years, adding complexity and entanglement to your current career and relationships.

At the same time, the 7/1 full moon will light up your marriage house in Capricorn, and for most of the crabs, this means you'll spend more time with your partner or someone you've been dating for a long period. This Full moon is supported by Pluto and Neptune, full of positive influence, your relationship will be a very exciting and serious change, you may be engaged or married.

If you are married, you may jointly set up new goals and look to the future. If you are not happy in this marriage, this Full moon will be the last straw to overwhelm the camel, and this will be the time for you to leave. (Share with you: Farewell to Divorce psychology: Learn to separate, to be well together )

Another possible result is that the full moon of July 1 will bring you a business-friendly atmosphere. You may be signing a business contract or leaving, and when it comes to partners, there will be no ambiguity this month. Whatever changes this Full moon brings, it seems that you will be the one who dominates the event, and Pluto links the full moon, and you will be confident in your decision. Before and after the 7/1 full moon, you will also be very persuasive, can say black to white!

7/1 will also be Venus and Jupiter meet in your financial palace, please look forward to the good news about money! Two days later, 7/3, financial good news is finding a way to your bank account.

The 23-degree crescent of cancer will come at 7/15 and bring the test. Such a new moon is usually very friendly, but this time, Uranus and Neptune are aggravating. This means that your career and family relationship is about to fall into chaos again, which is a problem that continues to haunt you for a while. This kind of situation that makes you feel unbearable may accumulate to a high point, allowing you to decide to take dramatic action, such as quitting your job or moving to a new place of residence, which is the two most likely scenario. A year from now, your life will be a very different kind of today, and you will be the seed of change in this new moon.

This month in 7/31 there will be a second full moon, in Aquarius, this Full moon is also known as the "Blue Moon" and has a significant impact on the money you have with other people. such as your partner, credit card company, government or bank. You have an extremely high likelihood of paying off all your loans and are motivated to learn more. Saturn's phase is good, making sure that the decisions you make will stabilize your economic base and keep your finances growing.

Very romantic, if you are single, you will find yourself in the position of enviable. Mars to cancer will improve your personal prestige and charm. You'll be considered attractive and sexy, so take advantage of this shiny period that lasts only 8/9.

At the same time, Saturn reversed its return to Scorpio in June and stayed all the way to September. You and your partner will feel that the days are getting less and more due to the continued involvement of job responsibilities or schoolwork pressure. This is Saturn's test of partnership, and after 17 in September, as Saturn's walk will improve, it won't be back until 2041, and that's too many years from now.

If you are not happy in your relationship, the stars will encourage you to make changes. Pluto dances with the full moon on July 1, so if your partner is always pick or bossy, you will not swallow. If you think two people have no future together, in the next few weeks you will get the courage to ask. (Extended reading: After leaving you, I finally have the courage to do what I like )

As mentioned earlier, in the September, Saturn will leave your fifth house of Love, for the three years of love test draw a pause. The situation of forced separation between the two places would be greatly reduced and almost disappeared. The reason may be as you might guess, or it may mean that you finally agree to separate, or that the external factors of frequent business trips or foreign studies disappear. All I can foresee is that your frustration will be significantly reduced compared to the last three years. When Saturn leaves, you feel free and relaxed, which is a good thing. You have to find the partner you deserve, whether it's the person you're with now, or the new face. The full moon of July 1 will give you some clues.

With the many planets gathering in cancer, the are raring to put plans in place and get moving. This is doubly true because your have just welcomed Mars into cancer, to stay until August 8. To have Mars in your sign are always a big advantage, for Mars would give you unflinching determination to succeed. Your Passion'll carry you forward, despite any odds, and allow your to magnetize influential the people to Your. The appearance of Mars in cancer also suggests your are about to start a new chapter into your life, or at the very least Begin a new two-year cycle that would add a new twist or level of the sophistication to a ongoing venture or relationship.

At the same time, the full moon in Capricorn on July 1 'll put special emphasis on your. For the majority of cancers, this is means you'll be focused on your mate or who you have been dating seriously for some Time. This moon is positive, with support from Pluto and Neptune. Your relationship would take a serious turn-hopefully, in a delightful way-for your may is getting engaged or married.

If you are are already wed, you'll now draw the up new goals together to look at forward to doing. If you do not are in all happy, however, this Full moon could provide the straw that breaks the camel ' s back-it'll be to leave.

There is one more alternative outcome, and that is that you may feel this full moon of July 1 in a commercial way. You may now sign a business partner or collaborator or leave one - there will be no middle course this month when it comes to partners. No matter what this full moon brings, it appears you will confidently lead the way, as Pluto will conjunct the moon, so you will feel sure about your decisions. You'll be persuasive too - near the full moon July 1 you could sell the sizzle off a frankfurter.

July 1 also brings a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your income sector, so good news about money due you is likely to arrive. Two days later, July 3 will emphasize the good financial news that will be finding its way to your bank account in early July.

The new moon in Cancer, 23 degrees and arriving on July 15, will test you. This new moon is almost always friendly, but this time will arrive battling Uranus and Pluto. This suggests your career and home-situation is still in flux, something that has been an ongoing theme for some time. It's very possible that conditions that you've found intolerable may reach a point where you will feel that you must finally take dramatic action, such as to quit your job or move to a new residence, as two of many possible examples. A year from now your life may look and feel very different from what it looks like now, and the seeds of your changes will be planted now, at this new moon.

This month has a second full moon this time, in Aquarius on July 31, also referred to as a blue moon that will emphasize money that you hold with another person, for example with your mate or with an entity, such as a credit card company , government department or bank. You will likely clear your desk of bills, but you may also be motivated to study ways to make more money, too. Saturn will be in good angle to make sure the decisions you make will stabilize your financial base and put it on a track for growth.

Romantically, if single, you may find yourself in an enviable position. Mars in Cancer will raise your profile and bring out your charms. You will be seen as attractive and sexy, so make the most of this glittering situation that is due to last until August 9.

At the same time, this month, Saturn temporarily returned to Scorpio in mid-June, to stay until mid-September. You may be frustrated that you and your sweetheart find it hard to be together, most likely due to obligations for work or study that keep getting in the way. This is Saturn's way of testing the depth of the feeling you have for each other. By September 17, this situation will end when Saturn moves on, not to return to this part of your chart until 2041, decades from now.

If you have not been happy in your relationship, there are many indications that this month you may do something about this. Pluto will conjoin the full moon July 1, so if your partner has been demanding or overbearing, you will stand up for yourself quite forcefully now. If you feel there is no hope for a future together, at some point in coming weeks you may finally find the courage to leave.

As said, by mid-September, Saturn will move out of your romantic house and end his three-year test of your love life. Enforced separations will be fewer or nonexistent. The reason is anyone's guess, but it may mean that you have agreed to part or because the outside influences such as frequent need to travel for work or long hours of study will end. All I can see is that your frustrations will be much lower than they have been over the past three years. You will feel liberated and relaxed with Saturn gone, and that's always a good thing! You need to find the passionate love you deserve, whether with your present partner or a new one. Only you can say - the July 1 full moon will provide the clues.


  • 7/1,滿月來到你的婚姻宮,海王星的角度暗示你跟你的伴侶將能透過旅行加溫。

  • 就在同一天,金星會和木星相會,木星代表著禮物與幸運。 看起來你有極大可能得到一筆不小的支票。

  • 7/2 and 7/3 will bring you more financial good news, and it will allow you to accidentally get an interesting little trip. Thank you for Mercury's blessings, respectively, from Uranus and Jupiter.

  • 7/12 to three days, do not risk any career risks. You'll feel a dilemma, but don't do anything you can't save afterwards.

  • 7/15 Crescent in cancer angle difficult. The size of the recent workplace is going to be a serious problem. Try to be more diplomatic. Mars in cancer will be hedged with Capricorn in Pluto, so your career or partner in your personal life may make you more anxious.

  • The time to have a good chat with a partner is when the sun and Jupiter are in phase 7/21. If it's a piece of Joe's money, on this day you'll find it easier to find a mutually agreed solution that will last longer.

  • Venus will be retrograde from 7/25 to 9/6, which represents the slow progress of real estate at this time. Things will get better in October, so don't be blue. It is not recommended that you make drastic changes to your appearance at this time.

  • Uranus, in charge of your career and fame, will be retrograde in 7/26 to 12/25, concentrating on the plans you have at hand and not adding new. This is the best time to review your past partners and look at your existing projects. (same field Gayon: Are You "human" or "talented"?) The workplace does not complain about the centroid )

  • This month's second full moon, which falls at 7/31, will have a significant financial impact. This is a friendly full moon, so many things can be determined and realized.

  • Mars will stay in cancer for the entire month until 8/8. Add more erotic imagination to your romantic love (because of the courage and power of Mars) and you will be considered a powerful machine, so if you are single, please go around more.

  • July 1 brings a full moon in your partnership/marriage sector. Aspects from Neptune indicate, can grow closer to your partner the through travel.

    On the same day, Venus'll conjoin Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. It seems you'll get a hefty check on this day.

    July 2 and July 3 'll bring more good financial news, and also allow for your to make a fun, quick trip spontaneously, hi To Mercury receiving beams from Surprise-a-minute Uranus and generous Jupiter, respectively.

    A time to should not take risks with your career are near the three days, plus or minus July 12. You'll feel at the edge of your rope, but don ' t does anything that you can ' t correct later upon about the event.

    The New moon in cancer is a tricky point in your timeline, July 15. A recent problem that surfaced in your career this month could grow to new proportions. Be diplomatic. Mars in cancer would oppose Pluto in Capricorn, so a partner in business or in your personal life may add to your anxiety a T this time.

    A good day to open talks with a partner is when the Sun and Saturn are in sync July 21. If the topic of disagreement involves, you'll find this day particularly helpful for finding a solution it is AG Reeable to both sides, and which is lasting.

    Venus'll go retrograde from July to September 6. This is a your progress involving a real estate deal would slow down considerably. Things'll look up in October and so don ' t be blue. This isn't also a time to make radical changes in your looks.

    Uranus is the natural ruler of your career and reputation sector, so when it retrogrades July until Trate on projects your already have on your Plate-don ' t add new ones. It ' s best to look back to polish ongoing projects and business relationships.

    The month ' s second full moon, July, and'll focus in finances. It's a friendly full moon, so much can is decided and accomplished.

    Mars would be in cancer all month, until August 8, giving to sexy glow in matters to romance (among other benefits of CO Urage and drive). You are have considerable magnetism now, so if single, being sure to circulate.

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